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Dinosaurs derail desalination drive Down under


Why not try CETO

http://www.ceto.com.au/home.php - they are trialing it at the moment. Typically the Oz Govt and state Govts dont want to know about it. It produces electricity and fresh water in variable percentages of each, so during the day use it to produce sufficient electricity to meet the demand (supplementing solar,wind etc generation) and produce mostly water, at night produce electricity until the load drops and then go back to water production. By the sound of it, the only thing you see on land is a pump house, a generator house , water pipes (unless underground) and transmission lines (which also could be underground). You get water and power without greenhouse gases.

Man uses tank in phone mast flattening rampage


Daniel re An APC

The owner got the APC from the British Army.

http://ninemsn.video.msn.com/v/en-au/v.htm?g=653fc979-f4f0-4a1f-9126-94b6f4e0dcb9&f=39&fg=copy You will have to load the page using IE6 or the IE rendering engine in FF. You will probably have to sit through an ad as well before the story. The story ran about a week before it was stolen for the joyride.