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Gov.UK goes TITSUP


Sign-up was broken earlier,as well

Luckily for me I need to a Self Assessment, trying to sign up to do it was fun, one of the steps is to get a user id, that is only shown to you *that one time*, but the geniuses were bouncing me straight through to the next page where I needed... the shown once only id from the previous page.

Absolutely genius...

Car? Check. Driver? Nope. OK, let's go, says British govt



Government actually being sensible for a change... O_o

THOUSANDS of Tesco.com logins and passwords leaked online


Here's a very good analysis, and from cross matching the data it doesn't look like the data has been pulled from other sites: http://www.troyhunt.com/2014/02/the-tesco-hack-heres-how-it-probably.html Though it doesn't say why the sample is so small, or why it's unattributed.