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Chinese boffins: We're testing an 'impossible' EM Drive IN SPAAAACE

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Re: It works this way:

ok, yes, I see,

But then why does light bend around sharp objects?

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Re: It works this way:

Tell me why its wrong?

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It works this way:

The other end of the cavity is narrower, thus the speed of microwave photons is slower there. The photons kick that side of the cavity less than the wider side.

Bash on Windows. Repeat, Microsoft demos Bash on Windows

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SystemD perspective

So Microsoft is creeping closer to Linux. Keeping in mind their EEE -method of suffocating, I wonder, is there any way SystemD could be used as a tool to pave the way towards windows running on top of the Linux kernel, and alongside destroy Linux with incompatibility problems.

I conceive Lennart P. is on Microsoft payroll.

Boffins' 5D laser-based storage tech could keep terabytes forever

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Re: Glass is a super cooled liquid...

Medieval glass windows are thicker at the lower end for a particular reason.

As the glass is thicker at the lower end it acts a little bit like a prism; it changes the angle of the incoming ray of the sun in such a way that the ray of light can reach farther inside the church.

Illumination is the reason. 8/

How to help a user who can't find the Start button or the keyboard?

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A lightbulb moment

I once was helping a elderly gentleman set up his computer. Things were difficult for him but I was patient.

Finally he sighed a relief and said that now he understood this.

I smiled and was really happy for him and also happy about myself teaching something useful.

But alas, what he said then: "Now I understand! Those squares at the screen are not actually there, they are only images of squares."

Well, he was correct on that one.

Boffins: We know what KILLED the DINOS – and it wasn't just an asteroid

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Gigantic asteroid slams cause gigantic volcanism

I propose, that when a big meteor hits hits earth and causes a major crater, that creates schokwaves that propagate throgh earth and focus at the other side. The power focused at the other side of the planet causes major local volcanism and magma upheaval.

You see, that the Deccan traps are just at the opposite side of the earth than the meteorite hit spot on the Yacatan peninsula.

Also, when you look at planet Mars, there is this peculiar point of ancient volcanism, Olympons mons, the biggest volcano of the solar system, created by upwelled magma. Just at the exact other side of the planet Mars is a huge impact site, that has clearly penetrated the crust of the planet in distant past.

Big impacts cause big volcanism at the other side of the planet. Please sperad the word.

Get whimsical and win a Western Digital Black 6TB hard drive

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It these things keep developing, we will not be the only primate species to become extinct.

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Beyond a certain point outsourcing just is not reasonable.

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A rainbow needs the color brown.

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Caption #57

At Grauniad Soulmates: "I am a woman looking for an out-doorly-kind-of-guy who walks his own path. A muscular habitus and a fit look a must have". A match made in heaven.

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Caption again

But how do I include anything more than myself into a selfie?

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Boffinry succeeded in changing the interface of the user.

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Another caption

Boobs? I just don't get it.

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Caption #4

... and that was the day when zoos became a boring place to visit.

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Caption #3:

A custom kernel !

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Caption #2:

I should have kept dating Lucy back then...

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Favorite pass time at the Ecuadorian embassy zoo.

'Sunspots drive climate change' theory is result of ancient error

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Current temperature maximum is weak

There has been 3 temperature maximums in the past 2000 years.

One 2000 years ago, second 1000 years ago and the third is now.

The current maximum is the coldest of the three.

In Roman times they used to cultivate olives and graped norther than now. Mountain passways in Alps were also passable, that are now frozen and unpassable.

1000 years ago vikings grew barley. Barley grains still attached to stems have been found from greenland.

Sunspot data may be doubtful but we still live in a temperature maximum, a sunspot maximum, and our temperature maximum is apparently the weakest maximum in 2000 years.

'I've got a brick feeling about this' - El Reg's guide to the best Lego films + TV

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How about this!

Fan made lego Kastlevania IV movie, total duration over 2 hours.


Dub pioneer Rupie Edwards' Ire Feelings – 40 years on

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Re: "The first real musical fusion of technology"

Remember that Bach guy fiddling with his analogic organ.

Ancient Brits 'set wealthy man's FANCY CHARIOT on FIRE' – boffins

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Re: When archeologists aren't quite sure

I totally agree with your theory about Ts, As and big erectile Ps in stone age mens rooms.

The same goes for the FAT "Venus" statues.

Imagine a stone age community. In the community there is this big girl that enjoys an appetite worth three adult men and her appetite is a small embarrasment to the whole community.

For me it seems much more convincing that the community potter has made the clay Venuses for a secret amusement to the stone age garage, mentioned above.

Antarctic ice at all time high: We have more to learn, says boffin

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The explanation to Antarctis ice by Joe Bastardi

Pier Gosselin expains his awe:


And here you can watch Joe Bastardi's original explanation


The reason behind excess ice seems to be some sort of oceanic oscillation.


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Why bother reporting this?

Because it is a US company, it must be exceptional?

If it was a Nigerian company, would the Reg report?

Take a closer look at EmDrive. It is worth the effort.

Gigantic toothless 'DRAGONS' dominated Earth's early skies

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Re: No teeth = excellent flyer

"Crocodiles can't pick their teeth, and yet they have existed in one form or another for quite a while. I think this theory is lacking credibility." /yesnomaybe

But crocodiles have viscosity/volume of water to get hold of big chunks + they use birds help to clean their teeth.

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No teeth = excellent flyer

I think losing teeth means it has evolved into a fully professional flyer.

Birds do not have fingers/claws in their arms, so they can not scrape residual food or bigger chunks from between their teeth. Therefore they evolve into a teethless species. The same goes for snakes. No hands, therefore no teeth (except those poisonous ones).

Remember the small hands of T. rex? What use were they for? Surely not for bullying or any other high force endeavours. I say those were for its teeth, to help it clean the teeth and take off those pieces of meat that stuck..

Google TOO WHITE and MALE, says HR boss, looking in mirror

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is this a good or a bad thing?

It is not easy to be a white male in the world of today.

When young, they are ridiculed and shunned for being nerdy, spending their time on computers or on matters technical.

When older, they are blamed for oppressing others by spending their time on computers and benefiting from being technical.

Conclusion 1: Seems you cant win.

Conclusion 2: Who are the ones who choose which one of the above mentioned is being used against white males, begs to be asked.

I aim not to be pathetic, but seems I cant help myself :)

Can you tell a man's intelligence simply by looking at him? Yes

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From a girly perspective, blunter chaps are easier to steer to a wanted direction and to perform a desired task. Equals a nice and happy relationship.

Microsoft to get in XP users' faces with one last warning

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Re: so... friends and relatives...

I have helped friends and relatives move from XP to Linux Mint 13 Cinnamon. Mint has changed their sluggish and slow XPs to snappy sleek looking machines. All of them have liked the change, and the grandmother generation seems to love Cinnamon. A little advice here and there, and thats about it.

The only negative side is one Canon printer that refused co-operation.

You do not need to spend an extra dime to turn those "old" XP desktops/laptops to good looking, reasonably fast and easy to maintain Mint machines.