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NSA's TURBINE robot can pump 'malware into MILLIONS of PCs'


Re: I invite the US and the other 5 eyes partners...

I wonder why he listed Germany first. All I know about is that federal trojan buisiness from a few years ago (2011). The German federal police apparently wanted to listen in to skype calls and since they couldn't just NSL Microsoft, they decided to circumvent encryption by installing trojans on suspects' computers. Ill advised for many reasons, but almost cute from a post-Snowden perspective.


"I hunt sys admins."

That's it. They've openly declared war. Simon, I'm afraid it's time to release the PFY. Knock him out, get him into his orange jump suit and dump him along with a pry bar in an airduckt in Fort Meade. By the time he's figured out that he's not at LHC the "issue" should be solved.


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