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What data recovery software would you suggest?


What data recovery software would you suggest?

I use the dell latitude E6420. I need a data recovery solution for it and seem to like Rollback Rx. Acronis True image also looks ok. What do you think?

Lets not talk of hardware backup right now.

Should my aunt continue to use XP past April?


Re: Should my aunt continue to use XP past April?

If she wont click on emails proclaiming she won the BBC Pepsi lottery/XEROX offer etc. If she doesn't click on the advertisements in the web pages.

But, best of all would be her choosing to not pay a visit to the naughty websites.

How is Rollback Rx for Windows 7?


How is Rollback Rx for Windows 7?

How is Rollback Rx for Windows 7 laptops? I need a more general answer for enterprise laptops. What is the proposition of Rollback Rx by Horizon DataSys?

Am I better off not hiding

Big Brother

The thing is, naughty simon's watching nudie mags is not really a problem . There will be a problem, say, if you want to do to the politicians what Vlad Dracula did to politicians, Or if you say you want to do that on social networks.

Millions of people cannot be monitored even with German efficiency. It just doesn't make sense. The costs involved make it prohibitive. But a good vpn is always a good idea. But, then, what if the vpn provider is too willing to help the police (or worse still hackers). Your vpn should never expose you to new threats.

But if you are caught, say downloading movies, they will fine for say a hundred such offences. Because the thinking will be that you were NOT caught 99 times doing what you were.

If they are monitoring you, you are in trouble anyways. In which case your asking the question doesn't make much sense

Why does there have to be an app for that?


Re: @ normanpritchard59 -

More than the respect of consumers, Google, Apple, Microsoft and RIM need the buzz and the support they gain use to negotiate with OEM's and ODM's. They need to come across as influential and resourceful. Making hundreds of developers work according to their terms helps them. If they are seen as people of influence, the vendors agree to their terms.

Mostly its about fooling people. Although, there a few more use cases. Apps have been made to push cctv feeds to android phones. Then there are cases of phones being used as Point of Sale units. Dictionaries. Translators. Emulators for many things (not just n64 and play station one, there are Nokia 3310 emu's!).

But, yes. There is only so much a phone can do. But they need to make you spend $1500 every two years. Thats why they keep spinning apps like advertising agencies spin images.

But, as I have tried to put it earlier, there isnt much for you and me. The consumers don't get much. Only about a 1000 applications and a few hundred games are actually good. The rest of those 99,000 apps is all wastage of precious global resources.


Many apps on play store/market are worthless. But, say, if you want to read ebooks (no standards yet), play n64 games, drive a toy copter, drive a toy car, accept checks/cheques (in America), get latest scores, know more about the Sochi Olympics, do scientific calculations, read pdf files, read kindle files, learn to tie a tie, track your fitness/runs, use your phone to operate your tv, use your phone to quickly get news, use your phone to quickly get recipes, use it along with your car, use your phone as a beacon (in India there are apps against sexual predators), etc you need an app.

Now, history shows us people latch onto good things. So any Tom, Dick, and Harry can write third rate books, make tv shows, "music" albums, movies, clothes, shoes, watches, statues, etc. Why should the same not hold true for apps.

Who coined the term 'App'?


Short for application used in many java programs to define classes. Thats what i always thought.



Thats such a waste of global resources and the greater world wide internet. Just like my post.

Samsung hiring students to post negative HTC one comments online?


Samsung has in the past advertised models not capable of flash as flash running. SG5830 was advertised as capable in dailys although it wasn't

N64 analogue frequency


Why bother? Download the android app and go have fun.


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