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Workday says it's got a PaaS in its pocket and is ready to party


Re: All this sounds very grand...

To be honest, people that choose workday (or any HRIS) know they are getting locked in, and won't want to change systems for a long time. At least with APIs and easy access to your data you may be able to have that data live in multiple places or easily export it.

I do hear you on the difficulty of keeping up with SAAS changes, especially when you have interconnected systems. But what other options are there? Monolith? DIY?

IO, IO, it's off to Weka.io we go: Let's take a look at a file system upstart


Re: RAM requirements

Could you maybe give a concrete example of the compelling economics?

Being a newcomer, the burden of proof lies on you to show your value, beyond just technologies and buzzwords, what use cases (with concrete numbers and pricing) does this address? Who should be looking at this and say, "Yeah, I'll take that risk, the numbers show it's worth it."

NexGen polishes guns, prepares to face hybrid array legions


Re: "A ground-up-designed operating system underlies this."

Probably the QoS, which ZFS lacks.

ZFS is a good option, but there are other options out there that are not tied to Oracle and have real development happening behind the scenes, as this article proves.

Microsoft throws open Excel-based biz data tools to world+dog


Worst product name ever?

BI = BusIness?


BI = BY?

I'm guessing they are shooting for Business Intelligence?


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