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Yes! New company smartphones! ... But I don't WANT one


Re: New shiney thing!

I have a note 3, my better half has a HTC one and good friend has an S4 so have used/played with all of these. It depends what's important to you really... HTC One has best speakers and best camera of above (note, excluding SZ1 which I don't know), but has no SD slot and you can't use spare batteries. note 3 has best & biggest screen, great for watching video, the pen, which is more useful than you first think (I use mine mainly to draw/write on photos) and has both an SD slot and the ability to use spare batteries (I always have a spare battery charged at home, so when I come home and have to go out again, just swap out the battery). S4 has the battery and SD advantage of the Note, but not the pen or the glorious screen. Only downside on Note 3 is the abysmal low light camera performance, if you take a lot of pics at night, in bars, etc.. then you'll be disappointed.


Re: Big

Have been using Notes for 3 years (previously a 2, and now a 3) and can accomplish pretty much everything I need to with 1 hand....I think people assume they can't, but once you try, and get used to it, it's not really ever anything you think about again.

Sandisk breaks 128GB barrier with new $199 MICROSD card


This should drive the price of 64 GB cards down...

Which is good news, time to replace the 32 GB I have in my Note 3 which is constantly running out of space.. I travel internationally 200 days a year and am based in China which has spotty and unreliable internet connections at the best of times, if I used "the cloud" while traveling I'd be crucified by data roaming rates, and at home I'd only be able to access my data if the GFWC wasn't playing up, so storing data in a cloud is nowhere near a suitable option for me. Additionally of course there's the worry about who else could access my data as well.

I guess I'm not in google's target demographic (nexus), or HTCs (one), as the only phone I can consider needs expandable storage, so trends away from this are worrying.