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Japanese schoolkids arrested in £2.4 MEEELLION phone fraud bust



My original post:

>"The Japanese do all look the same to me, but it appears they must all sound the

> same too.

>I'd know if it was one of my lot on the phone."


>Know what? Much-speakee-no-thinkee people all sound the same to me. Must

>all look the same, too. I'd know if it were one of their lot anywhere.

was directed towards the AC whom I quoted, not his racist target.

I think the intended irony might have been lost.


"The Japanese do all look the same to me, but it appears they must all sound the same too.

I'd know if it was one of my lot on the phone."

Know what? Much-speakee-no-thinkee people all sound the same to me. Must all look the same, too. I'd know if it were one of their lot anywhere.

NSA denies it knew about and USED Heartbleed encryption flaw for TWO YEARS


Re: If the NSA knew ...

"By allowing the leak of relatively non-critical data through what would in effect be a set of giant honeypots they could have been compiling details of their enemies."

Enemies = everyone not bunkered down with NSA?


"I thought the whole point of open source was that countless numbers of NEETs were supposed to be sitting in their mommys' basements checking the code."

What that comment suggests is that the closest you've been to technical expertise is the lower echelons of mummy's-basement NEETdom.

Russian deputy PM: 'We are coming to the Moon FOREVER'


Re: @DougS

"Putin is banking on getting away with it."

He probably is, just like a number of recent US (and UK) leaders of recent times.


Re: Could not have timed it better

"the Yanks have far greater ability to afford it than the crooked and backward economy that Russia is blessed with"

Afford, but not as we know it Jim.

Would be fascinated to learn how a debt of $17 trillion dollars, growing at $2.6 billion dollars a day translates to an ability to afford anything.

Such a debt could be a sign of a cooked and backward economy in denial, perhaps?

Dropbox defends fantastically badly timed Condoleezza Rice appointment


Re: Demonization

"Yet another typical Marxist attack. Demonize anyone with an opposing view."

Not the sort of attack that would be employed against Snowden, of course.


Re: What does she actually bring to the table?

>Condoleeza Rice

Still looking for a recipe. Still haven't found one.


Re: Dropbox drops the ball.

"Given a smidgen of a choice anyone would rather live in todays western 'police state' than the old warsaw pact countries"

Fair comparison? The spring buds of the former with the autumn (*) fruit of the latter, possibly?

(*) US: fall

Uh oh! Here comes the first bug in the Windows 8.1 Update


"Windows 8? Enterprise customers? Don't make me PMSL"

Sorry, pre-menstrual syndrome /what/?


Re: lol

>"Please add some details to your ranting."

>Where do I start, ... ?

That's something you should have thought more carefully about before ranting.


Re: lol

"micro$oft havent got a fucking clue"

You clearly have no significant understanding of software.

You've probably never written a substantial piece of software in your life.

You don't understand anything about software testing or complexity.

You might, possibly, believe the Fairy Dust story about software peddled to ignorant acolytes by Apple (whose own software is amongst the lower levels of reliability and whose approach to bug announcement and fixing is laughably babyish in the corporate world. I'm talking about the GUI, here, which is pretty much all that Apple write themselves: the rest - the substantial / robust part - is bought or is Unix).

Here's an idea. Learn about writing a program, go away and write one of more than 100 lines and then come back and tell us about it in a year or two. Show us your code, test plans, results. You don't even have to try designing it yourself, just start with someone else's design.

Then, if you've got the b*lls, say to us, 'Sorry, I now realise I was talking out of my arse and had no idea about software. At least I now understand a tiny bit of just how much I don't know.'

Just a suggestion for self-improvement. Please feel free to ignore it.

Death of data retention directive: What it means for OTHER data laws


One day politicians will see this come home to roost in a big, big way.

It is their own sordid histories which, of all the personal data accumulated, will be the most used, abused and manipulated to their detriment.

Being ego-centric, greedy megalomaniacs they don't have enough spare brain cells between them to understand this.

Apple to flush '£37bn' down the bog if it doesn't flog cheapo slabtops


Re: You wish

"And the fact that the market shows that's generally true really boils your blood doesn't it my rabid little commentard?"

Crap-in-a-box gotta sell, same as shell-suits.


"they believe they can crap in a box and it will sell for 100$"

It does.

The wise know that buying the right crap-in-a-box makes them not only wise, but hip.

They dress as does their emperor, copying his new clothes.


Re: For $63Bn

"Analyst - possibly the easiest most pointless job in the world? Make blindingly obvious predictions and get paid, make wildly unlikely predictions get paid. Its win-win!"

There are different kinds of analyst.

Some follow the great god Anal

and talk from special places.

Melting permafrost switches to nasty, high-gear methane release


Re: 1980-2010 was warmer than 1970-2000

"yet I get harangued for being "anti-science" if I mention it when CAGW proponents do it. As they do all the time."

(1) Perhaps if you also mention it when CAGW antagonists do it the haranguing might diminish?

(2) Perhaps if you acknowledged that the majority of scientists concur with AGW the haranguing might diminish as people saw that you were aligned with prevailing scientific opinion and not putting yourself up as the True Scientist in opposition to actual scientists who who do actual science as their profession?

Or perhaps they're all out to get you. Damn those nasty scientists and all who believe in them!


"Well....SURPRISE ! ! ! Planck based his "Law" on Kirchoff, who was WRONG, and then Stefan and Boltzman based their "Laws" on these errors. Then the AGW hypothesis photo-shopped this garbage to create their Chicken Little fable...."

Is that you shouting, Eadon?

Did you forget to finish with, "FAIL"?


Re: Get your facts sorted!

"Ah, Sceptical Science, the noted purveyor of the green dream, so everything they say is true, I think not."

Such a well-substantiated, beautifully reasoned piece of logical deduction. Not.


Re: The fat lady has sung @ SumDood

"A site with a large number of readers well versed in technology and science and statistics is one of the places where we see more scepticism of claims made by CAGW proponents? Gosh."

>A site with a large number of readers


>Well versed in technology and science and statistics

Some are, some are patently ignorant of such things (but still interested in reading what the site has to offer). Some have an image of their own competence well beyond their actual competence. Some of those open their mouths wide and talk as if they know what they're talking about.

Some listen to the latter with mild amusement at their exaggerated sense of self-importance, and then just quietly smile or move swiftly on.

>One of the places where we see more scepticism of claims made by CAGW proponents

if you don't recognise the opinionated, unscientific point-of-view epitomised in that statement you are clearly one of the subset with an exaggerated sense if self-importance and a level of scientific understanding towards the bottom end of the readers of this site.


Re: The fat lady has sung

"There is no exponential growth


it will stabilise anyway"

You could have saved yourself about 10 lines of typing if you'd taken the trouble to read and understand what I said.


Re: The fat lady has sung

"So what this does is tear down one of the "humans must be responsible" arguments, which is that the rate of warming is faster than could possibly have occurred naturally."

I don't think it "tears down" anything.

However the current ability of humans to affect things on the planet to a much greater extent than ever before in their 1-2 million year history, as a consequence of:

(i) the rapid advances in technology and engineering in the last century or two (*1) and

(ii) the exponential growth in the number of humans (*2)

does tend to suggest that humans can be a little more disruptive these days than they could when they were relatively few in number and lived in caves.

(*1) i.e. the most recent 0.01% of the span of human existence

(*2) which will not last forever, of course, as nature has neat little tricks for curtailing exponential population growth


Re: The fat lady has sung

"We are past the tipping point. Yet we argue that the ship has even sprung a leak."

The "we" (that argue thus) being a small, but very noisy minority. This corner of the webosphere just happens to be one of the hidey holes where they come to play. Bless.

Facebook claims 100 MEEELLION active users in India


"Facebook... announced that its active user base in India passed 100 million"

They'll be the people employed to "Like" adverts?

IBM was wrong to force UK workers off final salary pensions – judge


Re: Read between the lines

"Like it or not IBM top brass are doing precisely what they are required to."

Thanks be to the powers of justice for the availability of a Reg reader to correct a judge's misunderstanding of the law.

Rumour: Next Apple iThing to feature 65-inch screen. Four-limb multitouch, anyone?


Re: Remember the advert with the televisions?

Except that today the hammer-wielder would represent, um, maybe Samsung or some incipient innovator.

And the mass of drones? Well, if you go into Starbucks you'll probably see rows of identical logo-displaying disciples... fascinating social phenomenon. (Probably all Scientologists, too).


Re: what use?

"65" screen, 4 limb multi touch? 3d HD interactive porn of course...."

Only wa***rs would buy such iThings.

Brand consistency?


"What would you like to see Apple do with its huge screen?"

Stick it up its corporate jacksie, I think.

Can't avoid making connections with iSh.., iCr.., etc.

USA opposes 'Schengen cloud' Eurocentric routing plan


When a once democratic country (so it claimed) spies on its own citizens, as well everyone else's, that would seem to suggest that the terrorists have already won on a scale they could only have dreamed about, surely?


Re: even more exclusion?

"British Broadcasting Corporation my ass, if its paid for by my bloody TV license then I want access to it."

If it's paid for by your bloody license you probably meant to refer to your arse, not your donkey.


Re: Mephistro Nuno trancoso (@ Matt Bryant)

"Yank envy".

What a quaint idea.

Thank you for bringing a hint of humour to my day.


Re: sigh

>"Could care less" or "couldn't care less"?

>Both are correct. One is a common expression, the other is grammatically correct. Take your pick.


Both are grammatically correct. (Both are even common expressions).

One (the latter) usually means just what the person intended to convey.

The other (the former) usually means the opposite of what the person was trying to convey but, having swallowed common expressions without digestion by brain en route to arse, aforesaid person is too thick (common British expression) to realise how illiterate and ignorant an impression they have just conveyed of themself.

Windows XP is finally DEAD, right? Er, not quite. Here's what to do if you're stuck with it


The half-dozen or so people I know running XP on home computers haven't applied patches for years / ever. Nor have they been hacked.

Not saying it can't happen. But you can also walk down a road and get hit by a plant pot falling from a second story windowsill.

Interesting that none of the scary articles seem to include any risk analysis / probabilities. But I guess most journalists find the unknown unknowns of statistics even more scary than the known unknowns of dire MS warnings.

Don't panic Mr. Mainwaring! Don't panic!

Apple execs: 'Consumers want what we don't have'


Re: Vow was famous, if you actually read it

I'm willing to go thermonuclear war on this." --Steve Jobs.

He never was very good at English.

Guess he just thunk different.


Re: The problem with Thermonuclear war..

And is dreamed up and fanatically pursued by ego-centric power-crazed warmongers.

Mad Raspberry Pi boffins ripped out its BRAINS and SHRANK them for your pleasure


Re: An old dog

You don't join the queue to buy the newest iPhone by any chance, do you?


Re: An old dog

"I really can't see the point of this. The Pi's processor is slow, limited and obsolete - why would people want to use it in new designs?"

Funny thing, I was thinking exactly the same about the wheel.

Internet is a tool of Satan that destroys belief, study claims


Re: What's the problem here?

"A set is, de facto, larger than one of its subsets."

A set is, de facto, larger than one of its /proper/ subsets.



Re: Build schools not temples!

"Some of my tax money has been spent on 'rebuilding' Afghanistan over the past 12 years. Most of that money, I suspect, have been used to build mosques rather than schools."

If you do the research you'll find that most of it has gone into the coffers of the military-industrial complex that a certain Dwight D. Eisenhower warned about 50 years ago.


Re: Choose your poison

""Here in the US, the last twenty years have seen a radical – and highly vocal – grou


While another bunch of highly vocal


And a third, highly vocal bunc


So *faith* and *faith-based authoritarianism* is clearly on the rise"


But you omitted the fundamentalist myth-makers with the biggest following of blind believers: bankers.


Re: So access to information

"So access to information

Banishes superstition?"


Have you seen the web? Superstition is rife.

You can play Flappy Bird on a POINT OF SALE TERMINAL


"Chip & Pin is better than the magnetic strip/signature method"


The only evidence I've ever seen says it's different.

Granted, the pre-C&P-equipment-selling publicity /said/ it was better, but I always took that to be expected propaganda. (If there was solid evidence it would have served the proponents better than the unsubstantiated claims that they made do with).

Amazon stuffs games into Fire TV box: Soz, rivals... WE don't need to make cash on hardware


It's English, but not as we know it, Jim

"to help inform content purchases and choices."

Wouldn't it be of more use to provide information to the purchasers and choosers than to the abstract nouns describing their output?

White House blasts Samsung for tweeting Obama-Ortiz selfie


Re: @404 El Presidente

"If you've got a problem with poor people having access to healthcare, fine. Say it. Argue your case. But don't lie and scheme and destroy your own nation out of anger and spite because most people disagree with you."

Or, alternatively, do lie and scheme and destroy your own nation out of anger and spite because many people will not be over-concerned if those who have a problem with poor people having access to healthcare, well, evolve themselves out of existence.

Just pondering alternative outcomes.

Organic food: Pricey, not particularly healthy, won't save you from cancer


I love the smell

... of Register science articles in the morning.

Is this photo PROOF a Windows 7 Start Menu is coming back?



"even have a touchscreen for the full Metro experience"

cf. jumping onto the tracks for the full underground experience.

Wanna attend Apple's June developers' shindig? Ask yourself, 'Do I feel lucky?'


Re: Mindless prejudice is a silly, silly thing

>Mindless prejudice is a silly, silly thing

So is innumeracy.

>Apple pays out about $25,000,000 every day to its iOS developers.

... and boasts over 1,000,000 "apps" are available in its "app" store.

Which means an average developer income of under $125 a week, or round about $6,000 a year.

>Sycophant on that, sucker.

Who's the sycophant?

Who's the sucker?

>Some people, some people...

Some fanbois, too, gullibly licking the arse that bleeds them.


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