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Brit porn filter censors 13 years of net history

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I'm on VM too and also get redirected to the 404 on the thus server, very odd.

Man buys new MacBooks, pulls them to bits, takes pics

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SATA *HD* Drives aren't new...

@Anonymous Coward

SATA DVD/CD Drives in Apple portables is new, that's what the comment was about.

Heaviest Virgin Media downloaders face new daytime go-slow


Naughty STM policy

I just wish they would stop applying the STM outside of the said hours or before I've gone past my download limit.

Take last night for example, got in from work at 5PM, started to download 10.5.3 for OS X (420MB) got 10MBit/s for the whole of the download.

Made dinner, talked to the girlfriend, watched some TV.

Around 9PM I then download the iPhone SDK (1.2GB), it starts off around 1000KB/s until 300MB into the download and it drops to 300KB/s.

So 420MB + 300MB + I checked my mail and read the BBC News website = 725MB.

That's well away from the evening's 1200MB download limit plus I started the SDK download after 9PM, When I shouldn't be STMd!

There was no one using the connection during the day, my wireless connection hasn't been hijacked, Virgin are just not supplying what I pay for.

Toshiba tech paves way for 100Gb Flash chips




Single chips that hold 12GB? Engadget also has the story down as "100Gbit"

I'm not sure what to believe now!


GB's and Gb's

Remember everyone that this is 100 Gigabits (Gb) which is around 12.5 Gigabytes (GB). Although that's still impressive it's not as much as it sounds!

BBC's iPlayer launches Christmas Day


You'll still need a license!

"Just had my visit from the license collectors to check why I haven't paid and they were quite happy to see my TV being powered by my media PC playing iPlayer programs."

So does your TV not have a tuner? Even if you don't use it for tuning into a broadcast you still need a license!

It's like cutting the plug off the TV, it doesn't matter, you still own equipment capable of receiving a signal.


Sorry Andrew...

That won't quite work, even if you watch it via a digibox on delay, you still own/operate equipment that is capable of receiving a live broadcast so you'll need a license!

Burned by a MacBook



The exact same thing happened to my own MacBook Pro power cord in October last year, Apple were quick to send me out a replacement (once I had given them my card details as guarantee I'd send the old one back).

Then they lost my return and charged me for the Power Supply, then they suddenly found it a week later and refunded me the money.

Then recently at work 2 of our MBP adapters have done the same thing, this time Apple replaced them without taking a payment guarantee. They've also changed the design where the cable goes into the Mag Safe bit very slightly. There's now alot more plastic covering the wire and I've not had a problem since. However they still won't admit there's a design flaw.

Norton labels Nasa app as adware


Not just NASA app...

We found that all our machines had the uninstall app for SecondLife flagged as being infected by Adware-Cpush this morning!