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User panel says US should scrap GPS off switch

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My $0.02

@ammanfrommars ...using pencils creates carbon dust, which over time builds up, possibly on vital electronics. As carbon is conductive, this is not deemed to be a good thing.

@Richard. It is quite easy to jam GPS with relatively low-powered, low-tech transmitters, but it is not a good military tactic. Not only do you deny positioning to your own forces you instantly become a 'hot' target. It is a then simple for the enemy to locate (and target) you. They simply fire a missile at, or bomb, the beacon you have conveniently provided. As such 'jammers' tend to be short-lived. If you want to jam, and live till lunchtime, you have to keep your transmitter constantly moving (preferably at high speed/altitude).

Standard military tactics often include not broadcasting your exact position to your enemy.

Alltunes.com claims win in Russian copyright case

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Business model?

> "paying nothing to your suppliers"

> "no investment in future product"

Hmm, just a thought and not a comment on AllofMP3, but isn't this exactly how some of the largest and richest business' in the world operate? Think:

Oil & gas




How are the rights owners (all of us) compensated in these business models? Our future is being systematically destroyed for huge profit by a very small number of people selling things that they do not own. And, the cost (environmental) to the rest of us is clearly demonstrable.

Oh, it's sanctioned by whatever government takes a cut in that jurisdiction? Well that's OK then!

The record industry have yet to show that they experience *any* sort of loss through so-called copyright infringement. Quite the opposite in fact, CD sales are at an all-time high, despite the industries best attempts at destroying itself.

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Music, any way you want it!

"..unless it's an uncompressed WAV it loses something compared to a CD..."

Well Scott, I agree with you there, but you have clearly never used AllofMP3.

You can have the music in any format you want, including .wav. Of course, as you pay per Kb, the smart move is to download in a lossless format like APE or FLAC. As the name implies, lossless formats compress without loss!! This, IMO is why they have been so successful, they give the people what they want.