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Hardware fault?


always contact apple first. Although im hating apple at the moment, as their iphone quality is getting worse and wose.

Samsung hiring students to post negative HTC one comments online?


Whats so unsual? The government employes trolls to to go on socail media sites to put down ideas and discredit information from certain activist groups.


Could vegetarians eat a 'test tube' burger?


ITs bad enough monsanto wants to control the worlds food resource with GM crops, and by eating that it genetically modify our bodies and the French studies shows it gives the rats cancer. Why does anyone want to eat genertically lab produced meat?


Cameron's attempt to cram a robot arm wearing a Rolex into his pristine bottom


wea re obviously paying this idiot too much

Training puppies.


Agree. Love my doggy too. And the feeling when the dog gets what you want it to do, is incrediable.

Kitchen Aid 600 Pro


I recommend Kitchen Aid to anyone. Love it. It is so powerful and its been a year and a half and it is still going. Ive brought the cheaper ones before and after a year those ones goes.

Why Garmin don't do refunds


I scraped my naviation device and now just use my iphone google map. It is quicker

Sonos - wireless streaming recommendations?


I think that Sonos sounds is okay, but a bit expensive compared to others on the market