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DRAMA ON MARS: Curiosity bot fires laser at alien metal object


I can't say I'm totally sold on the general concept of having NASA order robots to shoot lasers at random crap on other planets. I mean, if we start something, we're sort of screwed. We had a shuttle-thingy we could have strapped some guns to but we retired them.......we might as well fire Gumby up there with a rubber-band.

Microsoft won't back down from Windows 10 nagware 'trick'


Re: so Desperation

The reason is probably the reason that got Balmer fired: the App Gap.

Google, Amazon and Apple have been slaughtering MS in the Apps market and their push into the phone market was too little, too late. So MS turned to the captive Windows user base to garner a piece of the pie...frantically and ineptly.

Surface Book nightmare: Microsoft won't fix 'Sleep of Death' bug


This has happened to me with the Surface 1,3 and 4...........and I just now noticed -for the first time - the virtual 10-key keyboard screen in Windows 10 doesn't have a flippin' comma anywhere. You have to tab back over to the qwerty screen.

There's an exclamation point because....that's useful when you're typing big numbers: $2!435!654.99 but no comma.

Those twits at MS aren't even trying.

Your xenophobia is killing us, Silicon Valley warns US Congress


No one should give a crap about what these companies say....

These are some of the bad actors in my industry who've been spinning out of control the last few years...lying about huge chunks of their business, they've abandoned any pretense of genuinely caring about the expectation of privacy we've enjoyed since the founding of the nation, being taken away from us by the government and more so, by the IT Industry as a whole. We should let karma be a bitch, in this case and maybe call this The Start Of Payback for lying about how many work visas you needed to fill your desks with unqualified and uneducated low-wage workers.

Microsoft backports data slurp to Windows 7 and 8 via patches


It's interesting to see people catching Microsoft's BS with Windows 10 - and now these patches - but no one really noticed that the whole point of removing the START button in 8 was to force the captive audience of Windows users into an operating environment supported by an app store where MS thought they'd be able get a chunk of the piles of billions of dollars that Apple, Google and Amazon were playing in that Balmer et all, dimissed as a fad.

Google bows to inevitable, stops forcing Google+ logins on YouTubers


Re: The real namerequirement wasn't halping

You're touching on a question I had at the time that I really didn't have a method of checking: did Google harass, stalk and lie to, you? There seems to be a component of anger missing from your post.

I have a montage of screen prints of Google pulling one stunt after another to trick, entice and steer me into dropping my original, pre-Google nick. It was so over the line, I half-wondered if I could obtain a Temparary Order of Anti-Harrassment against them. It spanned product lines to the point of them literally de-linking my two email accounts and linking a "suggested" nick/account to my primary email account. I suspected only users in the US were treated this way as other countries have laws on the books prohibiting these behaviors.

(on top of that was the flat-out lie about not being able to import or - at least statically link -your old comments to your new, G+ account. It was the same lie they burned the Orket users with.)

YouTube: Nobody needs to get hurt Zoe, just sign the Ts&Cs


Very early on, it was obvious Google was going to be a crappy company. But, I never thought it would get this big or this terrible.

They're the biggest bunch of jerks in IT.

Shuddit, Obama! Here in Blighty, we ISPs have net neutrality nailed



"The UK has one of the world’s most competitive broadband markets, so ISPs need to ensure customers can connect to the services they want, or risk losing them to another provider."

At a certain point in size, the "competition corrects all" meme fails almost 100% of the time.

SHOCK and AWS: The fall of Amazon's deflationary cloud


Re: Ruthless cutting

I'm not the target market either: Google would have to get rid of the three jerks at the top, exterminate the part of their corporate culture that allows for rampant lying and cheating, and stop trying to force me to use the same log-in for all their products - so they can pin-point market the hell out of me - before I'd consider doing business with them ever again. If I'm reading you right, I think you want to look at Azure. Unless you did and found a problem.

Plucky Rockall adventurer prepares to leave islet


So, the previous record-holder was up there with what....a tent and sleeping bag?

And I'm guessing, before that, the SAS guy got to the rock, jumped in the water and wrestled the biggest octopus he could find back to it. He then used the octopus to strap himself to the windward side and spent the next 40 days daring Neptune to knock him off. Finding Neptune a laughably over-rated opponent, he got bored and left.

This guy (rather impressively) drags a small apartment complex up there, enjoys an extended vacation in what passes for the "Rockall Lap of Luxury" and every one's prepared to concede him the record?

Shouldn't circumstances count for something?

FTC to mobile carriers: If you could stop text scammers being jerks that'd be just great


Hmmm.....In the future, I'm going to proofread and be certain everything's correct before calling anyone an idiot.


Way to be on top of things, FCC!!!! This has been going on for almost 15 years.

But never mind me....I don't want to hold you up from cashing that paycheck you did nothing to receive.


Google kills its successful social network. Yes, we mean Orkut


Google lifts "Shameless" to the status of a Fine Art

"Google explained on its support page that there was no way of migrating the data over to Google+ from Orkut."

This is the same lie they told about the "sand-bag our g+ numbers" changes at YouTube, last year. It's like they think the only people on the planet who understand how this stuff works are loyal, tight-lipped employees.

Then again, no one consequential is calling them on it....

Put down that Oracle database patch: It could cost $23,000 per CPU


When did "Patch" stop meaning "Free fix for stuff we screwed-up. Sorry about that."?

France demands that Google post badge of shame on its pages


I can't imagine a circumstance where Google would do something like that. Off the top of my head, Amazon's the only large internet company that's been willing to forgo profits over what they consider an immoral or unfair situation involving a government. They've shut down affiliate web-store access in states where the state requires Amazon to play the role of an unpaid tax-collection contractor.

In the corporate culture at Google, greed has been fetishized uber alles. Those jerks wouldn't be able to pull the plug on their French page: their foaming-at-the-mouth craze to obtain as much wealth as possible has made them co-censors in places like China and literally made them "internet bullies" to huge numbers of their customers. After what they pulled in November, I won't do business with them, ever again.

They're the worst company I've ever encountered.

Democrats introduce net neutrality legislation in Senate and House


"The free and open Internet has been a pillar of our country's growing economy, "

No. The "pay-for, access restricted to authorized sites and services" internet has been that pillar.

These idiots are our "leaders".