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Atari accuses El Reg of professional trolling and making stuff up. Welp, here's the interview tape for you to decide...


Re: Specs look unrealistic

I agree.

And this fits with why Michael said they're looking at a different chip. They don't want to repeat the Ouya and make the mistake of releasing obsolete hardware.


To be perfectly frank, that's probably why Michael wasn't able to answer a lot of the questions very well. He's good at being a project manager and making sure everyone does their job, but he may know less about the technical tidbits than other team members. I work at a software company and see that at work sometimes. :P


Re: You're in the wrong, not Atari

So instead of showing me tangible proof that they don't have any internal builds of the system, you decide to call me names and expect that I'll just agree with you.


Re: You're in the wrong, not Atari

Remember the Ouya? One of the big reasons people criticized that console was because the tech in it was extremely outdated. In the interview here, Michael mentions they're looking at a possible newer AMD CPU. Isn't it a *good* thing that Atari is trying not to repeat the mistake Ouya made? I would think so...

Also, I'm not sure how being under an NDA somehow doesn't give someone the excuse to hold certain information from journalists. I mean, that's why it's called a non-disclosure agreement...


Re: Meanwhile...

Of course you also fail to mention that Llamasoft have actually somewhat retracted their statement and said that they ARE actually going to release the game on the VCS:


Keep in mind, Atari didn't say that, Llamasoft did.


You're in the wrong, not Atari

I'm know I'm going to be the minority here, but I actually don't see too much of a problem with the answers that Michael gave. I also find it very interesting how in the edited audio clips, you cleverly leave out certain important pieces that Michael said, possibly with the intent to make him look worse. Read on, and I'll go over exactly what I mean.

At one point you ask him what the aspects were that needed improving, that caused the Indiegogo launch to be delayed. Michael actually tells you that they weren't happy with the design of the modern controller, and they weren't certain about various partners (which they were likely waiting to announce on the Indiegogo campaign page). Yet you left that detail out of the trimmed audio clip you provided.

Another audio clip you have is one where Michael makes a euphemism saying "he'd have to kill you", and you trimmed the audio clip to make it sound out-of-context. Immediately after you trimmed the clip, he actually says, "You know, that old joke," which obviously implies he wasn't attempting to be as hostile as you make it seem.

Next, Michael is probably in a position where he's signed various NDA's, so it's very possible he WASN'T ALLOWED to talk about various games and content because other developers DON'T WANT HIM TO.

Thirdly, you keep mentioning that it's unusual for game companies to go through with console/product launches the way Atari is doing it. What you fail to realize is, Atari isn't exactly in the same *position* as other game companies and console makers. They're making strategic decisions on what they announce and when to announce it, because the team is trying to revive a brand that quite frankly is a laughing stock to a lot of gamers, and to others, it's seen as a relic of gaming history. They're trying to take their steps very carefully, and they want it to be major when they announce something new, and they want the final product to be great when it releases.

Lastly, I just want to say that if Atari aren't ready to tell us something yet, they don't have to. When Nintendo was working on the Switch back when it was known as the NX, rumors and leaks spread around the internet about the console, but nobody was badgering Nintendo for details they didn't feel like sharing, as you are with Atari. I find that to be unfair. It's also none of your business to know precisely what was fixed or improved, or what Atari is working on internally that they're not ready to announce.... I'm surprised you didn't bug Mike to know about their other products and accessories when he mentioned them being in the works...

Microsoft says to expect AWESOME things of Windows 10 in January


Re: High school adjectives for business solutions

I have to disagree.

I love that they're using informal terms to describe their operating systems. This is not the same corporate design team that designed Windows 8, just for the sole purpose of making money. This is a brand new team filled with young, talented and passionate designers that actually are enthusiastic about making a really great operating system. I'm very excited about Windows 10, and if things keep going the way they are, I believe the final version will not only be WAY PAST awesome, but it will be much more affordable unlike previous releases. I'd say 50 bucks or less is a reasonable price for Windows 10.

Windows 10 feedback: 'Microsoft, please do a deal with Google to use its browser'


People are hilarious

I love how people think Microsoft is going to let them use Google as the default search -- their *competitor*...

I also love how people apparently think they know that I don't want web search in my start menu.. If I want web searches in my start menu (which I do), I should have the option to turn that on. And let other people who don't want it turn it off. As a software developer myself, I can tell you it's not very hard to program a switch or a check box in there.

... Of course, by the time people are done with the Feedback app before release, Microsoft will probably have implemented so many checkboxes in Control Panel that it will probably be even more configurable than CompizConfig or dconf editor! LOL

Microsoft Research adds interactivity to Windows 8 Live Tiles


This is actually pretty awesome!

If Microsoft implemented this idea, then I'll be even MORE excited about the new start menu. I'd totally love to be able to access my music controls right from the start menu.

Is this photo PROOF a Windows 7 Start Menu is coming back?



Quiet. You know you're going to use it eventually. Windows 7 will at some point cease getting support just like XP and Vista. Windows 10 or 11 will be out at that point, and everyone will complain about it, and you'll be hanging for dear life onto your precious Windows 8.1 because it's the one OS that went back to a remotely traditional way of doing things.

Or maybe due to all the staff changes, Microsoft will be a completely different company from this point forward and start putting out really good versions based on general consumer feedback.


Hmmm..... Apparently this is "Windows 8 Enterprise Build 9600, for testing purposes only". o 3o;;

........... may I test it please? I swear it's not because it's fucking awesome and I want it. XD


Re: Genius Idea

No, the "how" question is actually "How did I get 6 upvotes?"



Re: Someone must be blind to think thats a Window 7 Start Menu

I can understand why people would run away from Modern UI. That interface is jarring, confusing, and very non-intuitive. But now we're talking about a new start menu here that's basically the same as Windows 7, and you're still complaining. I think you're either closed-minded from any kind of changes, whether they're negative or positive, either that or you're just complaining for the sake of complaining. (which is essentially a troll)


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