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Apple takes flak as AT&T drops iPhone bomb

Fred Manning

To a few of you

So let's see here. The numbers are old/incorrect yet some of you are still framing your comments around them? Then there's the folks banging the Blackberry drum, listen if we wanted a Blackberry we'd have bought one, it's not like they haven't been around for a while. And as for the Nokia comment, let's say that they do in fact move that many phones in 2 days. This is across multiple model lines, and in multiple countries! Apple sells 270,000 of their first try cellphone in 2 days, and only in the US, and you are trying to knock that? Love the iPhone, or hate it, that is PHENOMENAL period.

El Reg lobs iPhone at Genius Bar

Fred Manning

Cowardly Fanboy here

Ok, so I was the first guy to post, and because I didn't feel the need to have my name printed on my comment for the whole interweb to see I got pegged a coward. So fine, have it your way. The thing that really disturbs me (aside from the canned answers from the Bill Gates humpers) is that anyone is surprised that there are problems with the 1st gen of an Apple product! Seriously, this happens every time! If you are going to jump on the bandwagon (which I did) you're gonna have some hiccups! At least the damn things aren't exploding in peoples pockets (...yet lol) Just freaking relax!


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