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SciFi and fantasy titan David G. Hartwell passes, aged 74



Passes by the El Reg front door? Passes wind? Maybe you were at a kart track together?

I think you'll find that the word you were looking for is 'dies'. Passes away I might forgive if you're religious.

David G. Hartwell RIP

Kids' tech skills go backwards thanks to tablets and smartmobes


Digital Native vs Foreigners

Maybe us oldies are better at IT because we have had to learn it from scratch. For the digital natives it just always been there to use.

This is the same as the many Europeans I know who speak better english than me (ok then:than I!). They have had to learn the building blocks of grammar, vocabulary and syntax; to decode idioms, slang and shorthand expressions.

In this case we are past peak IT, it is unnecessary for most people to understand it. They only have to use it. There will always be specialists in both English Grammar and IT. For everyone else, these are just tools put there to use.

R&D money for science – from your taxes?


Bah Humbug

Keep repeating the mantra that 'economics is a science' often enough and somebody might start to believe it.

Economics is more akin to biography. Or possibly history. Apply labels to phenomena. Describe them. Show historic trends.

Science offers falsifiable hypotheses that can be tested and provide predictions of future outcomes. True predictions that work.

No two economists can agree on any intervention in the economy that works. Oh, except tweak the money supply this way and the bankers will get richer. Move interest rates that way and the bankers will get even richer still. Bankrupt the banks? The bankers still get richer. The real world? Doesn't matter. They're not bankers.

Robot Romeo gets its 'antenna' snapped off in attempt to 'charm' testy American


An armed man who fired at officers in Bostic...

...could have been a sticky situation!

Good grief! Have you seen BlackBerry's square smartphone?


Re: Keyboard layout?

Confusing. The pic at the top of the article shows standard QWERTY layout - all the other pics show 'y' swapped with 'z'. Are the labels software programmable and not hardware?

TIME TRAVELLERS needed to secure Windows 7


Re: 149 Updates, plus 23 more, plus several more, plus several more...

I'm not sure I've seen a Linux update with 60GB plus! Are you sure about that 'couple of orders of magnitude'?

YouTube follows Twitter onto Turkey's block list


Don't shoot the messenger

Presumably someone attending the meeting recorded the content and uploaded it to youtube. They need to plug the leak, rather than dam the river!