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European electric vehicle sales surged in Q4 2019 but only accounted for wafer-thin slice of total car purchases


Re: Range & Time for a FULL charge

That’s just not how it works. Why wait until the battery is nearly flat to recharge?

Just stop like you would normally every hour or 2 for 5-10 mins and plug in.

The latest Tesla chargers can add 75 miles in 5 mins so a 10 min break gets you another 150 miles up the road, by which time you’ll need another toilet break anyway.

Backdoors won't weaken your encryption, wails FBI boss. And he's right. They won't – they'll fscking torpedo it

Big Brother


That is all.....


Google says Pixel 2's narcoleptic display is being fixed in June update


Google the Software company that can't do Hardware

I have a PixelBook and whilst it's a marvellous gadget the reliability is frustrating.

Bluetooth, sometimes works after sleep, sometimes doesn't, reboot required if not working.

Random re-boots during sleep.

Random runaway processes using all CPU, top of keyboard gets very hot, usually followed by a random re-boot.

Notifications swipes, sometime you swipe to dismiss a notification and it goes away other times it opens the application.

I'd not be recommending it to anyone until they have something that's approaching non-beta product status.

AWS users felt a great disturbance in the cloud, as S3 cried out in terror


Re: The Pentagon must have been

More likely somone was downloading all the poorly secured super-secret shite via a big pipe (TM) to Russia/NorkLand

Samsung eyeballs new Note


Re: Fixed battery - disaster

Not too worried about the battery, my original Note 2 still going strong almost 4 years on. Still little lag and not found too much that doesn't run. Off charge at 7am this morning and still 52% left at 8pm.

Updates, as in none from Samsung, however mean I'll never buy another Samsung shiny, it'll be direct to the OS manufacturer for me from now on http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/08/02/android_august_patch_bundle/

Pimp your ride with new Linux for cars and an rPi under the hood


Expands hardware support

From wheel release candidate v0. 99 to 1.00.

New experimental multi-piston features with up to 64 supported pistons,replaces single piston support.

Audi indicator support added, arrow on dashboard flashes but external indicators do not.

BMW mode upgraded to sorry mate I didn't see you v2. 03.

Sales rep tailgate mode, distance reduced before auto braking from 3 foot to 6 inches.

Feinstein-Burr's bonkers backdoor crypto law is dead in the water


All in the name of the "War on Terror"

An utter waste of the paper it was printed on.

More people will die from

a) The common cold

b) Stepping off the sidewalk

c) Being shot by their fellow Americans

d) Choking on a burger

Than will be saved by decrypting some terrorists phone/communications in the next 10 years.

Elon Musk takes wraps off planet-saving Model 3 vapourmobile


Yes we all agree electric vehicles aren't 100% green because we have to burn fossil fuels to make the electricity, but that same fossil fuel had to be burnt to make the electricity to make the fossil fuel that we fill our petrol tanks with, and then burn to get down the road.


Re: Bizarre

The problem with existing all electric cars is range, most can do around 100 miles before flat. 200+ miles might be the game changing range, making longer journeys a realistic possibility.

Furious English villagers force council climbdown over Satan's stone booty


The compensation culture at work!

I didn't see the 2ft high boulder in the middle of the street and smashed my car into it, now somebody else take the blame and pay for fixing my car already.

Holy Frack, if you can't see a boulder in the middle of the road, then what flipping chance do pedestrians and cyclists have.

Please post your car keys to I'm to stupid to drive, c/o Iwoz txting at the time.


Whatever happened to ... Nest?


Nest doesn't work so well for UK homes

Might work fine across the pond where they have central HVAC systems. But for here with central heating and radiator valves we need something like a Honeywell EvoHome system which controls the temperature in individual rooms.

Bloke coughs to leaking US military aircraft blueprints to China


Good Thing

He wasn't torrenting Bieber's latest hit, he'd have got 125 years in jail and a $2.5M fine.

Selling secrets to the Chinese, that'll be just 5 years of picking up the soap.

It's Wikipedia mythbuster time: 8 of the best on your 15th birthday


Re: Thanks for this article.

For me it's more a case of there are regular readers of this site for whom the contents of Wikipedia articles will be deemed to be the truth.

Nest thermostat owners out in the cold after software update cockup

Thumb Up

Re: Nest already outdated

Nest is fine for small flats or small houses, but EvoHome gives you individual control of the temperature in each room, no heating in bedrooms all day and living room nice and toasty, job done.

ISPs: UK.gov should pay full costs of Snooper's Charter hardware


What we need

Is for the government to take this in house as a Major Project, that way in 3 years time it'll have come to the attention of the NAO, who'll say it was poorly planned, poorly costed, lacked leadership and capability within senior management and will never deliver on budget or expected results.

A third of UK.gov big projects will fail in next five years, warns NAO


And in other news

Bears sh1t in the woods and call me Dave couldn't arrange a piss up in a brewery.

Mine's the one with less cash in the pocket because we're all in this together.

Ten years in, ultra-high-def gets a standard

Paris Hilton

What we really need

Is higher frame rates not higher resolution, watching a recent movie in IMAX, some of the scenes were particularly jerky looking at the screened frame rate.

Don't get me wrong 4K will be great for pron, and whilst almost all panels this year will be 4k,most people are living with 1080p HD, and anyway where is the 4K content, not much around on terrestrial or Sky yet.

Paris because she'd look good in 4K.

I have you now! Star Wars stocking fillers from another age


What I really want

is Grand Theft Star Wars, lets see a bit of the seedier side of the Star Wars universe, just imagine the amount of freeplay you could have on Coruscant or Mos Eisley.

Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2 was the outstanding game of the time for me though, incredible sense of scale and height that had you feeling dizzy standing on the side of a ledge on Nar Shaddaa, awesome.

Mine's the one with a thermal detonator in the pocket.

UK ISP Sky to make smut an opt-in service from 2016


Isn't this DNS based blocking

So anyone sensible isn't using the crap sky DNS servers anyway so remind me again what the point is.

EU reforms could pave way for smells and noises to be trade-mark protected – expert


So if FAST is

Federation Against Software Theft

Then FART must be Federation Against Ripe Trumpeting

And FAAP must be Federation Against Audible Pumps

Please continue below with more FLAs, no prizes for the winner.

Mine's the one with a gas mask in the pocket

Former security officials and BlackBerry CEO pile in on encryption debate


Re: Back Door vs Legal Request

This just isn't how encryption works. A legal request for data from a government would require some sort of shared key, else how would you decrypt the random bits.

Maybe the government going to have some sort of database which will hold all the keys for the population so that they can decrypt data as required, but how long until that database gets hacked, just think of the OPM raid.

Anyway that the 3 and 4 letter agencies think of getting there hands on our data, is unlikely to be the way that a terrorist communicates, they'll just roll their own encryption it's not hard to do, the maths is just a Google away.

Mine's the one with the PRNG stream in the pocket

HMRC bets the farm on digital. What could possibly go wrong?


Please tell me

Where I can sign up to get my snout into this gravy train.

Mine's the one with a big fat cheque from HMRC in it every month.

Facebook wants a kinder, gentler end for SHA-1


Oh think

Of all the adverts people with browsers that don't support SHA256 won't be able to see.

Dailymotion hit by malvertising attack as perpetrators ‘up their game'


Oh look another Flash exploit

Uninstall Flash, check, run uBlock Origin, check, run AV software, check, regularly check for OS updates, check, cross fingers and hope for the best, check., and probably still get pawned, unlucky.

Alleged Silk Road architect arrested in Thailand


The headline is clearly wrong

Nobody ever gets arrested on El Reg it should read

Alleged Silk Road architect cuffed in Thailand

Star Wars Battlefront: Is this the shooter you’re looking for?


An EA game

With EA DRM no doubt.

No thanks.

50c buys you someone else's password for Netflix, Spotify or ...



El Reg are waiting for a free cert from let's encrypt.org as they spent the certificate money down the pub last Friday, hick!

Hate your broadband ISP? Simply tell your city to build one – that'll get the telcos' attention


Not worth the bother

Over here in Blighty our local "cities" can't fix the potholes, collect the "trash" more than once a month, provide social care for those less able to look after themselves, so why the fuck would I ask them to dig up the roads and provide better broadband than the stinking 2.5Mbs I get at the moment?

Snooping Scottish plod to be taken to tribunal by spied-on detective


Outraged of Oban

Can I be the first to say, that whoever high up authorised this without a judicial warrant deserves some time in pokey a a reminder that this just isn't on

HTTPSohopeless: 26,000 Telstra Cisco boxen open to device hijacking



You forgot the joke icon.


Sneaky Microsoft renamed its data slurper before sticking it back in Windows 10


If someone can show me

How to get all my Windows Steam games running at a decent frame rate on Linux Wine then I'm off.

Until then I'll keep disabling services and checking privacy settings every week or so.

Mine's the one with a copy of Mint in the pocket.

MoJ restarts troubled £250m National Offender management ICT system


Acronym Alert

NOMS - Negligent Organisation Massive Spend

Who's right on crypto: An American prosecutor or a Lebanese coder?


Is this even a question?

The Lebanese coder is right.

If we, that's us upstanding citizens, are forced to use weakened encryption that's breakable by Government level agencies, then how long does our data stay safe from little Timmy the script kiddie next door with a stolen credit card and access to AWS GPU instances?

EE plans to block annoying ads on mobile network


Oh yes

It'll be all about the EE definition of a bad or annoying adverts.

And no, I'm sure EE won't inject their own or preferential partners adverts instead.

Bigger questions would be the legality of the ISP replacing legitimate adverts with white space, not gonna make a lot of website owners happy that's for sure.

Top Android app devs found exfiltrating mystery stealth packets


Oh Look

My f#*cking battery is flat again.

Must be all that background app chatter

Tech firms fight anti-encryption demands after Paris murders


At least the terrorists will be easy to spot

They'll be the only ones using strong encryption.


BlackBerry Priv: Enterprise Android in a snazzy but functional package


Once the Sim free price drops a bit

and it gets an upgrade to Marshmallow this will replace my Sammy Note 2.

First phone I've really fancied in a long time.

BlackBerry makes Android security patch promises


Holy Sh1t

An interesting Blackberry, slam Marshmallow on there and it's bye bye Samsung.

UK's super-cyber-snoop shopping list: Internet data, bulk spying, covert equipment tapping


On the back of a fag packet

7.4 connected devices per household

26.5M households in UK

100 url requests per device per day

19,610,000,000 requests/day

1024 bytes storage per request

Say 18TiB per day or 6.5PiB per year.

Number of extra criminals/terrorists caught 0

Licence to snoop: Ipso facto, crypto embargo? Draft Investigatory Powers bill lands


And what happens

When your ISP gets hacked (Talk Talk?) by some script kiddies in (insert random country) and all your browsing history ends up on PasteBin.

I'm sure the prospect of a 2 year stretch for "knowingly or recklessly obtaining communications data from a telecommunications operator without lawful authority" will put the wiilies up them.

Samsung S6 Edge has 11 nasties, says Google Project Zero team


I hate to say it

But isn't it time for Google to step up and be responsible for it's OS and provide timely security updates ala Microsoft/Apple?

The handset makers can then just skin their flipping phones however they like and we'll be free to replace whatever crud launcher is default with our favourite safe in the knowledge updates will be coming down the wire.

Written on a 3 year old Note 2, that still works fine but will never get the Stagefright security updates, thanks Sammy /angry

BBC shuts off iPlayer to UK VPNs, cutting access to overseas fans


Roll on IPV6

With that much address space it'll be an almost impossible task to block.

Online VAT fraud: Calls for government crackdown grow louder


Re: Let's talk VAT numbers..

VAT registration is based on turnover (net sales) not profit, and the threshold for this year is £81K

It's BACK – Stagefright 2.0: Zillions of Android gadgets can be hijacked by MP3s, movie files


As a Galaxy Note 2 owner

I know there's no update coming down the line from Samsung.

Are Android phones the new Adobe Flash?

Another chance to win a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive


Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet

filling her drive with data from the CIA

along came a five eyes spider

that sat down beside her

and whisked all that data away

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV: The new common-as-muck hybrid


I don't understand

How such a big car can have such a small battery

Google puts Android on a diet, names it after the first thing it sees under the sink ... yes, Brillo


I'm sure all the hackers

Will be looking forward to all this SHIT (Security Holes In Things)tm

Microsoft: Yeah, about that 50% post-Christmas customer price hike...


Oh FFS MicroSoft

Is that a smoking gun in you pocket or are you just pleased to blow your foot off?

Runs off to book linuxy training course as everyone'll be dumping the MS Tax soon.

Apple sues Steven Lamar over Beats co-founder claims


Watch the lawyers get rich

Patent trolls, copyright trolls and now ownership trolls, carry on our 'merican friends

Supercomputers: The Next Generation – Cray puts burst buffer tech, Intel Haswell inside


Yes, yes, yes, very impressive

But will it run crisis at decent frame rates?