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Wanna use Bitcoin on your site? BitPay's open-source library wants to help


Mark . is right

Bitcoin will always have usefulness. At the moment its main use is for low cost items - its volatility ensures that expensive things won't find a use for it. But once the price settles down, it will slowly spread bit by bit (pardon the pun) and vendors' confidence in using it for higher value transactions will increase. It has several benefits over "normal" money which make its use attractive.

Think of it as the Poundland of the currency world. Once upon a time Marks and Spencer was a Poundland (okay, in Victorian times they called it a "Penny Bazaar" but same thing).

Mark my words (pardon the second pun)!

Micro Men: The story of the syntax era



Why in god's name did they never release a DVD of this awesome dramatisation?

GPs slam NHS England for poor publicity of data grab plan


Old surgeries & changes to patient confidentiality

1) Do I have to send the opt out form to all my old doctor's surgeries?

2) I'll be writing to my MP about this change to the law regarding patient confidentiality. Disgusting.

3) Can I request that my MP not enter anything into his computer when I go for an appointment? Nothing entered=nothing uploaded surely?


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