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Pick a superior Christmas No. 1 from El Reg's computer crooning compilation


What happened to Datarock

Computer Camp Love!!!!!

Sun man and 'Bond nemesis' celebrate 25 years of dotcom


Thrush & Bond

Thrush was Man from Uncle surely?

Heaviest Virgin Media downloaders face new daytime go-slow


Limits are too low

I don't have an objection to throttling its the levels that the throttling are being set at.

Evenings cap kicks in at

Medium Package = 26 minutes of 2Mb downloads

Large Package = 13 minutes of 10Mb downloads

XL Package = 17 minutes of 20Mb downloads

under half an hour per night is excessive???

Boy beats Reaper at 20,000 feet


Re: Body disposal made easy...


For older TV watchers, it was also mentioned in the first episode of Quincy!


Alltunes.com claims win in Russian copyright case


That last bit doesnt agree with the rest of the argument....

"Competition is a good thing - and yes, there need to be more models which make music accessible to everyone - and these systems are being explored already in subscription forms and more, but this isn't a post about the music industry or Alltunes.com - it's about the f*cking greed of a big bunch of lazy fat ass sloths who think everything should have a penguin motif on it, and be labelled 'free'. (i have nothing against linux, just the hive mind)"

Hmmm, They didn't see it for free, they just offered payment on what is basicly the sheet music model that the UK used to use.

As was pointed out above the rights managers refused to accept payment.

As I also pointed out above the rights managers have been caught repeatedly with their fingers in the till not correctly assigning payments back to the artists.

I agree music shouldn't be free (unless the artist chooses to give it away) but the current model is so corrupt it can’t be allowed to continue.

Unfortunately music publishing is now a big cartel, which is desperately trying to keep a stranglehold on dwindling income without asking why the income is dwindling.


Re: DRM Rant

You do know the surviving Beatles were blocking E-Sales of their songs because a "ligitimate" rights holder had done them out of £30 million pounds?



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