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Reg tries out Google's Chromecast: Yep, we even tested smut sites


Re: More Chromecast possibilities

Ooops, I think I must be a little bit careful stating that the Chromecast has DLNA support. I am not sure on what protocol the NAS talks to the Chromecast apps with. It is more probable that the Synology NAS through DSM 5.0 got support for the Chromecast supported protocols. Sorry


More Chromecast possibilities

I somewhat agree with Andrew Jones 2 here that The Register could have done a bit better job here going a bit deeper in their review of what is possible and what potential the Chromecast has.

For instance owners of Synology NASes will appreciate the DLNA-possibilities of the Chromecast, as their NAS (from DSM 5.0) and their corresponding apps on mobile now has Chromecast support. I play my music files directly on the Chromecast from the HDMI in my surround receiver, and control it with the DS Audio App on my android device(s), with the server-defined playlists etc. Very nice for Synology owners to get that possibility. Plex offers the same possibility (with a better GUI) - but the DS Audio solution is free. I have only used the music player, the DS Video app is also supposed to work in the same way. The Chromecast is then playing directly, no streaming via the mobile.

Also - in the social arena it is interesting to note the Chromecast possibilities. A user of Netflix can easily cast to someone else's Chromecast. So if you get a visit from someone with a mobile and Netflix subscription (and you don't), you could decide to watch a movie from "his" Netflix at your place simply by making him cast to your Chromecast (via the Netflix app with cast support). The native Netflix app on the Chromecast somehow uses his/hers credentials and playes the content (again, without streaming from the mobile).

This last possibility has quite nice potential, if it was supported by more companies. For instance if Spotify could support it the same way: Just imagine a party with different persons using their mobiles with their Spotify users - they could easily have cast songs from their Spotify apps to the playing queue of a native spotfy Chromecast app, using the credentials of their individual users. Chromecast could then be a "common ground" for playback of Spotify content all around. With support for other streaming services, it could become the "common ground" for playback of all sorts of media content. But ok, that would require Spotify etc. to see the value of that...

Sorry if my english is not perfect, Norwegian reader/writer.


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