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Star Wars VII: The Disney Movie signs Toy Story III script genius

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Wouldn't ...

"Caravan Of Courage II" be more up Disney's street?

A bitter spill to swallow, or 'how to smeg up your keyboard'

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Re: Anyone else..?

"I once spilt rather a lot of coke on my logitech keyboard "

You should have got this guy to sort you out:


20 years of GSM digital mobile phones

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What, no Ericsson GH172?

These histories really do seem to miss out on some major kit.

No early ugly Ericssons

No Panasonic G series....?

Volkswagen Beetle car review

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Flower vase and eye-lashes option?

What, no flower vase on the dash?

And does it come with the headlight eye-lashes that many around here like to fit on the old version?

Habitable HEAVY GRAVITY WORLD found just 42 light-years away

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Re: It doesn't matter not how far away it is

I heard it was already full of drunk, sun-burnt, shaven headed Brit tourists....

Credit card-sized mobile simplified for oldies

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Expensive Scam?

If the SimValley RX-80 Pico V4.0 can be had for ~€18 SIM free, how come this costs so much?

Lasts more than a week on standby too.

A history of personal computing in 20 objects part 2

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The Lack of Commodore kit...

... in this article is appalling.

Hitachi buys Horizon to save UK's nuclear future

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Re: The upside for Hitachi is...

"The main thing holding back renewables is battery capacity to smooth the generation/supply imbalances."

Duracell et al ain't gonna solve the problems of "renewables".

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Just a little bit sad...

That the pioneer of civil nuclear power ends up having to ask Johnny Foreigner to build the next generation of of nuclear power plants.

But at least the UK will be able to see light at the end of the 10 year long tunnel that will appear around 2015....

Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid car review

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Re: Yet more Uk Eco madness...

"Regardless of the merits of this car, you really still think that the most energy efficient way to move a car around is the 120-year old internal combustion engine?"


Try reading what I posted again.

Electric cars will be the solution. In countries that don't produce the majority of electricity from burning oil and gas.

In the mean time, more efficient small turbo-charged petrol engines are the way to go.

Not half-arsed eco-bling solutions like Toyota's Prius.

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Yet more Uk Eco madness...

Plug-in cars in a country where most electricity is generated by Gas/Coal: FAIL

Hybrids: An electric car dragging a combustion engine/transmission/fuel tank around

or a conventional car lugging electric motors and a massive battery pack around: FAIL

Better idea would be to switch to small, highly tuned turbo petrol solution such as

FPT's TwinAir, if you want to be eco-minded about your personal transport.

EDF: We'll raise bills 11% - but only 2% is due to energy costs!

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Re: Yes, lets focus on short term cost increases...

Because "renewables" in the UK are an Eco-scam:

No amount of wind turbines and PV panels will solve the UKs looming energy crisis.

And the amount of energy expended in obtaining the resources for and then fabricating PV panels will always be more than they generate. (Assuming dirty panels, on fixed roof mounts in a northern European climate.)

Thumbs-up for the efficiency drive though.

Dyson alleges spy stole 'leccy motor secrets for Bosch

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Re: Bah!

" There is a very good reason why the vast majority of hotels use them."

The hotels whore them out to guests?

Fujitsu assigns team of women to design PC for women

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How come Range Rover...

...Managed to involve a woman in the styling process for the Evoque, and come up with something quite good, whilst this is all Fujitsu could achieve?

Renault Clio IV and R-Link Android console hands-on preview

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Wonder if iCoyote will be made available for it....?

Young Frenchwoman desperate for fat pipe tumbles out of window

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Re: Since this is a tech site.....

Also which WiFi was she trying to connect to?

SFR, Free, Orange....?

Education Secretary Gove: Tim Berners-Lee 'created the INTERNET'

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But is Gove as bad as Jeremy Hunt...

Who believes taking pure water can cure all and any illness...?

iPhone 5 is the 'most difficult, scratchy device Foxconn has ever made'

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Re: Screen protectors are stupid

Leather flip covers make phone users look like 80s throwbacks.

Slideshow: A History of the Smartphone in 20 Handsets

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Look at the variety/innovation...

...and look where we've ended up:

Large touch-screen slabs with icon driven GUIs and no buttons to control volume or answer/hang-up a call.

Makes everyone look like Dom Joly or an 80s throwback.

(I waited for the Sendo-X but settled on a Panasonic X700 as my first "smart" phone.)


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Playing The Long Game

This is the first part of the dolphin plan for global domination.

I, for one, welcome our new cetacean overlords....

NURSES' natural DESIRES to be SATISFIED, by technology

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More waste.

Anoto style digital pen/forms could work.. But they won't.

It's an NHS IT scheme. I predict an overspend on stuff that will never work properly.

Who remembers the "Clean me!" keyboards costing 100s each?

Load of old Jeremy Hunt.

Take away bad drivers' mobile phones, they still crash their cars

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Shite drivers are shite?

Who'da thunk it?

Banning the use of a phone whilst driving is all well and good. But they really should ban everything else (smoking, eating, drinking, breast feeding etc) if they want to be thorough about safety.

Western Australia powers up 10 MW solar farm

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Couldn't they come up with...

... a process to purify water using the sun's heat directly, instead of spending a fortune in energy and resources making all those solar panels....?

ICO tries to justify hefty NHS data breach fines

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Fine those responsible and those in charge.

Maybe they'll start taking things seriously if they had to pay for their **** ups...

Samsung says 'yes' to iPhone 5-sized Galaxy S III

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Re: It's a start

Nothing on the market to replace my 'Mini Pro .

So I'm sticking with it.

C'mon Samsung: 3.5" screen and a slide-away keyboard, please....

Don't panic, but UK faces BLACKOUTS BY 2015

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Who didn't know this was coming!?!


Brighton marathon munchers banned from all-you-can-eat diner

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AAh The Mongolian BBQ!

A favourite student night out, back-in-the-day!

A couple of flaming Yakbites, barkeep!

RIP Psion PLC: You're with Motorola now

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... has there never been a worthy successor to the '5?

Even after all this time there is nothing that compares to it in terms of design, usability, battery life and software integration.

Pastafarians: Get your noodly appendages off that Facebook suspect

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Re: Every time...

Every time I hear "golden dawn" mentioned I can't help thinking the Greek fascists like a bit of water sports....

Vote now for the ultimate bacon sandwich

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None with Ketchup 'n' mustard?

Oh, the humanity!

NZ bloke gets eel stuck up jacksie

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He bought the elongated piscine from a pet shop but got home to find he'd locked himself out.

So he attempted to climb a handy ladder to get in through an upper floor window, while still holding

the bag containing said eel, and promptly fell; landing on the bag and ending up with the eel in his rectum.

All totally plausible.

Christian footie match ends in almighty brawl

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Re: Well, on more "serious" note...

Close, but no cigar.

It was East Bromwich.

UK electric car funding - another subsidy for the rich say MPs

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"Eco-Bling for tw@ts"

An upvote for that one!

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The UK doesn't even have enough projected capacity to power the lights let alone a large fleet of private cars.

Especially when all the dirty old oil fired power stations start to shut down to meet the UK's eco-commitments after 2015.

These will remain tax payer subsidized toys.

UK to hold public consultation on social-media troll prosecutions

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"Your mother was an 'amster and your father smelt of elderberries..."

At least a couple of years inside for anyone using that kind of hurtful taunt, I'd say.

Sky ruled OK to hold broadcast licence without Murdoch at helm

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WIll OFCOM re-examine this case...

... if either of the Murdochs end up in a federal pen. over the corrupt foreign payments made by their underlings...?

Mobile phones still failing to kill people – Nordic scientists

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Think of the children!!!

What about all those nasty "waves" !!!!?

Reg hack uncovers perfect antidote to internet

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Re: well no one got hurt?

This time....


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Reminds me of:


New monkey species with massive blue arse found in Africa

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Re: What's the IT angle?

They will be trained to play tennis which will then be shown on the PayPerView website www.blue-arsed-monkey-tennis.com


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Re: @aidanstevens

But remember, Tuesday is Soylent Green day!

Ten digital radios to suit all budgets

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Waaaay too expensive.

Especially when you can download TuneIn on most portable devices and get similar "coverage"...

Emotional baggage

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Victorinox or Crumpler Bags

Both brands are up to the job although Crumpler are more photo oriented.

Recently sent a 10 year old Victorinox laptop briefcase in for repairs as the expansion zip had given up the ghost. (Even after hasty repairs effected a few years back in a hotel room.) I rarely use it these days as the backpack style is safer on the old back.

I got a call saying, sorry it was unrepairable and they'd be sending a new one instead.

Can't beat the Victorinox lifetime warranty.

Broadband minister Hunt LOSES portfolio, takes on national health

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Re: In slight tiny almost defence of his Homeopathy support...

No they don't.

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Homeopathy Fan....

Oh dear.

Should be grounds for instant removal from any departmental head role, let alone DoH.

He'll hopefully be out on-his-ear once the Newscorp shite really hits the ventilator anyway.

India restricts SIM sales

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Re: Change of vacation plans

Even EU countries require valid ID before you can get a SIM. e.g. Spain, France AND Italy.

All due to anti-terror/crime laws.

Maybe a vacation in your own country will solve any issues?

US congress wants a word with ZTE, Huawei

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Ecomist Article

There was a good cover article on Huawei a few weeks ago: