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Debian preps ground to drop 32-bit x86 as separate edition


Re: Good thing too

I guess you've never heard of embedded systems, then?

Microsoft floats bringing a text editor back to the CLI


It's quite common to run Windows Server without a Desktop. Also it might fail to start and you'll be stuck at a command line during the boot/recovery process.


Endless reboot waits? What century is your hardware from? All our Windows production servers run virtualised in KVMs on top of cached SSD storage. Reboots take 2 or 3 seconds.

Data-destroying defect found after OpenZFS 2.2.0 release


Re: ZFS here we go again

Are hot-swappable disks not removable devices?

USB Cart of Death: The wheeled scourge that drove Windows devs to despair


Re: Finally!

At least Windows (usually) manages to enumerate connected USB devices in the same order on every boot. I've not had that happy experience with the various Linux distros I've used.

UK's cookie crumble: Data watchdog serves up tougher recipe for consent banners


Re: Next should be non consentual email

There is no bank called Nat West, so it must be a scam. There is a similar sounding bank called NatWest. These differences are important if you want to be safe online.

UK throws millions at scheme to heat homes with waste energy from datacenters


Another hare-brained idea

The likely outcome is sinking millions of tax payers' money into something that never works as hoped for, like most Government schemes. At least they have PRINCE 2 to control the costs. /s

What next, pumping waste cooling water from nuclear power plants into peoples' houses?

CEO Satya Nadella thinks Microsoft hung up on Windows Phone too soon


Re: I beg to differ

The shame is that Microsoft bought Nokia simply so it could destroy the company.

Red Hat bins Bugzilla for RHEL issue tracking, jumps on Jira


Re: Jira is the single source of suckage

Jira is useless for managing projects, like MS Project is useless for tracking issues and bugs.

Jira is reasonably good at what it was originally intended for (issue management), until the Pointy-haired Boss insists that all the permissions and workflows are locked down so nothing ever gets progressed to closure.

Jira can do Agile and kanban, but there are better tools for that.

Confluence has gone from bad to worse. The aforementioned Boss also decided that allowing everyone in the company to contribute to the Confluence wiki was a security issue and restricted pages to certain departments. We now use a secret MediaWiki instead.

The company standard build server is Atlassian Bamboo which is OK, but we were never given enough licences, so we use secret Jenkins servers instead.

How TCP's congestion control saved the internet


Unfortunately, TCP treats pretty much any delay or packet loss as congestion, which is not always appropriate, particularly over wireless networks. Thankfully we also have UDP for when performance matters.

37 Signals says cloud repatriation plan has already saved it $1 million


Re: Is it comparable?

Ship backup tapes to secure off site storage? Really?

Google exec: Microsoft Teams concession 'too little, too late'


Windows Server?

"but in some other areas, such as Windows Server, customers simply aren't allowed to run the software on so-called "listed" providers - which Redmond classifies as AWS, Google and Alibaba".

I think anybody choosing Windows Server or SQL Server in 2023 deserves all they get.

22 million Brits suffer broadband outage blues and are paying a premium for it


Re: Buy on price

It's an extra £8 per month for a fixed IP address with Toob, not £5, and it also frees you from the carrier grade NAT, which is the important point. It seems reasonable to me when you consider the base service is 900Mbps FTTP at just £25 a month.

Honey, can you shrink the plugin? Mozilla allows desktop extensions on Firefox for Android


At last, an alternative to the rather flakey Kiwi browser?


Re: Mozilla.is irrelevant on Android

That's a generous definition of "most". Opera is the only Android browser that reliably reflows text correctly when you pinch-zoom, in my experience. It's a shame about the lack of extension support, though.

Millions of people's data stolen because web devs forget to check access perms


Re: Web devs forget to check access perms :o

At last, a sensible and constructive idea amongst the usual sea of braggarts.

Linux has nearly half of the desktop OS Linux market


What, no proof readers?

"Linux has nearly half of the desktop OS Linux market".

I would have expected Linux to have 100% of the desktop OS Linux market.

Metaverses are flopping – hard – says Gartner


Re: Thanks, Gartner.

I usually dismiss anything from Gartner as the deluded ramblings of a self-aggrandizing parasite on the face of IT. This time, though, I think they are correct, although in the same way that a broken watch is correct twice a day.

Red Hat strikes a crushing blow against RHEL downstreams


Re: What about any non-GPL components?

That's not how the GPL works. It's designed deliberately to be invasive. If the GPL applies to any part of the software it applies to all of it.

Techie wasn't being paid, until he taught HR a lesson


I call BS

So what lesson did he teach HR, exactly?

Bad times are just starting for India's IT outsourcers, says JP Morgan


I have sympathy for the individuals but not the outsourcing companies. They are somewhat lacking in openness and honesty, in my experience.

Amazon confirms it locked Microsoft engineer out of his Echo gear over false claim


The driver should take all the blame. Lying git.


It is not their job to punish the guilty. Or the innocent?


There seems to be a lot of victim blaming going on here. Am I alone in hoping that the lying delivery driver who caused all this loses his job?

Can noise-cancelling buds beat headphones? We spent 20 hours flying to find out


USB-C to 3.5mm adapters are relatively cheap. It's not some mysterious conspiracy theory.

Windows XP activation algorithm cracked, keygen now works on Linux


Re: DO NOT go on the Internet with XP

Have you never heard of intranets?

Microsoft puts the freeze on employee salaries, CEO pay still as hot as ever


Shatinya Nutella seems like a nice boss.

Is there anything tape can’t fix? This techie used it to defeat the Sun


Re: Wait ... What?

I think the stuff about the architect was made up. Like the rest of this unlikely tale.

Autonomy founder Mike Lynch flown to US for HPE fraud trial


I can't think of a company that deserved to get screwed over more than HPE. Aside from Oracle, obviously.

Bank rewrote ads for infosec jobs to stop scaring away women


Re: So

"intersex adds a whole set of curve-balls to that". I wondered what it meant. Lol.

Eufy security cams 'ignore cloud opt-out, store unique IDs' of anyone who walks by


I love my Eufy doorbell. Do I care if Chinese military intelligence can see who rings my doorbell or walks past my front door? No, not in the slightest.

Ericsson pulls plug on 8,500 workers


You go and get your coat.

A moment of silence for all the drives that died in the making of this Backblaze report


Re: How busy are the devices ?

I'd be surprised if many organisations still bought spinning rust drives for boot disks. This is an obvious place to use SSDs given the smaller capacities needed.

Larry Ellison mea culpa as traffic cop stops Big Red boss on own island


Re: He only bought 98%

or if he buys an empty garage that could be populated with a second Corvette.

Google datacenters use 'a quarter of all water' in one US city


Re: Closed cooling?

The clouds of steam coming out of those cooling towers were just harmless acid rain.

UK arrests five for selling 'dodgy' point of sale software


Re: And Turkish Barbers where I live.

Gender-neutral computer pants, no less!

Boeing swipes at Starlink as it finishes two internet slinging satellites


Re: Err....

Yes, the same bunch that made life-saving warning lights a paid-for option.

Tetchy trainee turned the lights down low to teach turgid lecturer a lesson


No, it's BS, like most El Reg fairy tales.

Hey Reg readers, Happy Spreadsheet day! Because there ain't no party like an Excel party


Re: Remember only 6 people in your Excel party

or 3 nights in a row.

How does Monzo keep 1,600 microservices spinning? Go, clean code, and a strong team


Re: Banking isn't really a highly computational process

To be fair HSBC and First Direct are at the absolute opposite end of the technical debt scale compared to Monzo, Starling, etc.

Microsoft Teams: The good, the bad, and the ugly


Re: Teams...

Just disable it from the startup tab in Task Manager. Worked for me.

Yes, TfL asked people to write down their Oyster passwords – but don't worry, they didn't inhale


Re: Phone-based tickets

Dashlane can enter your card details into most browsers and other apps for you, then you just need to enter your fingerprint. I don't know if other password managers can do the same? Obviously you need to trust your password manager app, but it's probably safer than waving your card round in public.

Why telcos 'handed over' people's GPS coords to a bounty hunter: He just had to ask nicely


Re: Capitalism baby

What's a "client changer"?

Brit couch potatoes increasingly switching off telly boxes in favour of YouTube and Netflix


Re: Good riddance

The output from the BBC is certainly biased, but it's not as simple as left vs right-wing, or Labour vs Tory. For example there is an obvious bias against Brexit. Maybe it's just a London-centric view of the world? Good riddance indeed.

Privacy? Watchdogs? Fines? Whatever, nerds, more people than ever are using Facebook and filling its deep coffers


Re: "the settlement shields the company from responsibility"

When a criminal is caught stealing he will typically ask for a number of similar offences to be taken into consideration. If he's subsequently found to have committed another offence then he's already paid the price.

IT sales star wins $660k lawsuit against Oracle in Qatar – but can't collect because the Oracle he sued suddenly vanished


Re: Wow just wow.

According to the article it has been stripped of its assets, it hasn't vanished.

Google pholds! Just kidding. But Android Q Beta 2 drop supports those cool bendy mobes


Thanks El Reg for the fake news. You are now dead to me.

China still doesn't want iPhones despite Apple slashing prices, say market watchers


The fact is there are other Chinese-built phones that are much better value than iPhones.

Hipster whines at tech mag for using his pic to imply hipsters look the same, discovers pic was of an entirely different hipster


Re: I've chuckled over these for years

I Can't Get Past The Unnecessary Capitalisation In Those Demotivational Posters.

Nobody in China wants Apple's eye-wateringly priced iPhones, sighs CEO Tim Cook



It seems slightly ironic that Chinese consumers are not buying iPhones, but they are buying other Chinese phones instead.