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Londoner jailed after refusing to unlock his mobile phones


Sorry, I'm from the states and find it hillarious this has devolved into a gun debate. Instead it should be about the unlocking of a mobile device. In the states, you protected from self incrimmination. Plead the 5th and you should not have to do anything. Also, is there an app that wipes your phone with an alternate passcode? If not, there should be for the UK. 1234 and you access it just fine, 9876 and the phone wipes the data in the background.

EMC re-engineers its VNX flashy boxen, puts Unity on the label


Re: Normal EMC pricing?

They are using 3D nand for the flash. So the cost is going to be much less than the flash on the vnx2 which used SLC and eMLC for specific use cases.

Also, I am at EMC world, and that price point has a caveat of *estimated street price* Meaning, they are likely using the absolute lowest price configuration, tacked onto a bigger deal.

All in all, I think it will function well for a small to midsize use case. And it will compete with the low end market well.

HGST has an entry-level 14PB archive box... is that enough for your, er, home collection?


Re: Totally Useless

Encryption happens at the time of the write...so you're never encrypting a whole drive at a time.

Is the all-flash data centre just a tantalising dream?


"Putting SSDs in a box and running Linux with some custom software doesn't count as designing something from the group up."

You just described nearly every array on the market.

We're not on the Gartner Magic Quadrant? Just imagine our concern, says HDS


Re: it's bullshit like this


NetApp EF540

There are others, but this concept is not a new one. The AFA market is still solidifying (pun intended) itself and the leaders in the quadrant are actually strong leaders in the industry thus far. I personally also like Solid Fire although my company doesn't sell it yet. IBM needs dedupe to compete with Pure and xTremIO. And we have already heard about the Cisco Invicta issues...

But if you're looking for an AFA, look to Pure, EMC, or IBM. Regardless of ranking, these are the clear leaders.

IBM furtles all-flash biz bruiser FlashSystem


V840 is good, but could do a little more

First off, I like the V840 option. For workloads that are I/O intensive and compress well, the V840 can make a great fit to turbo charge your customer environment. Now, as XtremeIO will get compression along with Dedupe soon and PureStorage already meeting these requirements, I think the V840 will need to add deduplication to the software set to remain a viable option. But the ability to also manage external disk is a huge benefit. This makes the option available to use this as both a dedicated AFA as well as portion it off to double as a automated tiered architecture with spinning disk.

Gartner: To the right, to the right – biz sync firms who've won in a box to the right...



Am I missing a NetApp offering? I would have thought they had something, but never really looked for it either. Is it under a different name or am I just missing it?

I would have thought NetApp could have been positioned as a strong corporate file syncing provider.

The cloud awaits... but is your enterprise ready for the jump?


Re: The dinosaurs live

From a sysadmin standpoint, there are solutions out there that will encrypt the data even from the root or admin user and only allow access to the individuals that need the data. This encryption would apply throughout the lifecycle of the data from creation to archive. The sad part is almost no company implements this type of solution until it is too late.

Gartner networked storage suppliers: Behold the Reg spaghetti-graphic


Re: Question for El Reg

Well, these are Market Share slides. They are more for investors. However capacity shipped can be a good metric, but that can also be skewed. IBM used to show storage capacity sold and included tape capacity. HP did similar things, but included PC drives in that count. As a customer, I would look to number of clients in the past 18-36 months in your industry/use case. A single EMC isilon deal of 500TB could outweigh five 100TB deals for smaller customers if you only went on capacity shipped. Also, various vendors use different data protection schemes (mirrored/software raid/hardware raid) or even employ data reduction technologies that would also skew those numbers greatly.