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This isn't Boeing to end well: Plane maker to scrap some physical cert tests, use computer simulations instead


Boing 737 Phoenix would be an appropriate name


Re: A new name you say.

Boing 737 Phoenix would be an appropriate name

Oracle finally targets Java non-payers – six years after plucking Sun


Re: Java is dead

The best way to monetize Java for Oracle and the best for everybody would be to sell it. If not, it is perhaps time for a fork of OpenJDK after JDK9.

Companies that do aggressive license enforcements should be avoided like the plaque and Oracle is one of the worst.

Oracle Java copyright war latest: Why Google's luck is about to run out


Re: I don't get it

Hasn't the situation changed because Chrome OS will use the OpenJDK based runtime. Android will then have a Java license, the open source one. GNU General Public License, version 2 with the Classpath Exception.

If smartphone makers needs to close source the Java libraries, they will need a license from Oracle to do so. Or they could just GPL+Classpath the changes.

Why has Microsoft stopped being beastly to Google?


Re: Because they are dying and know it.

The Google infrastructure is so important that Google is too big to fail. My take is that in 10-15 years it will get split up Standard Oil style and some of it nationalized and turned non-profit.

Google snoops on kids via Chromebooks, claims EFF in FTC filing


Thought control

Are students at risk of getting a NSA file if they write about controversial subjects? This might jeopardize a possible future career in the government or trouble at airports.

EU geo-blocking: Ansip's crusade liable to disappear through 'unjustifiable' loophole


Geoblocking is friction on the cultural exchange between EU countries and makes the borders stay whereas the EU wants borders to blur. That is perfectly reasonable when you want a single european labor market. Why shouldn't you be able to watch your favorite show in your favorite language or subtitles if you moved from one part of the EU to the other. This is EU classic at its best. Keep it up.

Apple stuns world with rare SEVEN-way split: What does that mean?


Re: Why Divide by Seven?

Yes but a decimals are rounded at a certain point. Who collects the tail of the decimals? Let me guess, the same people who decided on the 7 way split.


Re: No change

Follow the money, who collects rounding error difference.

Nokia launches Euro ANDROID invasion, quips: 'Microsoft knew what they were buying'


Great opportunity for Cyanogenmod

It will be interesting to see if the drivers are open enough to support Cyanogenmod. Then we will finally get what a lot of people have missed, Nokia hardware with Android on, real Android that is.


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