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BlackBerry: Internet of Things! Smartwatches! Anything but the sound of a flushing toilet


Can We Get Over The Smart Ass Reporting?

Seriously, your style of writing in regards to BlackBerry is not only dull and thoughtless, but you're setting yourself up to look even more ridiculous when BlackBerry actually fully comes back in the near future.

Hate the BlackBerry Z10 and Passport? How about this dusty old flashback instead?


I've owned the new BlackBerry Passport for two weeks now. After two days of getting used to the new keyboard layout and technology, it is by far the best device I've had the privilege to own. Along with the BB10.3 operating system / BlackBerry Blend (software to perform all your device functions on a computer, Mac or tablet) / unmatched screen resolution, battery, touch sensitive physical keyboard that performs as a track pad etc.....etc...everything else seems outdated to me now.

Vulture takes BlackBerry's Passport through customs


Many critics are starting to realize how much potential BB10 has. It has matured so fast and BlackBerry claims it's just the beginning. Getting my Passport tomorrow. Thanks for the review.

Will It Blend? Maybe. BlackBerry’s secret comeback weapon


Blackberry Blend will be cross platform and will be something everyone will want at their work or home desk. Just think how many times you have to pick up your phone a day? Now you can send or receive Email, Text, BBM, Calendar etc easily on a big screen. This will include Android, Apple, Windows and BlackBerry. Game changer, yes.


Re: Really, good looking???

The incentive? For one, BB10 is just starting to win awards for best operating system. For such a young O.P, that's incredible. When Mr. Chen said BlackBerry is a niche player, that's just a way to take the pressure off while they regroup. Look for BlackBerry to gain ground soon. I realize from the press, that sounds far fetched, but it's not in the tech world. Things can change on a dime.

BlackBerry claims ugly duckling Passport mobe is a swan in the offing


Fact Check

This device does actually fit in your pocket.

It is actually a dream to type on.

It is actually comfortable in your hands.

(This is from two people who got to try the Passport out for a few hours after John Chen presented the Passport at the last earnings call)

Myself, I believe this is stunning. The world first phablet with a touch sensitive keyboard. Along with the high end specs, 10.3 out of the gate, endless possibilities, I'd bet anything BlackBerry has a winner on its hands.

BlackBerry's Passport will be the WEIRDEST mobe of 2014



Mark my words - The new Blackberry Passport will be a huge success. Enough Said.

Would you work for BlackBerry boss Chen? He says his biz has 50:50 chance of success


Mr Chen's Words

Mr. Chen was asked, " What are the chances of becoming more than a niche player?" I take that as he has high expectations that they will at least get that far. BMW is a niche player and they do very well.


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