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Linux kernel set to get live patching in release 3.20


Re: Useless...

You're still defending that Windows rubbish software in 2015? Get a life.


It doesn't matter if Windows gets this feature sometime in 2050 as the system will still need reboots, therefore making live kernel patching redundant.

Windows 10: The Microsoft rule-o-three holds, THIS time it's looking DECENT


Cortana and the back-end database will be a new spying tool used by NSA. Imagine all of the data collection that will be going on with it, not to mention that it's a "feature" that's always listening. We've had voice recognition on PC's for many years, and it only found a niche market. Most people don't like talking to their PC; let's not forget that Windows 7 had built-in voice recognition and nobody used it. Sure, it sucked, but it still did some things okay, and most people never knew it ever existed.

All I see MS doing is slapping a bunch of unnecessary processes on top of the NT kernel, yet there's still the discombobulated registry which became its own filesystem a long time ago, and the slow performing NTFS filesystem and other bits of Windows which have fallen behind Linux in terms of features, security, and performance. So the point here, is that you have a bunch of useless doodads soaking up memory and CPU cycles, running on top of an architecture that pretty much stinks. Microsoft is putting more lipstick on the pig.

Microsoft will give away Windows 10 FREE - for ONE year


Clever Marketing Scheme

Microsoft's lifeless presentation today with nobody giving much applause, featured speakers talking about how Windows 10 will be free for existing Windows 8.x and 7 users. They talked about how Windows 10 will be an evolving platform that will constantly be getting new features. What they didn't say, is that the point of the free upgrade is to get people locked in, just as are the users whom are trapped in the Office 365 prison. I wonder how many people will take the bait?

Richard Stallman has been warning of computing as a service for years, and all his points are valid, especially in the era of government spying and data breaches.

Windows 10, day ZERO ... Will Nadella be the HERO?


Microsoft's heyday in operating systems is starting to dwindle down. It may be over a 10 year period, maybe 5, but an irreversible trend has began and nothing is turning it around. Their "Embrace, Extend, Extinguish" mentality worked well throughout the mid-90's and early 2000's, but things change, just as they did with the Dot-com bubble. Windows has a negative connotation associated with it when you ask the general consumer, not to mention that "Windows" to them means Microsoft Office, games, and malware. Are gamers a big enough of a market to continue the domination of Windows? No. How about legacy applications; the ones that look like they're from 1994 but the companies that wrote them have instituted workarounds to get them running on 7 and beyond. These companies that use clunky, old, "legacy" software titles may still be running Windows for now, but this, also, isn't enough of a reason for Windows to continue dominating the desktop in the business. When you consider the cost of the license fees, malware, poor security, NSA backdoors, and other general Windows problems due to its inherently shoddy and poorly thought out architectual design, it's only obvious that it's a matter of time until something better comes along and replaces it. Microsoft started out with VMS, and ended up with a stinking piece of shit (excuse my French).

So here we are, in 2015, and Windows XP just took more of a slice of the pie than Windows 8.x. It's as crazy as it sounds, but it just shows that Microsoft is now finding themselves between a rock and a hard place. It's unfortunate that Microsoft has some real talent inside the company, and it's being squelched by fascist fat cat board members who are slowly driving their operating system division to Zune status. With Wine on Linux, slowly improving and running more and more Windows applications with less errors, it's a strong possibility that one day we'll see it more often on the desktop; the fact that Steam is now supporting Linux is also one big leg up for gamers who don't want to deal with registry woes, .dll files all over the place, and secret keys that can't be removed from the registry for trial software.

Linux also has severe issues on the desktop, and the information can be found by googling the narod.ru site. However, it's about picking which operating system sucks less. I choose Linux, because of the open source nature and control it gives me over my PC. How much longer are consumers and businesses going to put up with Microsoft's dirty business practices? Only time will tell.

This whole idea of unifying applications across devices is a poor idea -- it's another Zune idea. I don't want tablet applications on my desktop, and the experience cannot ever be the same. That's why there's iOS and Android. Keep Windows on the desktop familiarized to those that need it, as it slowly becomes bumped out of its comfort zone and replaced by better altenatives by more honest companies. Let's not forget that Zune used the same type of tiles that the new variants of Windows have, and nobody ever liked tiles. But the foisting machine keeps chugging along at Microsoft, as if the managerial team there are just about vegetables. The proof that MS has serious problems occuring within their walls is leaking out of the company like a sieve, as can be found here:


Windows XP beats 8.1 in December market share stats


Re: I'd consider switching from XP to 7...

Those are all concerns, but so is the NSA backdoor in Windows 8.x.

Mozilla promises browser just for developers


Wow...this is so exciting! Will the new developers browser have mandatory DRM in the code along with ads foisted upon the user? I mean...this is open source software we're talking about; definitely things we all want!

Microsoft: How to run Internet Explorer 11 on ANDROID, iOS, OS X


Re: Dear Microsoft

That's kind of like asking: "Why are people born stupid?"


What about running IE 11 on the Linux desktop? Ah...never mind; I'll just stick with Firefox until they implement mandatory DRM in the code.

Preview redux: Microsoft ships new Windows 10 build with 7,000 changes


It's not a "backdoor", it's a "maintenance port". Anyway, that functionality will only be accessible to internet connected devices. Disconnect from the Internet if you don't like it.

I disagree. If the totalitarian Microsoft can zap an app right of my personal computer without my permission, that's not okay. Nor is the walled garden future of Windows okay, and it's not okay with a myriad of developers either. Telling somebody to disconnect from the internet if they don't like it is not a very strong argument; in fact, it sounds really silly.

You can hide the icon. That's enough, isn't it? Anyway, you have to use it if you want updates.

No, that's not enough for me. I feel like Microsoft is engaging in totalitarianism and feudalism and is forcing people to be in the walled garden so the board members get their profit increase.

Microsoft can inspect it.

I believe Microsoft puts malicious features in their OS, so why would I want them inspecting it? I'm the one that wants to inspect it -- I don't trust Microsoft and neither do a lot of other people.

They're just collecting the frequency of key presses, for a simplified keyboard design.

How do you know this without seeing the source code?

It isn't deliberate.

Yes it is. It's pure feudalism. Foisting Microsoft accounts on users is Microsoft's way of getting their app store cut.

That's your fault for not using Linq.

That's really the best argument you could come up with? I make a comment about how the Modern version of Skype is a joke on the desktop, and I'm at fault for not using Linq?

Open standard filesystems don't belong on a closed proprietary system.

I never said they belonged on a proprietary system, although the functionality would be great and is something MS should consider. What my point was was that NTFS should get up to par with Linux filesystems, and it isn't.

But it's scalable - you can have a million records in there, and look-ups would be under 1 second! Also, think of the performance boosts when you run registry "cleaners".

Maybe the registry looks nice on paper, but in practice it's one of the most hellish monolithic parts of Windows, and /etc works just great and it's easy to find and edit things.


1) This a technical preview, not a production one

Oh wow, thanks. I didn't know that. It's still a bad move by Microsoft, and your argument is a totally moronic one as you're leaving out the argument over the precedent that Microsoft is setting. A typical response from a troll.

2) Windows Store cannot be removed but can be disabled (group policies) it if you like. Can you remove iOS store? or install software on a Chromebook outside Google control? It wasn't MS to start with stores...

You left out all the Linux desktops; of course you would mention iOS and Chromebook -- specific systems to support your very weak argument. Let's see: openSUSE? No app store backdoor. Debian? Nope -- not there either!

3) Those in the MS source code access program can access Windows source for inspection. You just need to qualify...

Oh wow! How do we all get in touch with them? Where is the website to sign up for this?

4) Again, it's a technical preview for testing - noone would use it for sensitive data. If you look for a free Windows, look elsewhere.

Refer to #1

5) Google, Apple, etc. had deliberately made difficult to operate without an account. MS is just following the trend. You need a RedHat account too, think....

Refer to #2

7) ZFS is a nice FS for storage servers, but it requires large amounts of memory to run. It's no the FS you would use on a client. EXT4 came with its shares of problems too (fsync(), anyone?). And your knowledge of NTFS looks very outdated - not that you know much about the others too but the acronyms.

So a troll is going to assume that my knowledge of filesystems is limited, when extensive research exists on the internet about how bad and slow NTFS is against Linux filesystems (including EXT4), yet you're just going to bury your head in the sand? I really feel sorry for you.

8) Windows registry is a nice facility as long as you use it as it should be used. It's not a kitchen sink dump for application written by developers without a clue about developing good applications. It's not so easy to corrupt the registry. Stop being afraid of binary files, it's so '70s... and if you like I can find plenty of blogs telling you why Linux sucks as well.

Stop being afraid of binary files? Are you fucking kidding me? The Windows registry is a total piece of shit and everybody knows it, and it's poorly implemented and insecure. I've made enough money in my career due to fixing registry problems. Thank you, Microsoft, for that opportunity.

9) Sure, blog.zorinaq.com is an authoritative source.

Looks pretty legit to me, and the dev even posted a follow-up because he thought he was too harsh. But of course, an ignorant person would believe in a conspiracy that the post was fake. Why don't you go watch some Alex Jones.

Really, if you dislike Windows so much stop reading articles about it and feel compelled to write why you dislike it so much. Partecipate in some system v against systemd discussion, you will be happier...

Do not tell me what or what not to read. If you read a Mormon bible and believe it, this doesn't mean I share your truth. Also, do not ever tell me what or what not to participate in. I will participate in what I feel I want to participate in -- and you don't even know if I like Windows or not. Maybe I do like it but I point out technical problems with it that are real. Either way, you do not get to know what is inside my head because my private thoughts are mine, not yours.

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I'm not real hot on Windows 10 Preview:

1. Backdoor exists in app store with unknown potential or functionality

2. Windows store cannot be removed; current incarnation is terrible

3. NT Kernel and system .dll source cannot be inspected to see if any malicious features present

4. Windows 10 records keystrokes and other data of the user and phones home to Microsoft; how long are they saving it? What it's actually doing isn't known because the source is closed

5. Microsoft has deliberately made it difficult for users of Windows 8 to operate the system in its default state without a Microsoft account, and the trend is continues with Windows 10

6. The default Skype app is a total joke on a desktop, I mean...c'mon.

7. NTFS filsystem is not competitve with ZFS, EXT4 or Btrfs, and fragments easily.

8. Windows registry is a binary mess where if something goes wrong in one part of it, the whole thing can get corrupted, and things can be permanently stuck in the registry requiring a complete reinstall: http://rwmj.wordpress.com/2010/02/18/why-the-windows-registry-sucks-technically/

9. Microsoft developers have leaked info that Windows, from a technical standpoint is losing against Linux: http://blog.zorinaq.com/?e=74

10. If one developer leaked info about how things work at Microsoft's HQ, how many other devs feel the same way yet are keeping their mouths shut because they need a paycheck?

ONE MILLION people already running Windows 10

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"My potential density is not a reason."

Your destiny has already been fulfilled: A troll that writes stupid comments nobody really cares about.


"What possible reason (other than that you don't like Microsoft) could there be for it to be a lie? Seriously, what possible reason?"

Are you really that dense? Wow. Do you not think that many of the people that down vote comments like mine are MS employees and people who's bread and butter is made off Microsoft software? I don't expect to be the most popular person here, and it goes with the territory!

I make lots of money, all because of Microsoft's shitty-ass crap software, but that doesn't mean I have to shut up and not talk about reality.


Re: Or a side door?

How can anyone be sure the Windows backdoor in the app store doesn't have functionality that you don't know about? Most people don't even know that Windows by default has the backdoor included, and it cannot be turned off.

Please, I would like to see proof that a Windows machine is safe from tampering by Microsoft or NSA. I'm waiting to see the source code.

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How do you know it's really 1 million using it? For all you know that figure is a lie.


I wonder if Windows 10 will include the universal back door (which exists in 8.x) as part of the Windows store, which has unknown functionality. It's not known if it's only limited to removing somebody's applications from the store or can be used to do other things. Microsoft should go ahead and release the source code to the NT kernel, and the rest of the bits of Windows. Obviously it doesn't have to be under the GPL.

Leaked Windows Phone 8.1 Update specs tease details of Nokia's next mobes


Re: "Leaks"

"ok then... so we are comparing two distintly separate operating systems here... desktop windows and windows phone? lets stay on target here... direct your ranting at the Phone OS"

The point was, which went over your head, that we cannot inspect the source code for WP, and it's coming from the same company that creates insecure desktop/enterprise OS's and shares kernel code.

"the registry in windows phone? I believe its there, but not used by third party software, applications hold their own configs - so its no different to all the config files that float around in Linux, except for the system all the data is stored in one place."

You believe it's there, or it not there? Pick one. And I am sure some apps use the registry, otherwise it wouldn't exist! And /etc is _not_ the same as the discombobulated registry! One flipped bit in the reg and a whole system can be brought to its knees, and here's proof of how much it sucks and how disorganized it is. The registry combined with Windows' insecurity is a double whammy! /etc is neatly organized by folders according to program, and you can just easily open up a config file and edit it yourself! The registry is like an entire office's paperwork all thrown onto one desk!


The point was, which went over your head again, that the registry was created by a company which does bad security; it was a total security no-no, and that same company did other security no-no's in Windows, therefore WP cannot be trusted because it's from the same company! Would you buy a vacuum cleaner from a store that sold broken vacuums? Come to think of it, based on your posts, you probably would!

"all the security issues that have been flagged up in windows phone? there are pages of android vulrabilities, compared to virtually no WinPhone ones..."

I haven't checked, but it's probably because barely anybody uses it and MS is keeping stuff quiet because they don't want the same bad wrap they get with Windows.

"I expect if you were to hand your phone and a windows 8 phone over to a bunch of people intent on creating mischief that your phone would be the one that would succumb to infiltration first...your open-ness and unlocked-ness is a perfect entry point to sideload software with full system level access..."

Passing my phone around? Seriously? Is that the best argument you can come up with? Please, go troll somebody at your own level.


Re: "Leaks"

"The point is that its much easier to go and find new holes when you have the source code. Especially if you have the resources / money. The vast majority of Open Source projects are 'underfunded' compared to commercial software."

Obviously if you had some credibility you would post under your real name, but you don't because you're wrong and weak. Security through obscurity was proven to not work a long time ago. Google Play is not part of Android; Google opens the source to Android after they release it and anybody can build anything out of it -- therefore, no kill switch. There's plenty of documentation about Windows' insecurity and security problems, starting with the Windows registry which is a huge point of failure. Your beloved Windows is an insecure platform that is an ad hoc mess that wasn't built from the ground up with security in mind. They attempted adding it later, and MS's idea of "security" is a dialogue box coming up that mindless users click without reading. As I said, crackers can be exploiting closed-source systems without I.T. administrators knowing about it, and nobody knows how many bugs are going unpatched because Microsoft cannot be trusted. The only true way to trust what a program is doing is to have the source available, and any true software engineer knows this. Why is it MS opens parts of the soruce up for government agencies? Can't they just trust everything that MS puts out without looking? Are non-government people not allowed to have the same desire? And even if MS allows a governmental agency to look at source, is it truly the source the agency thinks is the source in question? I'm sorry you don't understand security.



Re: "Leaks"

"Because Open Source worked so well to protect you from say Open SSL flaws for instance..."

Oh yeah, let's take one underfunded open source project and create a straw man argument, and fail to bring up a very recent huge IE vulnerability and others in Windows and other MS software that we don't even know about because the source is closed, not that a cracker doesn't know about it. Yes, I think that is a real compelling argument!

"According to the adverts, so does Android."

CyanogenMod does not have a kill switch; it's Google Play that has the kill switch.

"You can do that because your device and OS are inherrently insecure. You have to run bolt ons like Knox on top to even begin to approach the security model of Windows Phone."

No, the device is not inherently insecure. You don't have to have an unlocked bootloader; that's just my choice. This is senseless babbling by a Microsoft shill who will try everything in the book to prop up your favorite failing mobile platform.


Re: "Leaks"

No, I did not choose a "google phone". Try re-reading my post.



They're not leaks. It's a deliberate attempt at MS's marketing department to try to create buzz about a nonstarter. I'll pass on the closed-source code which cannot be inspected for backdoors which it most likely has, not to mention that MS tips off the NSA about flaws in Windows before they're patched so they can be exploited. To top it off, Windows has a kill switch which leverages an unjust amount of power of the user and it's MS who decides what will be on your phone or device, not you.

I use CyanogenMod on a rooted device with an unlocked bootloader; no backdoors, no kill switches, and fully customizable. And what's with the butt-ugly tiles? Get rid of the tile bullshit already; there's nothing special about displaying a 1990's font on a 16 color tile, and to boot, they're annoying and flash usless twats in the users face!

Microsoft reissues Windows 8.1 Update for enterprise customers


Re: Windows' Future in the Enterprise

They've ported the kernel to mobile, ARM tablet, and XBox so there must still be some expertise there.

You make a good point, and that point indicates that MS still has some extremely competent developers. What's unfortunate, is that these good developers who have the know-how get smothered by corporate politics and idiotic user interfaces. There is a post on the internet from a MS developer who wrote a rant about how messed up things are within Microsoft, and how many of the good developers left. I wonder how many other untold stories there are, from people inside the company who have something to say but won't.



Windows' Future in the Enterprise

Windows' intentional compatibility across decades of software makes it slower versus a comparable Linux system, along with the fact that NTFS does very poor with small files and fragments easily. Microsoft doesn't work on making the code for the NT kernel faster if it doesn't bring them more revenue, and this is one of the problems with their business model. Also, I've heard a lot of the good programmers have left Microsoft or retired. In the open source world, there's a concerted effort to make the code run as fast and efficiently as possible. Even though Windows (and Linux) wasn't built to be what it has become today, at least with Linux they make the effort to optimize the bits. Microsoft really needs to open source the Windows kernel, but I bet this would be a big embarrassment as they don't even understand what's going on anymore. It probably has been added to over and over again so much so, that it's one big cryptic mess. When you have transparency, some really good things can happen. When you hide everything behind closed doors, an "Embrace, extend and extinguish" philosophy, mixed with the intention of extracting the maximum amount of profit out of every person who uses your product, this type of business model only lasts so long. It's starting to fail now, as we have reached the tipping point.

When people had an opportunity to leave Microsoft for another platform, they went in droves to iOS and Android. The Linux desktop I believe will increase in market share as soon as more computers start coming from the factory with Linux pre-installed, and consumers are aware of the savings reaped from a free (as in beer) OS. Expect to see Microsoft do everything in their power to prevent this from happening -- although their old tried and true tactics aren't really working very well any longer. The future also remains untold now that support for XP has ended, which means that the Linux desktop will most likely get a market share bump. More governmental agencies will start shifting to Linux, as has been a trend in the news as of late. It just takes awareness for users to break out of the eternal prison that Microsoft wishes the world would stay in. This isn't the 90's any longer, and Microsoft is cleaving to old philosophies along with the hope that their feudalistic and totalitarian Windows store will be a big hit. On one hand I understand the goal to kill off the Win32 desktop, but the worries developers have creates a point of contention. For instance, many developers currently sell software without giving any cut to MS. Another major issue developers have is if their software gets blacklisted or completely locked out of the store due to some type of dispute. With Microsoft being the gatekeeper and by locking down Windows to a point where they own your machine and you don't, you cannot trust in the Windows store just because of their recent Herbalife brainwashing meeting featuring teleprompters.

I cannot see Windows 8.x being very suitable for the enterprise. I mean, for fuck's sake, you have to pay MS to buy a damn key to sideload software onto a computer. MS is incapable of getting a clue, and I recommend businesses and everybody else dump Windows and move to a platform which actually has a future.

Microsoft Research adds interactivity to Windows 8 Live Tiles


Dear Microsoft

Get a fucking clue. The Zune failed 100%, and that had a similar ugly and useless BS tile interface. The only people who appeared to like it were the paid shills who reviewed it. The whole tile thing that you're foisting on your shrinking customer base just shows how dumb you people truly are, and how out of touch with your customers you are.

Your OS's UI is complete shit on both a tablet and a desktop, and Windows 3.1 looks better than the repugnant crap that people with no eye for any type of art buy. Not only that, but you are locking down your OS in a feudalistic and totalitarian manner (let's not forget the included back door and SpyDrive integration) which is driving developers away. What you are doing is killing off your OS, not helping it. What a bunch of fools.


Re: Amazing

"Reminds me of the Harry Enfield's Notting Hill antiques dealer who owns the shop called "Modern Wank" where wealthy gullible idiots buy old recycled crap at extortionate prices."

Sounds like buying Apple products.


Re: Amazing

No matter how much lipstick MS slathers on the pig, I and others think live tiles are stupid, useless, and annoying. I will never use Windows 8.1, an OS with a known back door in it where MS can remove anything right off your PC if they don't want you to have something. Don't believe me? Look it up.


Windows 8.1 Update: Throws desktop drones a bone but still as TOUCHY as ever


Re: Windows 8 was built for one reason only

I think MS is going to eventually kill off Win32 in favor of RT-only applications. They are keeping silent about it, but how many times has the kleptocratic Microsoft been silent about something before killing off a technology? Windows is less expensive than it used to be and may be even less so in the future (free?), so MS is betting big on the store taking off. The problem is, I have to pay $100 to do what I want to do with _my_ machine to side load _my_ own application? Screw that! Many developers are resenting this, and the level of alienation is getting higher and higher by the day! These idiots are out of their minds. Comments written by paid shills on the internet don't make a valid case for what's happening in the world. The current mindset MS has isn't what made Windows flourish in the past, and I've talked to many developers that are shunning Windows because of this locked down nature. Microsoft is really truly clueless.

One Win 8 to rule them all: Microsoft talks up 'universal apps' for PCs, slabs and mobes


Build 2014 Was Depressing

Build 2014 was like a MLM brainwashing meeting. I thought 2013 was bad, but 2014 was awful. I watched a bit of the unenthusiastic and scripted shills read off teleprompters followed by the incessant claps of tepid sheep. After a few minutes I had all I could take. I can't believe people actually paid over two grand to attend this meeting, but hey, they all went home with a free Xbox One so they could be spied on. Now, that's an investment!

The focus was on Windows Phone 8.1, and very little on the desktop. Why focus on their desktop when it's a total feudalistic piece of shit? One of the problems with Phone 8.1 is that it's integrated with Bing, and nobody I know uses Bing. Another problem is that the user has a large amount of flexibility when it comes to Android devices in terms of installing a custom OS such as CyanogenMod. Not so with the locked down Windows phone. And don't even get me started on the infantilizing tiles. I don't understand the whole 4-bit color tile campaign that MS is stuck in. Everyone I know dislikes tiles; they think they're annoying and useless -- the way they're square, flat, and flash annoying shit in your face. That's what web browsers are for. 4-bit color tiles are fucking ugly on any device. Tiles are right up there with Zune and Active desktop. Microsoft should be very nervous. They are becoming an irrelvant company that's becoming more and more isolated from reality. History does indeed repeat itself.


Why can't this be done with the Windows desktop? Is Microsoft going to force people to wait for Windows 9 to do something as simple as this, that is, if they insist on continuing to foist tiles on desktop users?


Nothing's as SCARY as an overly aggressive SOFTWARE PIMP


Re: Boring Read

"I am thrilled at the prospect of looking through all of your previous comments to find out how you feel about Windows. It certainly won't be as boring as this article!"

The point was that I'm not a Microsoft shill, but apparently you missed that. Secondly, comparing comments I leave on here to someone attempting to do "journalism" is a really weak argument. Hopefully your next article won't be a cacophony of non sequitur ramblings.


Boring Read

This article never gets to a point. It switched around rapidly from topic to topic, opinion after opinion. What was the author on when he wrote it? I'm no Microsoft fan, but I found Windows 95 extremely usable. Look back at my previous comments if you're interested in how I feel about Windows. I was so excited when Windows 95 came out, and I thought it was great.

How about some professional journalism?

How Microsoft can keep Win XP alive – and WHY: A real-world example


Re: Re:Linux running most of the world's servers

"And now you're living in a dream world. Customers can whine and cry and stamp their feet all they like, but the options are "buy what exists or go out of business/don't start your business." You don't get a say in what is on offer. Developers don't give a fuck and customers have zero pull.

Life sucks and then some fish eat you."

All excellent points. People need to amp up the pressure for open source drivers.


Re: Re:Linux running most of the world's servers


If it were on a Linux machine to begin with, using open source drivers, nobody would have to worry about when MS's proprietary OS's stop being supported, therefore leaving the I.T. department to worry about security. Yes, an open source driver could be developed on Windows, but usually any type of driver development on Windows is closed source.

Your whole "sky is falling" outlook on a Linux driver developed for a CNC lathe is not a realistic outlook on the resulting outcome. With a very smart and talented developer and some serious testing, "1000lbs of hot metal spinning at 10K RPM come flying at them" is just a statement that apparently made sense to you at the time you typed it, but that is not a real world example. Drivers for CNC lathes should be open source, and should allow easy migration to new operating systems. Purchasers should demand this, to prevent vendor lock-in. But hey, if people want to be hooked up, ball and chain and all, to MS's proprietary model where they say what goes and what doesn't and dictate how you will use your machine, be my guest.


Re: Re:Linux running most of the world's servers

I didn't say to develop a driver for a CNC lathe in a day. Read the post before you respond.


Re: Re:Linux running most of the world's servers

A good developer could write a driver for a CNC lathe in a short period of time. Some devs have written a driver in a day. You make it sound like an impossibility.


Re: I hate shopping with a gun pointed at my head. Hello, it's you, Microsoft?

"Sorry, but Linux is not the solution. Linux is more like a possible answer in desperate need of an effective business model."

You are so off base with that comment -- you must be joking or just ignorant. Yeah, Linux running most of the world's servers is an OS desperately in search of an effective business model. That's why IBM invested $1 Billion into Linux just recently. They invested $1 Billion into Linux over a decade ago too. The Linux desktop is getting better and better all the time. Is it perfect? No. It's good enough for Google employees and the city of Munich (and me), however. I just severely quashed your entire post. Let me know when you wanna start living in reality.


Is this photo PROOF a Windows 7 Start Menu is coming back?


Re: MS missed a great April fools joke...

Too long; didn't really read. Just skimmed.

"P.S. I maybe retarded but I can still figure out how to use windows 8 quicker than some of you apparently."

Well good for you!

Think I'm going to skip reading the comments section on anything apple/android/Microsoft related.


"I don't really care. I was just bored. Figured I would write a story while I wait for my wife to finish shopping."

Your writings need improvement.



Microsoft is moving in a slow pattern of progressive improvements so Windows 9 will be the showstopper. If they did all the cool transparency stuff and a complete UI overhaul to 8.1 Update 1, Windows 9 wouldn't be that big of a deal in terms of being the attention getter. I think we all know that with MS's resources, they could have beautified Update 1 more than they did, and could have added back features which didn't make it over from Windows 7. It seems that Windows 9 could be a do or die moment for Microsoft. What this means, is that it needs to succeed in every way possible. It needs to conform and bend to everybody's standards, to prevent the potential caliginous and ambiguous fate that Windows faces. The ball is in Microsoft's court, and it's 100% obvious that they are moving in a direction of listening to customers better.

Linux and BSD have their own problems and shortcomings. Every OS has its strong and weak points, and when we focus on the weak spots, we hope those weak spots can only improve. With Windows 8.x, we didn't improve; we just went sideways. As someone once wrote: "It seems to me that Microsoft has always been a bit out of touch with their customers."

-Windows Registry needs to become deprecated; it's turned into a complete mess and I don't feel secure knowing it's there. http://rwmj.wordpress.com/2010/02/18/why-the-windows-registry-sucks-technically/

-The app store has a kill switch in it, and I don't agree with another company having remote control over my system. MS has purposefully been silent on this issue because of the obvious lack of popularity, and potential customer backlash if publicized widely. http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2012-02-17/the-kill-switch-comes-to-the-pc

-ReFS doesn't sound all that hot. Where's the competition with EXT4, Btrfs and ZFS? http://blog.zorinaq.com/?e=74

-Do not ask a myriad of personal information-related questions upon install. A user should put the DVD in, enter some very basic information, and the installer should go from A-Z without all the annoyances currently found in 8.x. Do not make it difficult for the user to get around creating a Microsoft account. We understand why this "feature" is there, but foisting only alienates.

-Better organization of system files. On a Linux system, libraries are neatly organized in their appropriate folders. On Windows, system files are scattered about.

-Allow the user to lock down Windows right out of the box just as Linux is, with a simple dialogue box. Passwords, no root access, etc.


Re: Third time's a charm?

Third time, and there's still charms.


Genius Idea

How many years of comments regarding UI complaints on the internet did it take for MS to conjure up this ugly concoction of a Start menu?



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