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Flight Centre leaks fliers' passport details to 'potential suppliers'


Nice article.

Perhaps it could be further improved with some tweets to obscure the fact that it is light-on for facts?

(Yes, I understand that the vacay-vendor's lack of opacity is the point but, jeeze, actual information ends with the headline. Shabby stuff.)

We're going to have to start making changes or the adults will do it for us


Re: Spaces



var a?

Good God, we've found a Google thing we like – the Pixel iPhone killer


Re: How long until Google decides ...



Australian national census fails in the IBM cloud


"This site can’t be reached

stream10.census.abs.gov.au’s server DNS address could not be found.


ANZ Bank staffers drop slick incident response tool for Mandiant mobs


So you use someone else's (A BANK'S (SANDBOXED (CLOUDY (THAT THEY PAY FOR)))) backend for your security shizz?

Yeah, nah.

Women, got an infosec?


What a job TOMORROW, ladies?

El Reg is here to help!

Israeli researcher fans fears: here's another way to cross the airgap


Re: Good luck detecting those fans

Wasn't the usecase described as grabbing passwords entered via keyboard?

Much of that happening in your DC?

Apple faces Beijing blackout for iPhone 6


Re: Where's the actual phone?

Here you go: https://9to5mac.files.wordpress.com/2016/06/baili-100c.jpg

They're both pretty clearly phones. An open-and-shut case, if ever I saw one...

Microsoft buys LinkedIn for the price of 36 Instagrams


Re: Bonkers

Sorry. I didn't mean to infer the market was going to do something SENSIBLE.

MSFT will recover this 2% in little time. Why? I dunno. Why was it so well valued to begin with?

If it is such a porr business decison and the market is such a good judge of, well, anything, then why was the devaulation so small when the cost was so significant?

This adjustment is a rounding error.


Strange to see an amlost universal, non-tech response from you lot on this one.

SatNav (HIYO!) has basically said "Hey, we use MS products to INTERROGATE THE DETAILS OF YOUR WORK AND EMPLOYER'S IP" and you're just all talking catty shit about the end of a tedious social media network?

Get it torgether, Commentards.


Re: Bonkers

You're looking to the market to make sense of this (or anything else)...?

The market saw MS drop 1/4 of its cash reserves on a single asset. That is the full explanation of the market's response. IT'll go back up (maybe higher) in a few days.

Microsoft clones Trello, smuggles it into Office


@Rob Gr

I'm not aware of Mingle but it definitely looks similar enough that if they beat Trello to market then Mingle can say they were first.

But both are clearly simple Kanban board digital-analogues.

I've worked with physical Kanbans and digital ones (i.e. JIRA, Trello) and I feel like physical ones are sometines most productive (once a group psychology lens is applied) but I've also worked in the reporting field so, yeah, go digital!

But this Planner thing looks dinky AF, without the awesome simplicity of Trello (and apparently Mingle).


This is less ripping off Trello (which is just a simple Kanban board (and it rules pretty hard because of that)) and more half-arsing JIRA.

The headline and initial few paragraphs had me hoping work would buy this (we're not allowed to use Trello, we do have JIRA but we can't set up personal boards). However, actually looking at the product video shows this thing is probably pus.

Mark Zuckerberg's Twitter and Pinterest password was 'dadada'


Re: Really?

@Joseph Haig

I'd imagine that a strongly-worded denial would have accompanied the existing emission from Facilebook if that were the case.

That might just be me, though.

Google to kill passwords on Android, replace 'em with 'trust scores'


Re: Sooo...

@Not Bob

Nailed it.

Currently looking at "feature" phones/developing a deep understanding of AOSP* so that I can deliberately facilitate your last sentence for myself. It does merit consideration if this is a good idea in the long run however (data-boot proximity to facial regions being eternal and all...)

*that make file is pretty intimidating for a nOOb.


Re: Question

I can ony upvote once so: +one bajillionty.

Apple: Another bug fix. Er, thanks, GCHQ



Your broader point is probably fair enough (let me distance myself here from my initial comment as it was at least part in jest) but this:

"And you have to remember, you aren't really very important."

is not entirely accurate.

EVERYONE constantly creates datapoints and datapoints (as opposed to proof/evidence/etc) are pretty much only valuable in aggregate. If you ignore a random nutter spouting anti-government senitment on Facebook then surely you'll miss the opportunity to defer the Facebookolution (that our governments seem to be assuring us is coming?).

Point is: storage is cheap - they'll keep everything on eneryone.


@AC w/selfie-cam


Have an upvote.


Drafting a consiracy theory. Let me know what you reckon.

1. Leader of Five-Eyes partnership wants something from Corporate Entity X.

2. Corporate Entity X does not want to cough.

3. Leader of Five-Eyes partnership offers to scratch Corporate Entity X's back if etc (Yes. Squid pro ro. /Austin Powers)

4. Corporate Entity X does not want to appear to have coughed.

5. Both parties agree to swap desireable info. Leader of Five-Eyes partnership "leaks" info that intel ACTUALLY came from shady Iraeli black hats. Leader of Five-Eyes partnership organises that Five-Eyes cabin-boy pretends he has useful info for Corporate Entity X.

6. ???

7. Profit.

Google Chrome deletes Backspace


Re: Managing Change 101

Because adding toggles for every single function of an aplication is where bugs come from.

BOFH: Sure, I could make your cheapo printer perform miracles


Re: BOFH with patience?

"IS Simon getting more patient with with users?"

Potential murder to get to the pub on time == more patient?

What was he like before?

Really enjoyed the sudden twist. Was expecting the bottom joke another commentard alluded to.

Mozilla project spits out threat modelling tool for sysadmins


Doesn't the article make it clear this was developed by three undergrads?

I would have thought it was an impressive achievement for those three that this thing does anything even remotely useful.

Confused by crypto? Here's what that password hashing stuff means in English


Re: Recurring history of crypto

Surely that was his/her point?

Mystery Kindle update will block readers from books after Wednesday


Re: Same thing on Kindle for PC

Had a similar-ish thought but not about DRM exactly. It seems to me that there is an effort to better find out what files are not store-bought for reporting purposes.

They should be pretty confident that they cannot convert a pirated book into a sale so to whom might they be reporting this data?

I want to say "/tinfoilhat" but I'm afraid that I can't convince myself to do it.

Hey Windows 10, weren't you supposed to help PC sales?


"Very few if any ever thought Windows 10 would truly reinvigorate the PC industry, and they were right"

Given that "they" in the quote above are the "very few", I guess they will be reveling in sweet vindication of a robust PC sales environment tonight.


Beer-powered bid to build mobile network goes flat


Looking forward to the BrewDog network being a thing.

It'll be all talk, talk, talk, talk....

Microsoft's done a terrible job with its Windows 10 nagware


Re: The Terrible...

The VAST number of upvotes you've earned here tells me that I need tread carefully but I do feel it is important to counter some of the points you've made here.

Let me preface the following with an admission that Windows 8 through 10 are not perfect and no contained version is my primary OS.

With that said, let us begin...

"is to not recognise what their users wanted, namely Windows 7 with modest technical improvements."

Desktop mode in Win8 was a more stable and faster booting/shutting down version of Win7. Start menu was obviously changed but you hit the start button and you could start typing for what you wanted (same as Win7) or you were presented with a very different view that happened to be SIGNIFICANTLY more confirgurable than the old start thing and this ongoing complaint is 100% resistance to change. This is for a bag-standard user. I accept that an enterprise BOFH may have valid compaints. These complaints rarely show up in these threads.

'Instead they've got off on the idea that we'd want to put our data in their cloud, be profiled in our usage and turned into lumps of meat for sale in the advertising market to the highest bidder"

Even Ubuntu beat them to this. This is Microsoft being last to the party again (think how late Bing was). This isn't proof that they are ding the wrong thing. This is proof that they can't even see where the market is LEADING THEM. Yes, the majority of the market WANTS these rubbish "features".

"The PC market is dead-ish because of Windows 8/8.1"

This does not gel with observable history. The Win8.x UI and store was a response to mobile computing having long taken over in the consumer space.

"14% share and it's free? If anyone wanted it, craved it it'd be closer to 90%."

Pretty sure you're not factoring business into this calculation here.

"Open Office is just not very good"

Nether is Office Office. Jump ship. You'll get used to it.

Mozilla burns Firefox on old Androids


"For example I am "punching in" when when starting and ending my workday with my phone using a simple mobile website - the website also collects location data required by my employer."

You frame these like they are good and reasonable things...

Sexism isn't getting better in Silicon Valley, it's getting worse


Re: A survey by a bunch of trick-cyclists...

It's not the article that is trolly.

It is the comment section.

Except they seem to mean most of it.

Best of luck to your daughters, gentlemen...

Machismo is ruining the tech industry for all of us. Equally


"Axe to grind" is a fairly emotionally charged term.

Linux Mint forums hacked: All users urged to reset passwords


Surely Mint is nubs standing on the ghost of Windows?

El Reg blows chow down at Justretch.com


Re: raise your standards

"thankfully we won't have the comnents filled up with those complaints."

Too late, surely?


So Friday is, and always has been, Middle English pun day?

This shit is shit. Raise your standards.



Loved one just died? Pah, that's nothing


@ Kubla Won't

No doubt. Perhaps my actual point may have been overly subtle?

Despite ALL CAPS.


Did they also measure the same response for the death of a spouse/child/parent? No?

You guys fucking SUCK lately.

Bank fail: Ready or not, here's our new software


"I have no evidence that this is true."

I don't mean to get all English teacher "up in yo' ass" (and I will read the rest of the article post-haste) but *what* is it that you have no evidence to prove?

Only saskng this as you, presumably, were paid for writing this piece and it starts out super sloppy straight out of the gate.

This is why copy'n'paste should be banned from developers' IDEs


Re: My favourite typos

"I've only once had it get out to customer code though."


Back in my uni days, "debugging"/"testing" consisted of console echo/printf/println/etc messages.

In order to make sure none of my hacky "debugs"/"tests" made it through to an assignment submission I constantly made sure the console messages were as vulgar as humanly possible. How could I leave that in the code?

I recall a particularly bitter exchange with a professor who marked me down on working code for some reason...?


Re: It's all about the annual review

"One company i worked for measured programmer performance by the number of lines of code written."

Story points are okay.


Re: Size doesn't matter

Upvoted for the pedantic callout on the magic number.


Re: That quip about hard things in CS...



Yep. If to unsuccessfully do nothing would be to do something then False would be false.

Don't you see these simple facts? Destroy Facebook and restore human Liberty


No disrespect to OP but you really think it has been nearly three years since an article author has received a spirited and valid dressing down?

Not even close to that long for Orlowski alone...

Atlassian creates new Android, iOS development teams


3rd party apps assume provision of an existing API where they didn't bother making an app of their own...(solid APIs are harder than apps, yo). Doesn't seem likely that they now want to EXPLODE in that space.

I work in a pretty large enterprise, Hipchat has proven to be a lot easier to stand up (against security/change management/etc) than Slack (I have person experience of attempting to get both moving on the financial vertical).

AdBlock Plus, websites draft peace deal so ads can bypass blockade


Re: re: so you'll be leaving The Register then?

@Warm Braw

"That's tough for both publishers and advertisers, but frankly that's their problem"

Unless it impacts the content produced (full disclosure: 0% domain allowed ad-blocker here).

"there are plenty of things to do in life other than sit in front of a computer screen"

Yes, there's at least two other types of screen via which we can consume critical information!!! (full disclosure: I extremely rarely use either). Paper is cool though, I guess.



I hear this pretty often but don't experience it myself at all even though I use the default(/recommended?) filter. Still have never seen a banner ad, let alone even a Youtube ad.

I wonder if NoScript helps me here? Or if avoiding completely Facebook/other big players contributes?

Submarine cable cut lops Terabits off Australia's data bridge


Re: Microwave?


In previous career, my crew (laying water and gas pipes under a very large and busy intersection) cut the SINGLE cable feeding all of the TABs in Tasmania.

Also fed a great deal of private residences but these were not the telco clients that has us trembling...

Microsoft buys SwiftKey, Britain's 'stealthiest software startup'


You're largely correct but it should be stated that SwitfKey hasn't been ruined YET.

Maybe they just want the staff to apply decent prediction in another space?


That's cute, Germany – China shows the world how fusion is done


Re: Not your enemy


Surely that is up to us (at least in part)?