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80-characters-per-line limits should be terminal, says Linux kernel chief Linus Torvalds


I used to feel the same.

And mostly I still do. However I once worked with a blind programmer, and had an eye-opening conversation regarding line length limits and how TABS-for-indent are really desirable.

I'm not trying to open the argument, just saying it's always interesting to listen to other perspectives.

(In addtion, he also used text-to-speech, and as a result was really good at catching typos and spellling errors).

India makes contact-tracing app compulsory in viral hot zones despite most local phones not being smart


so what *is* the solution?

It's very easy for us techy folks to point out the flaws in every approach, and take potshots at ministers - who are indeed clueless but hopefully to some extent follow the expert advice available to them.

But.... there IS NO perfect solution. We have to compromise somewhere between total economic lockdown for a year or so (expensive), lift all restrictions (a fair few people are going to die), or a range of imperfect mitigations to keep the infection rate down.

Obviously *I* could write a better app than $lowest_bidder, and probably you could too, and actually in this case I'd be tempted to go with Apple/Google's joint effort globally.

But if you're going to sneer about one aspect, be it security/privacy/whatever, I'd be genuinely interested to know realistically what your proposal is, and projected costs/death rate.


I think you'll find that's true of most of the software on your phone now.

London's Met Police splash the cash on e-learning 'cyber' training for 4k staffers


I wish them well

It's all very well for those of us who've spent 25 years in IT to make snide remarks.

If you think you could do better, feel free to do your civic duty, take a 50+% pay cut, go and join the police, and improve things.

Yes I'm sure the force has its faults - like every organisation. But there are a lot of good eggs doing a good job that I couldn't do if I wanted to.

Easy-to-hack combat systems, years-old flaws and a massive bill – yup, that's America's F-35



<quote>“A successful attack on one of the systems the weapon depends on can potentially limit the weapon’s effectiveness, prevent it from achieving its mission, or even cause physical damage and loss of life,” said the GAO team. </quote>

Keen for much-hyped quantum computing to finally land? Don't expect it for a decade


Are they certain?


Amazon's homegrown 2.3GHz 64-bit Graviton processor was very nearly an AMD Arm CPU


is that legal?

Sooo.... an AWS VEEP talks down the abilities of non-Intel CPUs around the time they're about to acquire a company that makes them.

Isn't that called "manipulation of markets" or some such?

Grandmaster flash Samsung dominated SSD market in 3Q2018


Re: I wouldn't normally post a Linus link

What's happening is, they're pushing physics and error-correction technology in an effort to make it cheaper (oh, and the usual industry attempts to get the engineering done as cheaply as possible - overstretch the good guys, minimise testing etc).

All standard engineering tradeoff stuff. QLC might actually suit most consumer workloads OK - where the SSD is usually only part-filled and rarely overwritten anyway. Enterprise drives have different optimisations (overprovisioning, MLC, ...).

You should be aware that Very Similar Stuff happens on spinning rust. It's not simple either - they do things like orient the molecules vertically to squeeze more in a small space, but again they know that the physics is on the margins so they store a lot of ECC data. However in the small-% of times it has to rescan the media, you incur 5ms for the disk to spin.

If you're serious about securing IoT gadgets, may as well start here


> I have a lot (100+) IoT devices in my home.

I'm sure I'll regret asking, but why?

> Where I can't run custom firmware on them I run them in isolated networks.

Wouldn't you rather have a life?

I predict a riot: Amazon UK chief foresees 'civil unrest' for no-deal Brexit



The number of comments on a thread is inversely proportional to the I'm-prepared-to-listen-engage-and-maybe-change-my-mind-based-on-your-argument coefficient.

As displayed by any online Brexit "discussion"

PC shipments just rose, thanks to Windows 10


by units sold?

Apple in the top 5 by units sold?? Or by revenue?

If they're in the top 5 by units sold, at those margins, .....

Git365. Git for Teams. Quatermass and the Git Pit. GitHub simply won't do now Microsoft has it


Clippy's a git

It looks like you want to control your code. Would you like some help?


Visual GitHub.Net 2018

catchy eh?

UK military may recruit wheezy, alcoholic keyboard warriors


Re: I'll do it!

will a sea-bass do?

Oh, great, now there's a SECOND remote Rowhammer exploit


Remind me what memory ECC is for

Dear lazy web,

Why does memory ECC not make rowhammer impotent on all but the cheapest PCs?

Software update turned my display and mouse upside-down, says user


you touched it last

There's a more generic symptom at play, the "I can't be bothered to engage my own brain" syndrome.

Tip for darknet drug lords: Don't wear latex gloves to the post office


More to the point

Well done to the post office clerk, for spotting it and having the nouse to report it.

We need people of this intelligence level in more walks of life.

BONG! Lasers crack Big Ben frequency riddle BONG! No idea what to do with this info BONG!


Love the turn of phrase in the article, had me giggling.

However I instantly thought of one application area. Music synthesisers (do they still call them that) do (at least used to 20 years ago - I'm a bit out of touch these days) model instruments mathematically, in effect to recreate the same sound you get from piano strings, woodwind instruments etc.

Not that they're likely to have much call for path 3485656438598587: "Big ben chime", but in general the more they know about the physics, the better the result.

And then people in their 40s who used to play instruments might have a mid-life crises and go and buy some hugely expensive Nord thingy, and stimulate the economy. Hmm....

User rats out IT team for playing games at work, gets them all fired


Big Companies and Policies

Difficult call - without further information.

This is my beef with disattached directors, unreasonable IT policies, salary review policies, bonus formulae, etc. etc.

Any such one-size-fits-all policy will never take account of creatives, encouragers, workshy-prats-who-play-the-rules-game etc.

I'd rather just work for a good boss who knows what's going on. It may not be fair, it may not scale, I may even be slightly poorer. So what?

I have worked with people who took way-too-long lunch "hours" playing games, but could be relied upon to work very late nights to support customers. Inconvenient, but still useful.

In the case of this team, I would want to know more about their general attitude and delivery. Backups not run etc. - it *sounds* like they should be fired. But their manager should have been more with it.

Hey, I'm browsing El Reg now - when I should be working. But I'm worth it.

The best of Reg readers' David Hockney-style logo redesigns


Re: I don't think it's an egg...

Ah! A true connoisseur!

Would you like to buy the piece?

Fears Windows code-signing changes will screw up QA process


Those of us that write windows device drivers have suffered with this for a while. You get the best results* with an EV certificate, which only comes on hardware key. When your build server is locked in a server room, or is a VM, or whatever, suddenly everything becomes harder than it needs to be.

I like the approach taken by one of the major consultancies:-

https://www.osr.com/nt-insider/2016-issue1/today-in-driver-signing/ (see figure 6).

* a full description of when a non-EV certificate is acceptable is omitted for the sake of brevity and sanity.

David Hockney creates new Sun masthead. Now for The Reg...


Too obvious


Facebook's internet drone crash-landed after wing 'deformed' in flight


This might be experience or cynicism speaking.

My guess is: the flight control software is written by the 'B' team, because their best engineers are too busy trying to make us click ads.

UK Home Office slurps 1,500 schoolkids' records per month


Unfortunately the government is doing what ~52% of the electorate wanted them to do.

Of course that 52% is merely doing what Rupert told them to do.

Bring on the downvotes.

WINNER! Crush your loved ones at Connect Four this Christmas


I actually enjoyed a game on monopoly last weekend. Child #2 wanted to play, so i suggested we use the android version, and he could do all the clicks,rolls, admin etc - i.e. PRESS ALL THE BUTTONS. I got a good halfway through my book at the same time.

Virgin Galactic and Boom unveil Concorde 2.0 tester to restart supersonic travel


Are the designers good at maths?

"55 passengers, one on each side of the aisle"

I've arrived on Mars. Argggh, my back!



These astronauts are feeble. They should try sitting at a desk for 8+ hours/day

Hard-up Brits 'should get subsidy for 10Mbps'


Some of these kids is so poor, they can't even afford new trainers.

Reebok has offered to donate 10,000 pounds worth of trainers to the cause.

I saw to Reebok, c'mon - it's not 1994!. These kids is poor, but they aint deperate

Samsung to fab 10nm FinFET SoCs for next year's exploding phones


Is this article an attempt to be invited to Apple's next press event?

Eye of Sauron-themed trojan targets Russia, Sweden


Re: One (code) string to rule them?

One does not simply walk into Langley

Apple WWDC: OS X is dead, long live macOS


Ludicrously expensive tickets

Was there any violence from Russian hackers?

Chaps make working 6502 CPU by hand. Because why not?


WHERE do you find the time?

Can you download free time from an ftp site or something?

It's all very well hacking ISIS, Barry, but what about your ISA?



Does chip&pin *really* make credit cards more secure? I thought it was all to do with reducing costs.

South Korea to upgrade national stereo defence system for US$16m



(can't believe I'm the first to crack this)

What, they bought a pair of living-room speakers from BOSE?

I beg you, please don't back up that secret directory full of photos!


Kevin, are you reading this?

Go No! Google cyber-brain bests top-ranked human in ancient game


I'd like to see a computer play "EU referendum", a game where calculation and intelligence plays no part. Instead there is a fast-changing strategy which depends on what the tabloids print that day, but the result is predetermined because everyone has made up their minds already.

The computer that shows true "intelligence" when it loses will then blame its opponent on multiple counts of scaremongering, rhetoric etc., claim the vote was skewed and demand another referendum in the near future.

Bill Gates can’t give it away... Still crazy rich after all these years


Er, no.

Trump's WEALTH may have been valued at $whatever.

Trump's VALUE is clearly a negative.

Photographer hassled by Port of Tyne for filming a sign on a wall


I bet he was wearing a sunderland shirt.

After Death Star II blew: Dissecting the tech of Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens


Slow today

This piece has been here for over five hours, and no-one has asked whether the star destroyers still run XP??

And more tangentially, I always wondered how enormous trans-national organisations could take decades to design a fighter aircraft, and Saab create the Viggen on a shoestring. Obviously there's a lot I don't know about the detail, but does make me wonder if a well-funded company with a few decent engineers and less politics might have had more success than BAE.

HPE's private London drinking club: Name that boozer



So this is the same company that spun of Agilent, without noticing the unfortunate acronym.

Accordingly, I'd call the new establishment "elect sits"

The million-dollar hole in the FBI 'paying CMU to crack Tor' story


Re: 0day black market

> now bare with me

I always giggle when I see this. I think it unlikely that I'd want to.

Microsoft, the VW family sedan of IT, wants to be tech's new Rolls-Royce


Who are you, Apple?

> Surface Pro is selling very well


THE Surface Pro is selling very well.

Terror in the Chernobyl dead zone: Life - of a wild kind - burgeons


I wonder if any enterprising types are now thinking "Let's attract big game hunters from the US"

You tried to hide your extramarital affair … by putting it on the web?


It was never a one-ton anvil. It was always 16T.

What a shower: METEORS will BLAZE a FIERY TRAIL across our skies


Won't that get you arrested?

Microsoft Lumia 640, 640XL: They're NOT the same, mmmkay?


Ah, Microsoft. 640 ought to be enough for anybody.

Why the chemistry between Hollywood, physics and maths is so hot right now


+1 for calling it "maths" with an 's'

30,000 people buy a box of BOVINE EXCREMENT


Tesco tried selling it too, but it turned out to be horse****

LOHAN crash lands on CNN


Here's a challenge:-

Korean Airspace Reconnaisance Drone Audaciously Snapping High Indeed Above the North

Bletchley Park board member quits amid TNMOC split-off spat


Re: With a name like Dr Black

And "Baroness Trumpington" has a certain ring to it also