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Search, done. Ads, done. What next for Google? Domain registration


Wait until you try to move the domain name……


yep… and who actually owns the domain name… not you

POND SCUM shine a path to more efficient solar cells


Re: Evolution works

Simple pattern matching.

Crooks use Synology NAS boxen to mine Dogecoin, yells Dell


You would have to be fairly stupid to connect a NAS with direct access to the internet anyway.

Mine is on a private network, but for updates I pop in a USB WiFi dongle, which is then routed to the internet.

US spanks phone-jamming vendor with $34.9 MEEELLION fine


Re: China: Figures

Have you not heard of Chinese medicine and acupuncture?

Just because one stupid Chinese company wants to do this , is not reason to blame everyone else,but chances are, it will be a couple of kids running an illegal company.

DON’T add me to your social network, I have NO IDEA who you are


It's not rocket science, just a simple fishing expedition

It is a way for them to gain access to your contacts and personal information.

Which they then traverse to extend their network before selling the info.

Just don't fall for it….

Bored yet? Now there's ANOTHER OpenSSL fork – it's from Google


Making a bad situation 'better' with silly names and multiple forks of an already broken project.

Just throw it away and start from scratch…..

Good god, where will the new storage experts come from?


More like where will the data go

The real issue with all this, is that these cloud companies are legally obliged to open up their systems to the first warrant that comes along.

I recently had a letter from HSBC saying that the USA government had demanded they release all details so as the US could identify US citizens holding funds abroad.

I have never been American, I have never lived in America, none of my ancestors were American

As a British citizen WHY must I be bound by US law, why must I turn over identity documents for the US government for money that is not even on US soil with a non-US bank?

Anyone who thinks it is good business to store details in cloud storage really need their heads tested.

Everyone can and should learn to code? RUBBISH, says Torvalds


Torvalds is just living up to his reputation of a 'bad boy' attention seeker, once they teach everyone to code it will help to propagate the argument that has been the issue for the last 50 years., that issue is the lack of formal control plus educational qualifications for programmers. ( no Microsoft certificates do not count…)

Programming has rapidly become the bolt hole for complete tossers to throw code together and claim they are somehow special because they are 'artistic'.(hence the silly beards and hiking boots many programmers feel the need to indulge in)

Only they can manage to grasp such highly complex abstract themes and ideas encompassed by programming a computer, the reality is completely the opposite.

In the 80's I was charged with teaching educationally abnormal students 'basic' and they could manage to grasp the 'aptitude' just fine… yep granted it was not 'Facebook'/'google' but it was the 80's.

We only have to look at some of the systems and code that are supporting highly critical infrastructure to see the result of this 'artistic' thinking(banking,medicine,internet….)

Seriously there is a need for him to grow up and start doing a bit more 'charity' work.

I am NOT a PC repair man. I will NOT get your iPad working


Re: Took ages to convince my parents...

Yep ,

I just make shit up….,( my bank still thinks I'm an airline pilot)

Because otherwise you end up being told that their little Jonny is such a genius with computers and he did not even need to spend as many years studying electronics and computer science as us 'old timers', not to mention he is a genius programmer…..

You can bet little jonny's code looks like he suffered from some sort of norovirus whilst writing it.

How Bitcoin could become a super-sized Wayback Machine


A stupid idea…

Taking the internet infrastructure and dragging it down to hell by needlessly replicating data into totally insecure subsystems and paying people a pittance to do it.

Deploy a fake Bitcoin wallet to save your own


Seems unlikely this would work, unless you had in place monitoring equipment on the internet connection, but that could be circumvented by a little bit of rot13 or xoring

Glassholes beware: This guy's got your number


The issue with all this…. is that whilst google 'blocks' faces and registrations on maps, it still has the un altered data available for them to be able to profile ALL the faces, and by default so does the NSA.

US bloke raises $250k to build robo-masturbation device


Yep right…….

Just stick your todger into this mains powered device with industrial motors…….

What could possibly go wrong…..

Xamarin: Design an app for Windows, iOS and Android ... from one codebase?


Ah…..h.h.h.h.hh.h.h … visual foxpro is back……

The hoarder's dilemma: 'Why can't I throw anything away?'


Put it in a black plastic bag, if you don't open the bag in 2 years , throw it away.

You will never know what you missed.

Now what should I do with my palm pilot…..

After the cyberpunks, prepare to fight a new wave of nasties


Mt GOX was NOT robbed by external parties , there appears to be clear evidence the scumbag in charge did the dirty and was using customer funds for running the business as well as other out of pocket expenses.

Windows XP fixes flaws for free if you turn PCs into CASH REGISTERS


Re: Personally I think

Using this logic, my house alarm that was fitted 10 years ago would need to be replaced for free due to the progress made in electronic hacking systems


worked for me

Boffin fights fire with EXPLOSIVES instead of water


Re: Hang on...


To cap a well head you have to CLEAR all the crap away, otherwise the hot metal re-ignites the oil.

1. clear crap away

2. Implosive blast to snuff fire.

3. add in a well capping valve.

Brits to vote: Which pressing scientific challenge should get £10m thrown at it?


The sad thing about this is that they used the Longitude Prize as an example of something 'special'

If you actually go and look into the story, you will see it was a complete F* fest of 'self interest' groups attempting to force a specific solution onto the Navy.

The only viable long term solution was deliberately hindered at each stage, poor John Harrison spent his whole life on it mainly because of this hindrance, and they STILL shafted him out of the prize.

Bitcoin blockchain allegedly infected by ancient 'Stoned' virus


It is a proof of concept..

Cloud computing is FAIL and here’s why


All part of them 'controlling' piracy…..

Altium are heading that way, Microsoft with office 360 ( the number of days it does not work cheekily encoded in the name)

Rather Ironic, when pirate software costs them money they cry, but when they fail causing tens of millions in lost productivity all over the world , then its "go read the licensing terms and swivel on this"

Boffins run iOS apps on Android hardware


Well since the recent court case where API's can be copyright, surely this app must need to 'emulate' the IOS API for some of the calls.

game over……

Oracle buys desktop software virtualiser GreenBytes


Yep… except they stopped development on the osx version nearly a YEAR ago.

Kept saying there was going to be an update soon…..

won't even work in 10.9. last update Sept 2012

Urinating teen polluted 57 Olympic-sized swimming pools - cops


Re: Urine is sterile

Potassium Cyanide can also be 'sterile' , but by your reasoning it would also be safe to 'drink'

The quid-a-day nosh challenge: Anyone fancy this fungus I found?


You have to be a bit careful with 'puffball' fungus, whilst it is not poisonous directly, excessive consumption can result in a toxic reaction.

Used to collect them as kids, on a good day you could find pure white 24" specimens.

Now in HK. bananas and tarro grow wild, that and 4 foot catfish living in the sewers.

Greenwald alleges NSA tampers with routers to plant backdoors


Then you really are stupid, I have worked at low level Chinese companies.

I have examples of USB sticks produced in factories that have malware installed, I have seen tablets come off the production lines with 'stuff' an engineer has shoved inside the SW.

Hey, does your Smart TV have a mic? Enjoy your surveillance, bro


There is 'all sorts' on the memory images of these devices from china…….

and yes there are microphones on many of the PCB's, absolutely the BEST hacking devices.

1. wireless

2. Blue tooth

3. NFC

4. microphone

5. linux

6. Cheap.

Just 'secrete' the device in a bar or other establishment and off you go.

$3.2bn Apple deal would make hip-hop mogul Dr Dre a BEEELLLIONAIRE



You would have to be fairly thick to think that 're-tooling' costs are 'absorbed' by the manufacturers.

That would be like being able to print money for nothing.

Next up… apple DO manufacture, and because it is Apple, then it is not going to be on a Supplier-responsibility list is it?… because it would be a sub-division.

you appear to have a very limited outlook of what is encompassed by the term 'manufacturing'

Oracle vs Google redux: Appeals court says APIs CAN TOO be copyrighted



This does not bode well for the 'open source' Java.

It basically means that all the different versions of DOS are also illegal, because they all implement a common access point which is the public API.

It also means that no API's can be duplicated unless the copyright owner gives explicit permission, Also that all the software using existing API's of existing products must be totally written.

Congratulations on stagnating the American software industry.

Hey, Samsung: Why so shy about your 960GB flash drive's endurance?


die fast

Problem that these manufacturers don't tell you, that not only do these Nand flash devices have poor re-write counts, but also that even IF you put the data in, it cannot remain in the same area of the device for too long, it MUST be re-written or you will loose the data.

There are masses of scientific papers available with information on data disruption/corruption caused when nearby areas are written, Quite shockingly 500 times is not the lowest.

There are 'NDA' documents from major nand-flash manufacturers stating Re-write as low as 300-400 times even for devices that have been used for currently available product and USB pluggable devices.

There is a 'code' letter included in the top of the Nand-flash chip packaging that specifies the capability, but as stated the reference documents are NDA, even worse many times you will get product that states the devices are from a given manufacturer, but actually the Nand-flash dies are NOT from the same supplier, they have been re-branded or re-packaged at the die level…..

Again this data is NDA


Re: Beyond a joke.

Problem is.. the failure mode is not gradual with nand-flash it will go suddenly and if the area that goes is a structure control area, you will NEVER get your data back…this is because the storage algorithms are proprietary as are the chip spanning algorithms, in some cases even the manufacturer does not know where the data will be stored across multiple chips, because it is based around each chips individual failure pattern…

Teen girl arrested with 70-year-old man's four inch weapon inside her



Makes one wonder why the hell they bother with those bloody handbags….

MtGox chief Karpelès refuses to come to US for g-men's grilling


He has just been REMOVED from the control of MTgox equipment by the Japanese courts.

They have appointed an official receiver, which means no more 'funny business' with magically re-appearing/disappearing bitcoins.

Reg tries out Google's Chromecast: Yep, we even tested smut sites


Just looking at that PSU… there could be a serious issue.

Can someone setup the crappy chromecast thing then put a multitester set to 700vac between the metal HDMI gold case and an earthed computer case?

MtGox boss vows to keep going despite $429 MILLION Bitcoin 'theft'



ER No……..

Simply put, he is 'claiming' that a shit load of money has gone missing

All BTC into and out of gox is tracked by the block-chain, so… if he is calming that the money was taken out.. let's see the relevant transactions and addresses.

There can be NO valid transaction unless it appears in the block chain.

let us also be clear that this is gox'es fault because transactions are ONLY valid if they appear in the block chain, the point has clearly been made many times that certain transaction fields can be altered prior to that to assist in the block being closed out and entering the block chain.



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