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Martha Lane Fox: Yeuch! The Internet is made by men?!?


It is disgusting…..

All those '1' and '0' being ejeculated from the ends of cables and inseminating those RJ45 sockets.

Hello, Ello. Still no ads and no features to sell. What do? Bag $5.5m


It is bolox…

All it will require is a buy out, since they have not specifically written this in their T&C

So a quick buyout and all that highly valuable data will be slurped.

FTDI yanks chip-bricking driver from Windows Update, vows to fight on


Re: @Donald Becker

Problem is , that until now the customers did not know they had been sold a Duck….

Really FTDI should just have disabled the driver after all they would be within their right, then force the USB consortium to deal with the stolen PID.

I would expect a lot of EBAY customers being ready to make claims against EBAY and PP once these new drivers get established.

Zuckerberg bombshell: Man married to Chinese woman speaks Chinese in China


Re: Is Old English The Only Real English?

"I don't know who told you otherwise but Simplified Chinese is real Mandarin."

ER…. no.

Simplified was introduced by Mao in the 50's to try and raise the level of education of the Chinese masses ( also to deny the people the ability to read past documents).

He claimed to have produced the form himself. ( are you saying that Chinese did not start writing 'real Chinese until the 50's?….. hint it is called Mandarin for a reason….)

Prior to that traditional characters were used, and if you go to Taiwan and say such things you would be punched in the face.

The true 'written form' has evolved over thousands of years, eventually stabilizing in about the 4-5 Century and were the central form used by the Emperors courts of China.


Re: Chinese


"Chicken & Duck speaking" is a rough equivalent, they say it is not used in Mandarin only Cantonese, but that is not correct, over the last 20 years there has been a merging of such terms.

It can cause all sorts of confusion in a brothel. ;-)

( Chicken =female prostitute, Duck = male prostitute)

Go check out the Hong Kong films based around his term, there are some very funny ones.


Re: Is Old English The Only Real English?


There are just too many homographs in Chinese, any westernized system of representing the words, ends up messing you up, even just looking at the Chinese whilst learning the words is enough to prompt the correct usage.

But then all those so called experts would not be raking in millions from the various published systems.

But Traditional & Simplified do not have the same meaning( even for the same character groups) it is not always a 1:1 substitution.


Re: "So, kids, keep on learning those verb conjugations "

Or indeed animate objects.

He, she & it are all the same


Re: difficult to master?

Yep Exposing yourself and practice , solves many of life's problems.

The 'fun-nification' of computer education – good idea?


My absolute hatred of maths has nothing to do with the Iranian teacher I used to have ,slaps around the head, Blacks at the back and SMP ( Scottish matriculation program) whilst he went to chat up the English teacher next class room down.

Whisper tracks its users. So we tracked down its LA office. This is what happened next


Might be a CIA front….

Torvalds CONFESSES: 'I'm pretty good at alienating devs'


Re: Development

" the Django project changed their documentation on database replication to remove the terms "master server" and "slave server"."

Which is the kind of politically correct shit that just needs to be told to 'fuck off'.

Are we to change all the terms in electronics as well?

Can we no longer have SPI or I2c master & slave devices


Re: Eric Raymond's (in)famous quote

Some people think everything is about them and to them it is the same,

Because they have spent a good amount of time mentally justifying their contribution that it becomes part of them.

And attack on the idea is an attack on them directly, after all nearly every one wants to be recognized a genius.

Something ate Google's at about eight in Asia's evening


Re: Rose tinting?

They would not use it like that………

More along the lines of… lets take every DNS request from Texas and run an analysis on the number of Gay cowboy sites that are hit.


Re: There's nothing wrong with using for DNS...

there is EVERYTHING wrong with &

It identifies:

1. The network/ computer requesting a DNS lookup

2. The target.

3. with a little bit of work, it allows cookies & facebook redirects to identify individual users traffic & interests, especially if the target is using google analitics.

4. If something were to go wrong, every DNS lookup could be directed to a single location, without the safety of a randomizing selection of alternative DNS servers.

NetWare sales revive in China thanks to that man Snowden


Groupwise was a complete abortion, then they added direct connection to the internet via an SMTP NLM , which blew a massive hole in the Netware security.( you could leverage text messages to send commands to the groupwise system)

Not only did the SMTP module have ZERO security, it allowed the free relaying of any messages sent to it, from ANYWHERE on the internet to anywhere.

Almost the biggest waste of money our company invested in computer systems.

don't even get me started about 'arcserve' or even 'faxserve'

Xiaomi boss snaps back at Jony Ive's iPhone rival 'theft' swipe


Ive's has got quite a cheek, over the decades Apple has also 'stolen' a number of ideas, certainly on the software front.

Oh and Ive's your new tubular Mac pro is SHITE.

You need to get out of the lab and go visit Dyson to see what great vacuum cleaners many of your products make, go do some research on how quickly your new products jam up with fluff and high speed impacted dust particles, just because air flows quickly does NOT always make it a good thing.

Be Your Own Big Brother: Peeking at pussy


Don't forget to secure your camera, otherwise you pussy will be on show to the world…..

To Russia With Love: Snowden's pole-dancer girlfriend is living with him in Moscow


You know,,,,

There is absolutely NO indication it is a woman's crotch, it is only your limited mind that considers it as such, it could have very well been some lady boy from Thailand flashing his man in a boat.

'Bill Gates swallowing bike on a beach' is ideal password say boffins


Re: Just use 1Password

And the password you are going to secure all your other passwords with?

Perhaps you could keep it in another copy of 1password?

FLASH drive ... Ah-aaaaaah! BadUSB no saviour to plug and play Universe


That will not always work, back in ~2008 I already had working systems for subversion of nand flash device processors ( It was a possible thesis, but that genie was better off kept in the bottle)

I can say that in the last 6 years I have had plenty of time to think up all sorts of interesting attack vectors, not least of which is the possibility to get into a situation where you can use external USB devices for communications.

So say have a subverted device, then that uses USB wireless & network dongles to completely bypass the security on the computer. by having the flash device act as the USB master, the big issue of course has been the damned fact that there was only one master on the USB tree and the rest were slave devices and as such many chipsets were only capable of being slaves, however since USB 3.1 there is the facility for any device to now be the controller.

Some of these chip sets actually have the facility to store the code in the Nand flash chip , it is a simple matter to just mass program the NF chip before soldering onto the PCB, or indeed just top hat the NF chip.( just in case the ASIC/ silicon rom mask was messed up, there is bypass functionality to save the silicon)

All this is before we even consider that many of the wireless adaptors are also based around 8051 or arm embedded chips…. ( take a look at the CSR stuff)

'In... 15 feet... you will be HIT BY A TRAIN' Google patents the SPLAT-NAV


So if this actually works, then it should be able to reliably predict the winning loto ball numbers.

OMG! With nothing but machine tools, steel and parts you can make a GUN!!


Re: Oh dear gawd

If you are such an expert on China manufacturers , you would KNOW where to get a 10k mill, certainly in China.

You dirty RAT! Hong Kong protesters infected by iOS, Android spyware


Re: @AC faking certificates

Yep it is why pre 97 the trunk routers were moved from HK to Singapore, because people did not want a master trunk running via a communist controlled country.


I don't think it is……

I've been playing about and in the last few months, a cloudflare system seems to have been 'inserted' into the traffic, every so often you can get it to trigger an error condition then it kicks you over to a 'dummy' site does not exist let us make a suggestion for you via this HK based service.

But so far it does not seem to be site specific and it's usually early Sunday mornings.

One Windows? How does that work... and WTF is a Universal App?


Microsoft releases the latest tool for proctologists,

Stuff everything in one hole then expose it to the world.

Microsoft WINDOWS 10: Seven ATE Nine. Or Eight did really


Wow we can call it OS X… Ah… no we cannot.

Hong Kong protest puts mesh nets to the test in state censorship smash


Even the Daily TV news is not censored, plus we have several Live feeds of the protests on various channels.

The only problem is a number of scumbags who keep appearing on various live TV feeds, trying to incite the crowd.

The police were very clear that if the protests turned violent then they would pepper spray/tear gas any areas, plus if you read Chinese you will see the police deploying warning signs that they are about to deploy UNLESS the rioters calm down.

People talk like it was a big surprise….. but you will notice from DAY1 there were a contingent in the crowd with Cling-film and safety goggles, plus full bio face masks of the same make as the police.

They had every intention of goading the police into deploying tear gas ,because it looks good, no one wants to watch 'suppression of the people' if there is not active 'suppression'

The keyword is peaceful protest, but once scumbags start smashing up doors and trashing government buildings or throwing crowd control gates at police, then they deserve everything they get.

Several of these scumbags already have criminal records for physical abuse and destruction of property.

WHY did Sunday Mirror stoop to slurping selfies for smut sting?


If it had been a love nest on expenses, then it would have been a story

This is just some dodgy old geezer who gets his todger out in an attempt to impress a young filly, unfortunately the Certificates of 'fitness and blood line' are all fakes.


Re: I for one

Thats what comes of being a Crumpet toast rack at private school

Flaming drone batteries ground commercial flight before takeoff


So no dildo's then……. Either in the passenger list or the cargo.

Oracle SHELLSHOCKER - data titan lists unpatchables


If you ever used oracle products you will know customers get updates via the patch server and technet system.

That is if you paid for the software and did not steal it.

How the FLAC do I tell MP3s from lossless audio?


If any of this bollox was actually true, they you would not get a headache and a strange tinitus in your ears when listening to 'lossy' recordings that are supposed to be 'CD' quality

What the HEC? Microsoft resurrects its hardware engineering event – in CHINA


More like MS are expecting the people in Shenzhen to produce tons of products based around their crappy products.

Why pay for a development team when you can get the open-source people to do it for free.

Epiphany hits Raspberry Pi founders, users


Problem is the number of sockets the Network chip can handle at any given time

Let it go, Steve: Ballmer bans iPads from his LA Clippers b-ball team


Shows what a complete idiot he is.

It should be about using the best tools for the job, that is to say he should be analyzing the best kit for his team and if it is windows , then fine if it is not then that is also fine.

This sort of stupid corporate mentality is what I have had to continually deal with.

Back in the 80's it was "only directors are allowed colour screens" ( colour being 'green')

Then "only directors are allowed windows 95"

Then "only directors are allowed portables"

Sorry the director of computing says we will not use a professional database for our $300,000,000 turnover company, because he does not like oracle products, flat files are more than adequate for our 40,000 product lines…

FTC nails pin in Bitcoin mining rig maker Butterfly Labs


BFL = lying scumbags, they flatly refused to refund my money and were nearly 1 year late with the shit they shipped in the end.

Mind you their CEO was a convicted fellon and money launderer, who operated the business with the full backing of the parole officer, despite it being a criminal offense for him to hold the position he did.

Oh God the RUBBER on my SHAFT has gone wrong and is STICKING to things


Mostly occurs to cheap crap from China.

Seems someone discovered you could use really cheap crap materials if only you increased the Plasticizer in them.

Shame most of these chemicals are known carcinogens

Gigantic bazaar Alibaba WILL turn share price up to 11, er, $68 for biggest IPO ever in US


Re: It may not be worth more than Amazon

It's not worth anything

Go read WHY it was refused a listing on the HK stock market, then go read what 'Minsheng Bank' did to understand the dangers of 'investing' in Chinese companies

Home Depot: 56 million bank cards pwned by malware in our tills


I was recently in Shenzhen in one of the 'dark' buildings

Sat in a room were a bunch of guys around the biggest pile of 'POS' card readers I've seen in a long time ,stripping off the cases and re-programming the firmware

They also had new packaging materials for them

The problem is most MIS departments buy hardware, but have no policy for auditing it, after all how many 'tech' guys actually have the ability to reverse engineer and check such equipment

Spies would need superpowers to tap undersea cables


Re: Power

ER no the 10 KV is due to transmission lengths, the current would be low, mind you using DC is just stupid,since it makes step-down more difficult

A car battery requires 'big' jumper leads, because it pulls about 600 Amps @12v when it turns the engine over, that's one hell of a big chunk of metal and torque to rotate


Yep it seems unfeasible, but you would not do it that way anyway

A splice 'might' be made the SAME way they currently REPAIR cable

Drag it to the surface onto a boat

Synology bakes word processor, groupware, into its NAS OS


They should sort out the security issues and file system trashing on ISCSI under OSX before dressing up a NAS as a wordprocessor

Boffins: Behold the SILICON CHEAPNESS of our tiny, radio-signal-munching IoT sensor


Re: Everything except ...

Yep since it is so small you can go for the ' security due to obscurity'

Enigmail PGP plugin forgets to encrypt mail sent as blind copies


Re: ... if one wants to 'Hide BCC recipients' ...

It depends……..

some Shitty clients send a single email to a server, which then takes the BCC list strips it and sends a separate email to each user, with the BCC blank… but some have bugs…….

a GOOD email client, sends separate emails to the server with NO reference to each other, so even the server does not get to know the BCC list. ( yep if you have a BCC of 200 addresses it sends the email 200 times to the server… and yes the server could work out the list, but at least it negates BCC bugs)

Web based systems ( gmail, etc) are a mixed bunch.. But then using BCC with Gmail & web front end makes no sense since google would get your BCC list….

Absolutely the WORST piece of crap I dealt with was 'Groupwise' By Novell.

Their crappy SMTP gateway…….

Radio hams can encrypt, in emergencies, says Ofcom


Er no…..

not without the extra kit to cover the very low Khz band, since BOTH of these new allocations are outside the direct range of the product.

In a spin: Samsung accuses LG exec of washing machine SABOTAGE


The fact that they forced the issue ,has already had the effect of letting the public know there is a possible problem with their door hinges, even if there is not ,it's going to cost them sales.

Oz fed police in PDF redaction SNAFU


It is modifiable…

By two moethods

1. using a public domain PDF program that does not implement security

2. By idiots not setting the security on the PDF.

Google swallows SMARTSPOON manufacturer Lift Labs


Re: smart spoons

Or a cure for compulsive masterbators….


Re: Internet of toilets

This is no good unless a pantone reference is included.

Length is not an indication of illness.

Alibaba swings a large one with STONKING IPO legal bills


Re: Did I sleep through math class?

Google translate…..

Or maybe they are like BFL in the US, who claim they have 20 years EXP. even though they have been in business for 2 years.

Just take the EXP. of each of your staff and add it up….



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