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Arm isn't saying IoT firmware sucks but it's writing a free secure BIOS for device makers


v8-M challenge

I think ARM is going to be challenged to license v8-M cores; there just isn't a compelling advantage over the existing v7-M offerings. The described procedures sound reasonable, but they could also be implemented on v7-M (or earlier kit). Tying it to v8-M makes it look like it has been hamstrung by the corporate office's sales aspirations.

Farewell, Fadell: Nest CEO Tony quits IoT biz


"connected home sections didn't exist at retail"

I don't agree with Fadell's history re-write that "connected home sections didn't exist at retail" prior to Nest. Home automation products like X-10 (including phone bridges as the period-equivalent of "connected") were sold from the 1980s at Radio Shack in the USA/Canada (and I presume Tandy in the UK).

Microsoft tries to re-invent GPS with cloudy offloads


nothing new

There was something called the NAVSYS "TrackTag" from about a decade ago that did the same thing. Perhaps Microsoft didn't do any literature searches before publishing.


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