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Labour shock pledge: 16.8-meg broadband for ALL by 2012!

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Perhaps its exchange side, perhaps not.

ADSL requires good tech on both sides. Sure, the exchange may have been upgrade, but you did say connecting to the master socket and altering your router to an ADSL2+ compatible device improved the speeds. The chances are -nothing- has changed on the exchange side, but by connecting to the master socket you have removed and crappy internal wiring you may have had the router going over, plus any interference from other cable runs it crosses and other devices it snakes past. All of which will likely cause drops, which in turn will drag your overall throughput down.

3 to offer iPhone next year

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@Martin 10

Thats a tad harsh, surely?

I bought a 3 3G dongle while in deepest darkest south wales on a break because I couldn't get any signal on 02 down there. One incident aside their support was great, they could stand some better training but otherwise...

Apple fine-tunes app censorship

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Paris Hilton


Come OS 3, it will. So I'd say its perfect timing.

Paris, because I suspect that she too partakes in the occasional bit of sexting.

Sennheiser MM50 for iPhone stereo headset

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Good 'phones

I've had these for a couple of months - the button aside, I can't fault them at all.

The sound is a lot more pleasing to me than the Bose in ears I was using previously and like Sebastian, I prefer the asymmetric cord.

Not had chance to try the mic yet, partly out of the fact it seems to hang a hell of a lot further from my mouth than the mic on the standard iPhone headphones.. Still dislike the tiny, hard to feel for button on these though.. The amount of misclicks I make when I do find it is an annoyance too, since I often find myself stopping tracks by accident, rather than skipping on or back as intended.

Google voice still not on iPhone

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Thanks Phil and AC, should have occurred to me to search on the app store for one.. Now if only Jobs and co would let apps run as a background process, so this wouldn't need to be kept running.

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Not copy and paste

The reason its not on the store yet wouldn't be copy and paste related, their is an app already on the App store, called Magicpad that not only allows for this functionality, but also allows other apps to utilise it too.

I just hope the google app will enable voice calling, since that's one feature I would love to see on the Jesus phone, which Apple omitted.

A Blu-ray Christmas? Don't bank on it

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Cost of discs

The cost of blu-ray discs is dropping fast, actually. got a few emails from HMV recently punting The Dark Night 2 Disc edition on BRD for 15 quid.. Hellboy 2 for 13 quid..

They are hitting the price points DVD was about 12 - 24 months back... Another year or two and we should start seeing large scale sales of them putting them well in the same pricing bracket as the cheaper DVD's right now.

PayPal top-up card is titsup

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Wonder if this is why I'm still waiting for them to release a payment from holding for some tat I flogged on Ebay t'other day? I know its nothing to do with waiting for the feedback, since thats come back positive.

Sony revamps e-book Reader with reading lamp

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Steve, till recently I had an imported PRS500, while it did support PDF, the support was pretty dire.

I found it nigh on impossible to read the text and while their was a zoom function, it never went past 'medium' for PDF, while with Sony's own format I could happily switch between small medium and large font sizes.

Was pretty sad to let it go to be honest, but the poor PDF support made it one of the lesser used gadgets I had. I'm hoping the 505 and the 700 PDF support is a lot better, since I'd seriously consider picking another one up if it is.

Apple channels Pandora with iTunes 8

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I am rich

I dunno, provided the headphones are good enough, I'd say thats good value for money.

I've parted close to a ton for a decent pair of in ear headphones before now and noticed where the extra cash has been put into use, when compared to say a 20 quid from dixons pair.

Bit miffed that the Nike+ system will only work with the 2nd Gen iPod touches though. Why couldn't apple have developed a new dongle for the older models?

World+Dog predicts new iPods, Macs imminent

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late to the game again?

THe pic of the macbook pro is a mockup, done by a macrumours forum member. Nothing to see here, move on.

Brown's website is Web2.0tastic

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Work Experience

Why do I get the impression this site has been built by a work experience kid they currently have in. Or better yet, a younger family member of an MP, who got given a nice cash sum make the site, which was then done in around oooooh 30 minutes?

What I love about it the most is the fact its in Beta. I take it this means that any outages in day to day governance of the UK are classed as acceptable due to the beta status?

Apple's Time Capsule: is its HDD really 'server grade'?

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Server grade

Its the same drive that ships with the Xserve.

It seems a cheap way around it, sure, but they never actually specify what server grade means anywhere in the blurb about the drive.

Paris, because I'm sure if she bought a Time Capsule she'd be concerned and confused over the meaning of the term server grade.

Warner Bros revs up live action Akira

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Why do Hollywood insist on remaking prior art? They never get it right. Here's hoping it gets left in a dark dusty corner of some obscure warehouse somewhere, long before it starts production. Much like the Evangelion remake from a few years ago.

Xbox 360 could back Blu-ray

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The current version of the PS3 does still play PS2 games, however its through software emulation rather than hardware support.

So not much different to the 360 then.

'Heavy' handset challenges all comers to prove its mettle

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Ah but...

Will it blend?

eBayer punts Wii for £1m

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According to the auction, it has DVD playback. By default this isn't a feature on the Wii, yet...

So, has it been hacked or is the seller just being a numpty?

Also, just to get it in, what does Paris Hilton have to say on the matter?

Mum sends stripper to teenage son's school

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What I'm wondering is if the Gorilla was supposed to strip and they sent the wrong kind of stripper in error, rather than the wrong kind of act altogether.

Apple coughs up G4 refunds to dissatisfied Danes

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Not to be funny, but of course it will seem that laptops always break to you, since you worked in a service centre and all.

I happen to work in a service centre as well and if I just looked at the amount of machines we have coming into repair I'd say they break all the time too.

Luckily I also speak to our sales guys and know we shift more units than actually ever come back into us, so I know that for the most part, as far as our store goes the Macs we sell are fine and dandy.

AppleStore shut for 'update' - new kit coming?

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Store is down?

Seems to be working fine for me. No back soon message like I'd expect.

Quick glance of the store shows nowthing out of the ordinary - though granted I've not checked individual product pages.