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Computer games to become medal sport at Asian Games


Track and Field?

38 years old in 2022...


BOFH: I want no memory of this pointless conversation. Alcohol please


What happened to the subtlety?

You know how you shouldn't write emails when you are angry... ...did someone upset you before you wrote this one?

High-speed powerline: Home connectivity without the cables


Solwise 200AV

I use exactly the kit you have pictured here. I've had a piggy 6 and a single port 200AV for several years and they've been Ok with only a couple of re-pairings needed.

Exactly the point of your article, more devices needing networking, so I bought another piggy 6 but the 3x system lasts barely 24h before needing switching off and restarting and usually repairing. It's now a PIA and I have CAT5 strung across the floor.

Not entirely sure it's Solwise's fault, it's probably "noisy mains" it seems to have happened since I started charging a set of IP phones - small chargers are particularly bad at introducing noise on the mains.

...and guess what else has been multiplying exponentially in the home over the past few years...small chargers.

Barclays punts instant Twitter mobile payments app – best avoid while drunk


Re: They can keep it

...oh it is, completely pointless...

...until you have no cold-hard-cash on you - and then it's actually pretty useful and easy to use (it's been around for ages, only the Twitter aspect is new. Don't knock it until you've tried it.

For a technology magazine the first 2 comments sound pretty Ludite. "Electronic payments, good heavens, what is this madness."

F1? No, it's Formula E as electric racing cars hit the track


Don't underestimate the noise

I was at the Silverstone qualifying sessions on Saturday. I have to say that I was disappointed by the noise of the new engines.

The hype, glamour, incidents, weather, results all go together to make a great experience but I can remember the first time I heard an F1 car - Race of Champions inside Wembley Stadium it was immence - I don't remember who was driving, they weren't racing but if they had have been, I wouldn't have remembered who won or how pretty the girls were when the trophies were being handed out ...but I can remember the noise like it was yesterday.

The screaming engines leave a very powerful sensory memory, I think current F1 will regret the changes that they've inadvertantly made to the sound of F1 in the long term and I think Fomula E will fail to tempt away the bulk of F1 fans especially if, like me, they are already feeling sensory deprivation from the current F1.

Chap rebuilds BBC Micro in JavaScript


Re: Elite

zaonce.net, genious ...I wonder how many other Elite names i could remember if I put a few clock cycles into it - I'm sure I could remember the specs of half the ships.

I make it 29 years ago that I wasted enough time to become Elite....still proud of it.

You don't see many Thargoids around these days, I think collectively we saw them off!

Boss at 'Microsoft' scam support biz told to cough £000s in comp


Crime Certainly Does Pay

"Now that one of the many individuals who've been operating this scam has been brought to justice, it's a stark warning to anyone else still doing it, that they can be caught and ...."

...let off with a slap on the wrist and paltry fine, just like this lucky chap.

Life support turned off: NHS Direct dies silent, undignified death


Re: Happy day

I have to disagree - not that I know who DH is, but I can't see how it could possibly fail to reduce numbers attending whatever an "Emergency Department" is (isn't it called A&E? Emergency Department sounds American). People generally don't know how to ask the right questions or draw the right conclusions from the answers they get - and other people want you to draw a specific conclusion so represent results in a way that favour their opinion.

Maybe NHS Direct was indented to reduce calls to GPs - not the same as reducing visits to A&E.

Aren't you generalising by saying "Hospitals - that's where the doctors are" - I'd guess there are more GPs in local surgeries where I live than in the local hospital.

When I;m ill I don't want someone to take responsibility - I want to know what's wrong with me, and how to fix it - so yes, I really want advice...and a doctor could give me that, but so could a website.

I agree that I don't get a website to manage my plumbing - but I get a website to help me work out where the problem is, and another to order the parts, and then I fix it myself - I have never used a plumber and I'm 46.

...I rarely go to the hospital too, and that's partly because I get dicked around whether I go to hospital or go to the GP - and advice sites such as NHS Direct (and the phone lines) were useful in avoiding unnecessary visits.

What's a real tragedy is that the system is up, the costs of leaving it there must be minimal - all that investment pissed away. ...now there's a common problem that really needs looking into.


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