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Spotify: iPhone sideloads for £120 a year, unlimited

Keith SLoan

Spotify & iPhone.

Personally will not be buying a) iPhone is way too expensive b) £120pa is way too expensive. Still I hope they have success with it so that the free/advert Spotify to the desktop keeps going. If they are not successful then I worry about the free/advert Spotify service

RIP Personal Computer World

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Sad to see PCW go, I used to buy it a lot during the 80,90's when there was a lot happing in the PC world. Still it lasted longer than Byte which was my favourite magazine with all its Technical articles and themes. In those days you felt that the magazines educated you. Today they don't as one PC is much the same as another and nobody bothers with in-depth technicalities like Byte and Dr Jobbs did.

Mozilla hastily shoves Firefox updates out door

Keith SLoan

Firefox 3.0

Each time I have tried Firefox 3.0 on Windows 2000, it just gobbles CPU and is unusable. Will be sticking to FF2 for as long as possible.

Barclays to scrap 1,800 UK tech jobs

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Barclays Outsourcing.

If their outsourcing goes the same way as people who mover their called centres to India witness various ISPs, BT, HSBC etc then I am just glad I am not a Barclays customer. Glad I moved to Lloyds TSB who moved their call centre back to the UK if I remember rightly, least they said no to India.

BT opens wallet to send fibre to the home

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What price BT.

When have BT not ever charged way over the top for things? Can't say I am very exited as its bound to cost too much. 30 years in a large IT firm taught me that BT where not very competent bunch.

Microsoft pledges to fight Vista 'myths'

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Vista Speech recognition

One of my customers want to try out speech recognition in Vista. When you say "What can I say" it goes to a broken URL on microsoft's web site.

Clearly Microsoft don't give a dam.

Windows Vista is clearly pant's. How long has Bill gone?

London Olympics drives dash for terrestrial HDTV

Keith SLoan

What happened to FreeSat?

I thought the BBC were to launch a Satellite HD service in the spring of 2008 see www.freesat.co.uk. What has happened to it?

I don't want one of those UGLY freeview high gain antennas on my roof.

Microsoft gives XP an extra two years to live (kinda)

Keith SLoan

NAT IPv6 and IPv4

Last time I visited the topic. There were calls to drop Routers doing IPv6 and doing NAT IPv4. So if you buy a new router that supports IPv6 its not going to NAT any IPv4 devices too many problems storing state and security issues apparently.

Personally my ISP is going to have problems getting me to move to IPv6 if they are not going to be routers with NAT support for Ipv4

Ericsson CMO says Wi-Fi hotspots' days are numbered

Keith SLoan

Local WiFi Hotspots

Well being in the sticks/country our local Wifi hotspots are the local pub and the coffee shop in the nearby Market town. Both free to access assuming your drinking the supplied coffee, beer.

So I think the Ericsson CMO does not know what he is talking about or is smoking something

Digital TV sales soar as Brits flock to Freeview

Keith SLoan

I thought that any current FreeView box will need replacing.

I was under the impression that any current FreeView set top Box or TV will need replacing in a couple of years time as the technology changes from MPEG2 to MPEG4.

What a complete waste !!!!!

Going to do wonders for the countries Landfill sites.

Skills shortage: it's mind over matter

Keith SLoan

Skills shortage is a Myth.

The skills shortage is a myth because there is a tremendous amount of ageism in I.T. Try to find a job once passed 40 and you are struggling. When I was managed out by a large IT company after 30 years at the age of 52, at the out placement interview I was told I would never find another job in I.T. best to train as a driving instructor. I tried applying for loads of IT jobs but very rarely got an interview and never a job. What with open source and outsourcing to India I would advise anybody to seriously consider their options before embarking on a career in I.T. as its not a career for the long term. Fortunately my two kids

show no inclination on going into I.T. Part of the problem is the recruitment agencies. They don't employ very bright people and unless you have been doing the same job with the same skills as advertised they don't want to know. They ignore the fact that it 30 years you have repeatedly pickup up new skills with no problems.

Tories call for mobile phone ban in schools

Keith SLoan

Banning Mobile Phones thats outrageous.

My daughter has a mobile phone so that she can phone home to arrange for lifts. It solves the problem that sometime she stays for clubs and sport.

I fully support them not accessing them or answering them in class. Butto ban them outright is Outrageous !!!!!!

Ofcom: no comeback for TV on analogue spectrum

Keith SLoan


This is the normal BBC and OFCOM shambles. The BBC has strongly encouraged people to Freeview and in the end their settop boxes and freeview TV's will be out of date.

I still do not have Freeview, I am not interested in the extra channels and do not want my kids watching more TV as I would prefer them to play musical instruements, Draw, Paint etc. Where we live I would have to buy a new aerial £150 which could also be a waste of money.

Keith SLoan

TV Licence Fee

"Just to clarify, if you have any equipment capable of receiving a broadcast signal, whether you use that capability or not, you must pay your TV license fee."

NOT TRUE. I wrote to my MP and the BBC about this some time ago and if you JUST use your TV for video's,DVD's you DO NOT have to pay. I have this in writing

Alltunes.com claims win in Russian copyright case

Keith SLoan

Hoorah !!!!!

Strike one back for the good guys.

Just lets win the war by not buying CD's and expensive downloads