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Japanese military shamed by USB device

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@Andrew Jackson

I bet you had to look for ages just to catch me out with something! But, yeah, that kind of mistake. Although I had to emphasise my incredulity somehow. You missed the ellipses in the middle of a sentence, though - surely that has to be wrong.

I seem to have take the thread off-track somewhat. Funny how that usually happens when the Grammar Pedants (TM) arrive.

Sam Kirkpatrick

Every single time!

Why is it that every...single...time some pedant goes to the effort of pointing out a spelling/grammar mistake in someone else's work they include some equally noteworthy mistake!!

I give you: "...thing or two about rereading why they'd just typed..."

Surely, AC, you mean "WHAT they'd just typed"! Unless you did mean "why" (and I apologise if you did) in which case the answer is obviously that it's their job.

On point, I blame the cleaner. I keep telling them in here not to touch the stuff on my desk!

AVG disguises fake traffic as IE6

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Optionally, let the user disable it!

I've recently updated to AVG 8 (paid for) and the Link Scanner is infuriating. I have no interest in having it turned on. However, as soon as it is turned off, you get an AVG warning along the lines of "You are no protected!"

I know this doesn't really deal with the issue of bandwidth and site management, but if AVG allowed users to legitimately turn it off without causing the whole program to break, it might help. Performance grinds to an absolute halt when it's running on a search results page.

No sense of humour? Avoid Bootnotes

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"Cue a (very polite, I hasten to add) email..."

Oh good grief! Here we go again!

AOL buys a friend for $850m

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The AOL Effect

I recently gave in to the whole social networking thing and set myself up a Bebo profile after a long and vehement refusal to get anywhere near it!

When I read the first mention of AOL getting their hands on Bebo, I remember a snake-like reaction towards my browser address bar where I started typing "facebo...". Then I caught myself on.

The fact that I was even _considering_ another social networking profile worried me a lot but it also taught me that AOL has a "run like hell" effect on me whenever their name appears to be even fleetingly associated with anything I use.

Dial-a-phone 4u?

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mobileshop are a price/deal comparison site - they don't actually sell directly.

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Beware The Hidden Surprises

I bought my last contract handset from Dial-a-phone but only to get the free Xbox 360 that accompanied it. It arrived - on cue I'll admit, 30 days after my contract was connected - but faulty and with an Argos catalogue number on the side of the box!!

The sneaky insurance is a nasty one - watch for that if you buy from them. I've no personal experience of Phones4u, and haven't found them any more pushy than any other mobile sales stores.

And there is no telephone number for Dial-a-phone which takes you through to a human being and no means to report a fault other than posting your handset to their "Repair Centre". I read nothing but poor reports of this and couldn't bring myself to send it in when the camera went dodgy on my 3-month-old handset. Their website FAQs are ropey at best. And they HATE the iPhone...

Top 10 e-commerce developments of the decade

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Surely the biggest part of e-commerce is the actual transaction. How on earth can you not have PayPal (or online payment handling/payment gateways) in the top 10 of the biggest changes to hit e-commerce?

This is a list of things which have partially affected our browsing habits and partially affected what we can browse, but very little to do with e-commerce. Are we sure these people have got the brief?