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New Brit Hubble analysis finds 2,000 billion galaxies, 10x previous count

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If you're in the UK, yes it's 2 trillion. Ever since the official adoption of the short scale in 1974.

Obviously some people can't accept this, much like they can't accept the death of Gordon in Khartoum.

Dutch cat skinner publishes critics' personal details

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Good art

I don't see a problem with it - I have a leather sofa, leather shoes etc. etc. so I can't really argue. I also don't really care if she killed it herself or not (I can't find anything saying either way).

Read about the same artist's 'Chicks Through A Shredder' experiment, where she was going to put 51 chicks through a shredder, until she was stopped and arrested. Terrible, you may think. How dare she.

But what about the 150,000 male chicks gassed or crushed to death every week? Who gives a shit about them? Ok, she's pretentious. She's probably a bit of a prick. But at least she's making people think.

Police told: Delete old criminal records

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Pork and Beef

Don't trust the police

No justice, no peace

They got me face down in the middle of the street

Pistol-whip me with they heat

Chicken shit, sizzling

Tryin' to serve me with the all-you-can-eat murder beef

I'm a young black heterosexual male

Don't drink, drank, don't smoke, don't sell

That's the real reason why they want me up in jail

They want me to fail

I resist and rebel.

A "Run Away From Police" day. . . make sure you're innocent of everything, but see a pig and run away immediately. Their small authoritarian mind will immediately think you're guilty, particularly if you're black or asian. Run for a while, then let them arrest you. Let's see how quickly they get bored :p Just don't do it near a tube station.

And two laws for us nowadays - off-duty pig kills mother in front of family - gets off with it. First thing he was worried about was losing his job - but no danger of that these days - see here http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/7511947.stm

He'll ride a desk for two years and be getting backslaps down the pub. We're just lucky that some of them find their way into the hills and don't come back.

Vista Business sales soar like leaping dachshund

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@ Anonymous Vulture

Not quite - Ubuntu and Vista both installed with the same ease. However, Vista then worked perfectly from the get-go, unlike Ubuntu, which after 14 hours of fiddling still wouldn't do what I wanted it to (quite simple things like connect wirelessly and produce sound)

Yes, I know you can blame Creative for not producing a Linux driver, but that's kind of the point. 90% of PC owners aren't even going to bother attempting to tailor Linux for their machine so that basic functions work. I gave it a fair go, and it didn't work - most people would just get rid of Linux within minutes.

Maybe I've been lucky with Vista, but everyone I know who uses it has nothing but praise from it, from my aged father (sorry dad) to the most outrageous geeks I've ever met. It just isn't as bad as people think it is, and it isn't quite as good as MS make it out to be. No amount of fingers in ears humming loudly by either side is going to change that fact.

Richard Jones

King Canute

I'd just like to make clear, from the get-go, that I'm not a Microsoft bummer. I own a Vista machine and a Mac, so I like to think I'm reasonably unbalanced.

But still, whenever there's a slightly gloating story about Vista, it amuses me to see the Linux/Open Source crowd crowing about, like the world is going to change tomorrow.

We'll skip over the millions of people who buy PCs and treat them as royalty - they get Vista on it, they never change. A lot of people wouldn't know how to change it. Fair play to them - I don't know how to change the drum of a washing machine.

But to bleat on about Linux is pointless - Linux is wack. Now, unless things like Ubuntu et al have changed madly in the last 6 months (the last time I installed a Linux version on my machine), then it's still wack.

I know what I'm doing with computers, but I installed Ubuntu. Straight off my wireless adaptor and my X-Fi wouldn't work. Driver issue - no problem, I thought. Hours of recompiling kernels later, with no joy, I got the hump and bought Vista, and it is fantastic. Everything works, regardless of what people say you can tone it down to be less intrusive, and unlike XP IT NEVER CRASHES. Maybe I've just been lucky.

Linux is suffering because it is still the preserve of the techno-dick. It isn't as supported as Vista, and it isn't as user friendly as either MacOS or Vista. Unless you live at your parent's house and wear a tinfoil hat, Linux is a curiosity, nothing more.

Also, people moaning about Vista advertising. I can honestly say I've never seen an advert for Vista. Where are they all?

Homer Simpson debuts in Oxford Dictionary of Modern Quotations

Richard Jones

Not Homer, but it could be, and I like it,

"Help me Jesus! Help me Jewish God! Help me Allah! AAAAAHHH! Help me Tom Cruise! Tom Cruise, use your witchcraft on me to get the fire off me!" - Ricky Bobby