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Enraged Brits demand Donald Trump UK ban


Re: Jeez

Muslims are hostile extra-terrestrial - and their God is a hostile extra-terrestrial too.

If God is not an extra-terrestrial then there is no such thing. And if blowing yourself up in a middle of a leisure crowd is not hostile I do not know what hostile is.

It will take congress until the American continents cross the Pacific and reach Africa - to reach the same conclusion though


Are you insane?

In the US the FBI suppose to leave no stone unturned to capture a person or a group who kills more than once, and/or crosses state lines, or whatever...

I trust the agents will do the same the person was any race, color or religion

I trust it would act the exact same in the case the suspect were a group etc..

The law is probably much dated, hard to interpret, unforgiving, rigid. Offers no chances to deal, to compromise, a very unpolitical and unsocial institution. It makes a decent effort to be as blind as justice is, but it is not certifiable.

So not knowing the law will not exclude you for any reason, on any grounds... you must be a 5-years old or a retard if you miss the spirit of the law. Therefore I have no respect for anyone who believes that ancient law is wrong just because of the time passed, or a new law is right just because the time passed, or the spirit of the law is subject to his or her intellectual capacity to circumvent it or simply by-pass it.

There, if you are wrong and you do not realize you are wrong it is not because the law missed it, or you are out-smarted it/ It is because your fundamental values are rotten, and nothing is going to change that.

If you are a politician this is a disaster. You should have stayed a writer, a poet, a business person - whatever made you a success and powerful - but... public service is not for you.

Unless of course you are certifiably mental - simply insane and nobody has a clue what you are going to do next

Microsoft whips out PowerApps – now your Pointy Haired Boss can write software, too!


Re: On the other hand ...

I wish it was doable.

I admit, it might be profitable to some, but be honest - just how many people are truly enticed to install applications on their micro-powered phone (1MB to spare?!)

Pathetic, and the android space is just as bad if not worse.

I want 1 TB RAM - Period.

I want 1 Petabyte Storage - Period.

Nothing less on any platform by my standards measure up.

Have a great day!


Re: Coding isn't the problem - Thinking is

Coding is mental mapping, real-world challenges to real-world solutions, and when that is done by more than a few data tables and HTML transacts it becomes really exhausting. We are not idiots or stupid - we are just really, really tired. Thanks for posting and making this somewhat obvious!


What is or who is PHB?



ColdFusion Heh?

Sure, if you are a FuseBox developer - make no mistake, before IT managers have an idea about the difference between Java and JavaScript there must be a half-a-million years pass.


Re: Done before - Never Failed

Access is 100 percent invalid and irrelevant.

By the time Access was 99 percent invalid and irrelevant Microsoft knew about 100 other database systems which could take Access's place,

Who cares? This argument itself is, indeed, irrelevant.

Visual Studio Code: The top five features


Re: Just Tried It

I agree! All Microsoft did is futile - especially learning us to all speak fluent English the fools, let us use YOUR tools and prosper! It is all the same as its, and never mind some hit from the hits -- just aim, shoot and never think twice.


VS on Rails

There is very little new I look forward to, and there is a whole lot of wait-and-see going on with Microsoft's take on .Net. Seriously, Rails is one of those thing I am expecting to see EVERYWHERE! You call yourself a framework I see Rails or nothing, Rails is that great. It is just the dot.net, about the dot.net and nothing really affected but the dot.net and it is time ms confesses about the dot.net being such a huge, well, dot.net about the Rails!

So ,,, .. RAILS!! RAILS!! ..dot.net.Windows--BUTWITHRAILS!!! .. .. .. RAILS!!! We are so Windows (on RAILS!!)

Research: Microsoft the fastest growing maker of tablet OSs ... by 2019


Re: I don't consider the Surface a tablet

There are one fingered, two-fingered, three-fingered, four fingered and of course five-fingered Surface Tablets. I consider one-fingered Windows, two or higher fingered Androids. None of course considered six-fingered which is myself, to be such an ass to breath and still exists among fine gentleman such as yourselves.


Windows is NOT an Everything

You need to look back long and hard at just how many ways Microsoft and Windows lost followers and audience.. I was MS customer with Visual Basic for DOS, and for Windows 3.1

The fact that perl, php, python is NOT on Windows - BASIC is,,,

The fact that Java is NOT C-sharp, Program Files is 32 (or 64 maybe?), NTFS - Bruhahah, hahaha, haaaaa! dEfrOg == defrog == DEFROG = Bruhahahah... I cannot speak intelligently, I AM terribly sorry.Windows, you see?

It is human, it is business to miss chances and fuck-up here and there a few times. Then there is Windows. It is not Everything, but funny enough to be Something.


Windows is NOT an Everything

Unless of course IS.

My last stab at the idea was the Windows acceptance license for perl, php, python,tickle-teekay... ANYTHING reasonable... Please, do NOT invent yet another BASIC for scripting...

Microsoft should define how we first talk to extra-terrestrials

Six-billion people cries kill-me before you bill-me

Oh, never mind, what's the use, just fucking shoot me I hate you just the same

European Patent Office fires up lawyers over claims of cosy love-in with Microsoft


Re: Are you kidding me?!

The volume of information involved must be staggering - it is a librarians' task squared with all human sciences - law, medicine, technology. The miracle is the fact that the patent office is still in business. I would guess that people actually working there are incredibly bright.

If they were not so bright the guy just moved in for my neighbor would own hundreds of patents in law, medicine and sciences.

I would not last a day before my house is his house, my wife is his bitch, and my hand-gun is to my head.

This is not yet happening, correct?


Re: Are you kidding me?!

The US patent system is indeed a positive model.

Who else would even think of this being legit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1-Click and call it the a real McCoy?

The US patent system is NOT broken.

This is a fact, patents are researched and granted or denied every day in the US. Dysfunctional - yes, broken - NO.

It is the experts about patents who are broken or otherwise compromised.

You do realize: Benjamin Franklin, if he lived today, SHOULD NOT last the night as a free person. Before claiming all his patents and goods he should answer for all his bads.

I do admire billionaires - once they poisoned all the water, burned all the lands, claimed all the rights and fucked all the brides - they turn old and human.

US drug squad cops: We snooped on innocent Americans' phone calls too!



One way the DEA could might eventually triumph is by Enforcing drugs on the US population. By scaling back the insurance power-houses, replacing free syringes for cocaine-addicts with free cholesterol and blood-pressure medications for the rest of us. Duh

The DEA is basically saying they are at fault on privacy concerns - like an atheist confessing to the Pope. How about the metric tons of pure cocaine by subs, and soon jets and spaceships?

‘Whatever happened to Vladimir Putin?’ and other crap New Year prophesies


Re: Y2k

3 - Uncertainty. I felt a pause a few times migrating Novel servers to Windows NT, asking myself if I really understood the problem myself. I still believe it was a healthy dose of humiliation, not much deserved but well-timed. It also helped me to tell the pushy sales drones to get lost for good.



Prophets promise, priests pray, scientists seek, engineers design, workers build and politicians vie... Good for us still writing and reading about all that.

Computer misuse: Brits could face LIFE IN PRISON for serious hacking offences


Hacker vs. Cracker

Anyone ever going to care to note the differences?

It takes multitude of efforts and attitudes to turn a cracker into one ethical hacker. But crackers breed like rabbits and the numbers are on their side.

It takes nearly a miracle to turn one sob ethical hacker into some second-rate cracker. Yet there comes the lawyer to alter the way things are, for the better I suppose?

Facebook pays INFINITELY MORE UK corp tax than in 2012


facebook is a global plague

look us not so much less at least

Torvalds CONFESSES: 'I'm pretty good at alienating devs'


Re: Eric Raymond's (in)famous quote

A bazaar, not a Cathedral. I break I cry, you break you buy, fix it, yes, no? Damn you no go, I call police!


Progress is slow and nasty business

@Donkey Molestor X

The Phoenicians built the first sea-worthy vessels(by greed), the Chinese invented gun-powder(by corruption), and the Soviets conquest space(by fear). At each of these stages of progress there were a LOT of assholes involved cracking whips.

"Looks like being an asshole is neither a necessary nor a sufficient condition to produce great work."

"Looks like" based on what to you, pacifically? The Holocaust never happened because .. you were not there, and/or the Holocaust is really not a Great Work? Oh, you did not specify good or bad!

Apple SILENCES Bose, YANKS headphones from stores


Re: Once upon a time...

Did you listen through the speakers? Did you bring a CD, a tape, an LP or something to compare with the price-tag? Obviously you have no idea, so you shall remain as you are. Ridiculous, yes, maybe the store tried to rip YOU off, but it would not happen to me.

Microsoft may pick iPad for first release of Fondleslab Office™


Re: sounds familiar

"Office for Mac was used mostly by individuals where Office for Windows was a business application."

So it was! While you were coding I was growing but I remember. I looked at those IBM OS/2 - man, Win3.x at the time OS/2 looked invincible and they were. I bought OS2 copy, then I downloaded Win3.x for free through Compuserve, bought a copy on some 14 floppies of Slackware at premium at the local "shareware" store. I only had one 386 so I went with Win. Blame me, I had so many choices I was confused.

See my post, no one wins this time, Office Software? Who cares. Sell crosses to the Vatican instead.


Re: sounds familiar


This is the 2014's, people do get by of what you hate.

Liking it has absolutely nothing to do with living it.


ABC on DEF? MS? iKnowYou?

None of this make any difference.

MS is in the crunch against again the Open already driving business elsewhere.

I work for one Office advocate, Excel is still brain-dead talking to some MS-SQL corpse.

Mac users may back up their plans, hopes and dreams. I for one archive reality - more cheesy than the past was, and maybe less appealing.