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Oracle shoves IBM out of world's No 2 software seller spot – Gartner


Enterprise software in general, and Oracle software in particular, is crappy, buggy, too expensive and not innovative at all. Ugly to work with too. Enterprise IT is slow, inflexible, in firefighting mode and not responsive to business needs ( subsequently not held in high regard by business ). Since Y2K fiasco ( way overestimated impact of Y2K problem ) and dotcom crash, enterprise IT lost what little it had in prestige area.

Enterprise software is wide open for disruption. Reason's why corporations continue buying legacy software are: huge legacy base, labor issues ( training ); length of time and money needed to develop alternatives, "Can't get fired by buying X" thinking, etc.

That is all changing very slowly, as alternatives are also mired in various issues, biggest being lack of really innovative new technologies. Most of "new" we see is endless recycling of what we already know.