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Ashley Madison spam starts, as leak linked to first suicide


Re: "Something positive"

Well if it turned into a "cluster-shag", they really shouldn't be complaining or moving from AM.

Apple swears that NO FANBOI will queue for its new gumble


Re: can't see this working

Make online delivery a day before available in shops.

THOUSANDS of alleged pirates' addresses to be handed to Dallas Buyers Club


Re: RIght! That and $5 will get you a nice latte at Starbucks...

"Judges who don't understand the tech should not be allowed to preside over or rule in such cases."

Yes they should, there is plenty of support for them. Lawyers that don't know how to make an argument shouldn't be employed by ISPs.

Dot-com intimidation forces Indiana to undo hated anti-gay law


"said one moron" - inappropriate

I object to the final words of the article, attributing the quote to "one moron" is ridiculous! Moron is a mental age of 7-12, I think imbecile with it's narrower mental age of 7 or 8 is more appropriate.

Cretin also has some merits. It has some comedic value as it's potentially etymologically linked to Christianity or Christ but accuracy with unintelligent but still human.

Idiot (mental age of around 2) may sound better but saying this was just baby babble removes the intent from the actions.

BYOD is NOT the Next Biggest Thing™: Bring me Ye Olde Lappetoppe


Re: One down, one to go

Data in the Cloud just died a death here. €36k bill to keep access to data (for limited time) when moved to another system. Also spelled death of lets not consult IT when implementing new systems.

Marriott: The TRUTH about personal Wi-Fi hotel jam bid


European provider's data plan when I'm in the US?

That is why you buy a local PAYG plan in any country you arrive in for a few days. If you need your work number or phone isn't unlocked you just buy a personal WiFi device for the SIM... Oh wait.

CIOs: Want to get onto the Board? Just 'running' IT isn't enough


Re: Director of gubbins

Your post worried me after the first paragraph. I see your point that directors shouldn't be overly operational but it's too narrow to say never. Going back to the shop floor is valuable, as is giving attention and training to your people as you want to build in succession, also good for the team to see managers getting hands dirty when need arises.

If you consider/refer to your people as "minions" (even in jest), this managerial style is technically known as "being a bit of a knob" (not even worth an expletive).

You should not be giving the final say over any and all decisions, like some petty lord. For major projects, your job should be exploring if there are alternatives, testing it makes sense and looking for holes, you are ultimately responsible but you need to trust your team and give them the freedom to make mistakes (as long as it's not catestophic) so they can learn and grow.

Partially IT-savy? A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, especially if making decisions on Disaster Recovery and locations, in the context of your post this was chilling.

If my network manager didn't know about packet header fields I would be worried, they wouldn't know where to start if an issue occurred that wasn't a simple solve, that is fairly fundamental knowledge (yes I'm being obtuse).

Financial decisons made from looking at a spreadsheets, pandering to short term shareholder interests, ignoring the advice of people that know what they are talking about, gets you Sony type disasters.

What’s the KEYBOARD SHORTCUT for Delete?! Look in a contextual menu, fool!


Re: Old dogs, new tricks

I have that issue with the ; key, it comes from learning on a old typewriter where that key was stiff.


Your shortcut gems?

I think a knowledge of short cut keys is on the decline but may be replaced with voice commands. There is little enough time for training as it is and people don't see the advantage of learning them. As a manager I have used staff development days to instruct my staff in them, especially with excel (advantage for any job involving data) and encourage their constant use. Love seeing them training others to use them.

Most underused combinations IMO (most excel):

ctrl + y redo last action. So redo an undo. Also repeat last action, delete a row, highlight next and ctrl + y will delete again.

ctrl + 1 format cell, right arrow key to switch tab and Alt + w twice to remove wrapping, return.

ctrl + --> jump to right to next empty column

shift + ctrl + --> highlight to right

ctrl + end jump to bottom left data (shift highlights and home for top left of data) wonderful for macros.

F2 edit cell in excel

What are yours?

Lycamobile launches 'unlimited' 4G for £12 a month. Great. Now where can I get a signal?


Re: "Three remains the best deal for fondleslabs"

I can't use my Galaxy Tab 2 (GSM - so makes phonecalls) for data with Three, even if it's a PAYG data.

Not an issue GiffGaff has my money instead, not sure I want to give cash to a company capable of such a stupid policy anyway. (Not that giffgaff are perfect, I understand you can't teather on unlimited plans and some shocking service availability).

Boycott Firefox, gay devs urge as Mozilla appoints JavaScript daddy as CEO



The protest is that the company has promoted someone who has financially backed a law that was distatestful and offensive to a section of its community.

Should the company not promoted him for his past actions? Possibly, but they best made sure that they asked him about how he will be working with gay people married or hoping to be married. They should also have asked how he would address these concerns when raised.

Jobs require that you sacrifice part of your freedoms in exchange for the money we get, if you feel your values are more important then don't take the money.


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