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Uh oh! Here comes the first bug in the Windows 8.1 Update


Re: Small incidence in the wild?

Incorrect assumptions.

Anyone who has more than a couple of machines running the same OS and MS software can benefit from having a local WSUS.

Also, I already deployed the Win8.1 Update on my company's WSUS and all our Win8.1 are fully up to date. Granted, none of them are on users' desks yet, just in the test lab.

Windows XP is finally DEAD, right? Er, not quite. Here's what to do if you're stuck with it


I reckon

If there's an award for most usage of the word "reckoned" in a Reg article, well I reckon that this one has got it.

US Supreme Court declines to hear NSA mass phone-slurp case


Not at all surprised

The Supremes will only rule on this when they figure out a way to make it 'constitutional' and not before.

In Australia, protesting against Brendan Eich will be a CRIME


Since you played the "repulsive" card

What I find repulsive is when people insist on changing the meanings of words.

The correct terminology is "sodomy" not "marriage"

Just exercising my right of free speech. Feel free to try to get me fired if you like.

Time is on their side: NIST's new atomic clock accurate for 300 MEEELLION years


"our planes do not get lost"

The Malaysian pilots must have forgot to wind their atomic clock.

The long war on 'DRAM price fixing' is over: Claim YOUR spoils now (It's worth a few beers)


Leave the US?

Not with upwards of ten federal deserve dollars on your person you won't.


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