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Some Windows 10 Anniversary Update: SSD freeze


Re: Huh,

OMG!...you use VMWare?


Re: Leaving Microsoft MS Orifice

hate to say it this way but...here goes: you're an idiot. Outlook is far easier to comprehend than Thunderbird (as an example). You're trying to come off as some kind of tech saavy individual, but you simply sound like a 'tard, unable to make Outlook work....seriously? Every Linux zealot I know can handle Outlook (usually within the first 3 minutes....). What's wrong with you?

Windows 10 pain: Reg man has 75 per cent upgrade failure rate


Re: Boils...

same could be said for upgrading a person's machine to Win10....I've done it numerous times after said user failed to do it themselves (most of the people I do this for are tech illiterate - teaching them Linux is far more involved than teaching them point and click with windows - let's face it, not everyone is boprn to be a CLI guru (regardless of how far Linux has come)


Re:...what are you doing wrong? nothing most likely...

@Geoffrey W

...apart from my own experimenting with the system itself, Win10 has given me no problems. I even went so far as to break down and buy new hardware just to see how much of an improvement I could get (my old system ran on some Gigabyte MB with an AMD64 and 4 GB RAM - not much by today's standards, but adequate for some games and a bit of dev work).

Whatever... the new system is "up to date" as far as good gaming machines go. The only issues I had was trying some silly tweaks of my own which brought everything down - my fault, not MS. Learning my lesson, I reinstalled Win10 (yes it takes a bit - the download is huge), disabled some of the stupider things I didn't need (and "adjusted" the hosts file to block some of the return data) and voila! no weirdness, no hiccups, etc. I have games, dev stuff, Hyper-V (running a DB and a web server), cygwin...what did I do wrong to miss out on the hate?

I often find that when something doesn't work the way it is supposed to, I should check what it was I did that caused the problem instead of blaming everything/one else...

The Microsoft-LinkedIn hookup will be the END of DAYS, I tell you


Re: fortunately v. doom and gloom

Just to caveat...(about never needing it). I haven't either...though I do have a profile and have, in fact, been contacted a few times about opportunities, the jobs I have had in the past I have gotten using the direct approach. That's to say: Go out and get the job yourself...instead of waiting for someone to notice your so-called "skills". I have more success with finding the "careers" section of company website and sending in a rsume than with anything else. Do things that way and who cares if MS buysLinkedIn. Like a another poster here implied, being able to hide your online presence should speak volumes to your skillset...a company who doesn't recognize that is probably not worth working for anyway...

Microsoft's Windows Phone folly costs it another billion dollars


Re: anecdotal stories of personal Lumina smartphones is not the critical topic

...Apple's version of IoT involves proprietary hardware and andriod's "open" source platform (which is not as open as you would believe) has security problems left and right. Devving for MS with IoT in mind allows both MS-compatible devices as well as apple and android (not sure about others)...Xamia?


Re: Whats included ?

have to call bullshit...I've been instaling this upgrade at user request for the past few months. I adopted the upgrade on my desktop as soon as it came out. To be fair, I did not like how much data was sent back to MS either, so I set about turning all the crap off (yes, you can turn it off - and don't get me started on how much data is sent back to Apple via iTunes). Anyway, i have never seen candy crush auto installed (unless it was there to begin with). Never saw a case of "lost documents". RTFM - if you do this, you will know where all the old docs are kept.

Contrariwise, having prevented the upgrade from occurring on my Surface Pro 3 for almost a year. It was never forcibly installed - if you live in a country where the data laws allow this - you should move, otherwise you're just making shit up.

WiFi and Camera are there for the case when you decide to plug one in, or if you have one of the devices plugged in, the system will try to find the right driver for it to work. Granted it's not perfect, but again, going back to my experiences, I have not yet seen an issue with an upgrade not recognizing hardware (if its there), or just installing the framework for recognizing hardware (when its not there).

It seems like you are complaining that MS created a system to meet the masses' demands (that is also able to recognize and install any device that isn't O/S platform-proprietary <cough Apple> automatically).

So I call bullshit - having done the installs both in Europe and in the US/Canada (I travel a bit) and not having seen the problems you describe, I have to say you are either fibbing, trolling, or your boss is an idiot, or his IT Team (you?) did the install without his permission, OR you are living in a place where the laws allow this kind of thing.

Good day...

Mud sticks: Microsoft, Windows 10 and reputational damage


Re: Don't blame users for the UI

interesting....I've been doing the "IT thing" (software dev, admin, etc) for over 15 years...I don't sport a beard, and tend to dress myself respectably, albeit a bit conservatively. I have found the non-custom Linux releases becoming less and less purpose-oriented (as I used to like them) and more geared toward general use. Not a bad thing when you want mass market acceptance. I have seen windows fail (vista,8) and improve (7, 8.1, 10). I currently run my own servers at home (Linux backend for mySQL and web dev on a front end windows 10 client - shock and horror! all running under hyper-V on Server 2012 R2).

More shock - I am not "very" young, know my history (I was around during the original apple vs. microsoft wars - so none of this is new to me - but may just be for you...

The only mistake I can see so far is Micorsoft coming so late in to the game to try and compete with entrenched iCrack users... :-P

USA doubles visa fees for migrant IT workers



Please do not equate "most Americans" to Texans. One needs only to travel along the coastal states to find evidence of "adequate math skills". With 150k+ as a salary, I suppose you can afford to be a bit pompous...

US Congress grants leftpondians the right to own asteroid booty


It seems to me that the point was missed...instead of focusing on who has sovereignty over what in space, the real story is about who can claim ownership of whatever rock just hit the ground at whatever location. it is not always the case that if it lands in your yard its yours...where and when will the fighting begin then?

Sure, the topic or legislation seems to imply prospecting rights about space stuff, but if I read it right, it seems to cover "material" and that could imply what is already on the ground as well as in space. So just what did the company find that made them want to lobby this piece of legislation through? what does this mean for those companies or corporations that already have in their possession, a piece of rock from "out of this world"?

Hacker predicts AMEX card numbers, bypasses chip and PIN


Great job Reg, for posting someone else's story with your own slant: http://www.wired.com/2015/11/samy-kamkar-10-dollar-tool-can-guess-and-steal-your-next-credit-card-number/

'Hacked by China? Hack them back!' rages US Congress report


Re: That Priceless Last Paragraph .... of Quite Titanic Proportions

Ow...brain hurt...

Apple, Google should give FBI every last drop of user information, says ex-HP CEO and wannabe US prez Carly Fiorina


Re: That old chestnut

to be fair...she isn't quoted as saying "hand user information over"...the quotes say "collaborate and cooperate", which isn't the same. However, what she actually meant could by saying that could well mean the same...just being objective...

Google Maps gets hit with racist White House listing


Re: Wonder

*ahem...that would be "them there" (no ownership indicated here)

One Bitcoin or lose your data, hacked Linux sysadmins told


Re: We'll be safe

comparing apples and oranges: "home users" vs. "sysadmins"...sarcasm fail...

Microsoft's 'Arrow' Android launcher flies into Play store


Wow...never thought I would read about someone defining their day by their wallpaper...how sad...

Third suspect arrested over TalkTalk breach


Re: Stitched up?

You mean china?

Cheaper-than-Oracle Rimini defiant as Oracle drags 'em back to court


Re: Another reason not to use Oracle products

sounds strangely similar to all the i-whatever devices fruit from the tree of knowledge as its logo...ahem...

Wow, Barcelona really has a problem with tech disruptors. Watch out Airbnb


The statement "... threatening to block access to its website." seems to be a far more casue for concern then the entire financial aspect of this article. While I can with Fraggle850 with using tech to dodge the law (and paying your due), I can also agree with the sympathetic (to AirBnB) tone of the article, as well as other posts here.

Having used AirBnB on a number of occasions, I do not think I would want my personal information divulged to someone seeking taxes and the responsibility of the tax should fall on the renter of said domicile. However, this may also have the effect of jacking up the prices all around...

Tricky situation...nonetheless, starting to play the asia/middle east game with blocking specific access is like building a house of cards in a hurricane...

Dotcom keeps assets, for now


Re: Heheheheh.

actually, this Yank is quite pleased he's made it this far. Following typical US policy, Kim should expect a visit from helicopters carrying some military personnel...sad...after that, there will be no one left to thumb their nose at MPAA

Microsoft and HTC are M8s again: New One mobe sports WinPhone


Re: How much??

considering that people will pay that much and more for a used iPhone, it's a wonder more people aren't switching to Android...


Re: How much??

probably because they are developing apps that the typical windows phone user doesn't need...and then charging more for it for it than with the other OSs...just sayin...

Microsoft wants to lure biz users with fondleable Windows 8.1 'Apportals'


Re: Marketing & scope

they probably don't have enough "room to breathe", considering that Apple will sue them for patent infringement if they use they wrong color and shape combination with tiles...or some other silliness


Re: Welcome to the 21st century...

because 90% of business can't afford overpriced Linux server admins


Re: They are doing it again

"Please stop trying to dictate how we work..."

...unless we're allowed to use an Apple product...

UFO, cosmic ray or flasher? NASA rules on Curiosity curiosity


Re: Too bad



Re: Being bonkers doesn't make you wrong

Still... you have to laugh at:

The first is that the light comes from sunlight reflecting off a rock on the Martian surface. A crater on the horizon could have reflected light from the Sun, which was relatively low in the sky when the image was taken.

That sounds suspiciously like " Light from the planet Venus reflecting off of swamp gas..."

Nevertheless, sarcasm noted...I tend to agree with you in that they do have people who know what the hell they are doing (as opposed to the "armchair quarterback netizens" who, after reading a couple of Wikipedia articles are now "experts" in field of digital imagery and manipulation...)

Windows Phone 8.1: Like WinPho 8, but BETTER


you bought a mobile just for the camera?


Re: Free?

...as well as Office Apps on the iPhone...that's too funny...

Torvalds rails at Linux developer: 'I'm f*cking tired of your code'


Re: coding

actually this sentence:

"Neither of these guys appear to be able to code proper English." is written in a passive tone - not exactly a "no-no", but not a good habit either.

It should be written thusly:

Neither of these people appears able to code in proper English.

That is grammatically and linguistically correct. :-)

(I acutally do a lot of writing on a daily basis and speaking and I speak Geramn as well as native English, but that doesn't mean I am always right - gotta love that spellchecker!)


Re: coding @Tomato42

While I fully agree with you (and I mean completely), the idea of being able to sell an image change (to change inbound perceptions) to the "Linux Crowd" still seems a bit distant. My own perception of "black-hatting" generally involves a geek (like myself) or group of geeks, chatting it up using some obscure or even, unknown, platform whilst preparing to "dominate" this or "pwn" that...from some slef-brewed Linux derivative.

From a "professional" and "business-like" perspective, I don't want a system in my organization, running a platform that the most devious of us know all too well how to compromise...better than how my own security team knows how to protect.

Linux is that image...I hope you are right and that they are on the upswing - it's a great system, once the negative image is no longer in view...

Snowden files latest: NSA and GCHQ targeted German satcomms


Re: Customer base?


Thanks...you're the one person that actually made any sense. Vilification of single organizations will not stop until we all realize that EVERY political organization has their "hand in the cookie jar" (and a few of the larger corporations as well ...<cough> Microsoft...<Ahem> apple, google, FB, etc...)

Facebook, you fools! Forget Oculus, you could have bought TRON-type headsets


Not sure what to say about this one...on one side you have an ultra cheap headset (HD display phone not included). On the other you have a fairly decently pre-Facebook developed headset specifically designed for VR. Whatever FB does with it, I'm pretty sure it won't be exclusive to ogling FB pages...

For the money, it's (the "futuristic" headset) a good try...most likely not something that will last OR it's a design made to be upgraded in stages, encouraging you to buy the next model. Oculus Rift however, is established in the gaming community. Sure it's expensive as hell, but downright awesome to play with.

Personally, I don't care what FB does with it - hell, the Z might decide to go into hardware and have his own corner on the market for VR/3D movie broadcasting...partnering with Netflix might be a good idea - if he can get there before some other fool does.

As for the Durovis Dive, I don't see it making it more than a year before the "cheapy" look of it becomes unpopular or too geeky hipster...I would never consider walking around in public with this or the Oculus Rift - ever.

German freemail firms defend AdBlock-nobbling campaign



For starters, after Firefox became known to have inherent vulnerabilities ( http://www.theregister.co.uk/2013/08/06/tor_fingers_firefox_for_fail/ ) - never mind that was used to catch Tor-people - why would anyone continue to use Firefox? Hell, the latest update doesn't even work on my machine unless it is in safe mode. Just sayin'...

So...why bother with going to the email website at all? There are a few worthy email clients out there where you can get "just" the email - no need to even open the browser...

Google Glass: Reg man tests tech specs


Re: "glass" is a useless bit of kit.

Google DID steal the idea. Ever seen "Appleseed - Deus Ex Machina"? It's an animated movie (the newer version) in which an entire population is wearing glasses with similar functionality. Some anime freak (like me) at Google, probably watched it once and then "dreamed" up the idea, sold it to the management and BINGO - 3 years later here it is...

As Glass is right now, yes - it's useless - but it won't be for long. Wait another couple of years when it starts to move into mainstream sales and then you'll see interesting changes, as well as competition,

Toshiba Encore: The Windows 8.1 tablet that might catch on


Re: A word of advice to tablet makers

as an insanely small percentage of tablet users worldwide...


Re: Just hang on a moment...

...but still relevant (if apple can be distracted from Samsung for a minute...)

G20 gives Google, Microsoft, Apple et al tax deadline


Re: G20 actions

I like what you're saying.

Perhaps I misunderstood you but it seems there is something missing: The tax should also be impartial - no breaks, except for a differentiation of tax payer type - individual or organization - no other types allowed, period.

Tax rate is determined by income amount and location of income received (e.g. your point "1" maskes sense). After that, it actually does become a "simple" tax law - in less than 10 pages...

Home lab operators: Ditch your servers ... now!


seems like old news...

Windows 8 Pro comes with Hyper-V manager at no extra charge...ditch the VMware - it's redundant. By the way..this must be old news because I've been running with core i7 and 24 GB for almost a year now, starting with Windows 7 Pro, then upgrading to 8 and finally 8.1. So far, so good, with no issues on an HP dv7 Pavilion. Think I'll try to get a new laptop soon though and could use a few goods recommendations...


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