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MPs call for British manned space flight

David Farndon

one giant leap for the spending spree

Excuse my addition, but it seems to me that the Americans (et al) have spent so many billions on making huge great fireworks (now .. stand just there Mr President and when we light that big bit of blue paper at the bottom tell us as fast as you can if that little lot going off might add to global warming .. no .. no .. it's fine, you hold the microphone .. we'll be WAAAAY over there).

Wasn't there some brilliant British megasonic sub-orbital concorde replacement thingy which was scrapped after (no doubt) countless millions were spent (London to Sydney in 2 hours or something). The UK's reputation in keeping a grip on the 'big project' spending - Dome, Olympics, etc.,??.. if an estimate was 10 billion, you can bet your chips that it would cost 50 by the time it was scrapped in favour of a ready built thing out of a Skoda plant somewhere.

Of course .. I'd be the first in the queue if you could get to the moon for a week for me and the family for a grand, leaving a carbon-neutral footprint in our wake (and get safely back .. naturally). But it won't happen for the normal folks until they invent the Starship Enterprise technology .. so I shalln't start saving just yet.


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