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FANBOIS' EYES ONLY: United Airlines offers FREE MOVIES on iOS kit

The Cybernetic Entomologist

Android #fail

This is probably a technology decision more than anything else - Streaming secured/encrypted content to iOS is trivial and baked into the OS and browser. Android, you have to have an app to do it.

If Android strategists would ever get their S*** together when it comes to streaming to that platform, the online video world would be a lot better place, but I'm not going to hold my breath, since they intentionally *removed* Flash and HLS capability as of 4.1.

While everybody is heading towards transporting HVEC streams over MPEG-DASH (for all practical purposes, a combination of the best parts of Apple's HLS, Adobe's HDS, and Microsoft's Smooth Streaming HTTP transports), Google is off playing its own game with its own codecs and really not doing much of anything in the transport space. They only support flash and HLS because they have to, same reason they backed off of their plan to drop H.264 support in Chrome.