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Former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes sentenced to 11 years in prison


Because she had already suffered by being stigmatized.

Too Damn Bad. You want to play with the big Boys(Big Thieves), you should be enabled to suffer the consequences of such actions.

This Windows worm evolved into slinging ransomware. Here's how to detect it


Re: Hang on,

That's not a worm, it's a turd!

Meta fined record-breaking $24.6m for deliberately ignoring political ad law


I live in Washington St.

Who makes these rules.

Meta Corp. Is a piece of shit corporation just like the rest of them.

Money is all that counts.

Who cares, No one!.

Google's Alphabet to review every project after $6bn decline in profits


Wall Street

Magic numbers from wall street not made.

So start firing people and cutting all cost, again.

Fuck Wall Street. They do nothing for no one but themselves.

The question is who sucks more, google or wall street. It really doesn't matter because they both SUCK!

IBM withholds healthcare subsidies from some retirees


Re: Land of the free to go bankrupt

If this is a free country, why does it cost so much to live?

Because liars and thieves are in charge.

Waferscale, meet atomic scale: Uncle Sam to test Cerebras chips in nuke weapon sims



This sounds interesting!

Banks face their 'darkest hour' as malware steps up, maker of antivirus says



........another Business' Model..imagine that !


Rest in peace, Queen Elizabeth II – Britain's first high-tech monarch


I though she was a great lady!

Enough said..............

Woman forced to sell 4-bed house after crypto exchange wrongly refunded $7.2m


Re: ..and the interest?

Welll.......as the saying goes!

Figures don't lie, but

Liars do figure (how to steal)!

You can never have too many backups. Also, you can never have too many backups


Re: Stack popped reading that procedure....

Now, if you really want to talk about kludges from that era let's talk about using a videocassette recorder for backup...

Yeah, had that on an AlphaMicro system once, the one time I needed it it failed like a fart in the wind!

Huawei CEO reportedly puts company in survival mode


Maybe if...... .

.......companies worried more about satisfying customers than Wall St., none of this would be an issue.

Amazon has repackaged surveillance capitalism as reality TV


Which side of the Pond

In neither document (the Constitution of the United States, or the Bill of Right's) is the word " Privacy" mentioned.

But, I can do whatever I want to fuddel fuck their technology any way I can, and I do!

I recently purchased a new Hp laptop. The first thing I did was to open it up and physically disconnect the microphone and the camera. I have plugin versions I can use If nèeded.

I also have my own neutered version of Win10 running Win7 in a virtual machine behind a PiHole firewall/router and soon to be cable modem of my own choice as soon as I figure out what is needed to neutered Comcast.

And as far as Microblobshit, Googblobbler, Amerizonstinkfest, and the rest of the well slurping cretons are concerned, I poison the well as much as possible because there's nothing like "Bad Data" being forced up their bum that makes me smile so much.

Fuck'em All......

Microsoft: Outlook desktop app crashing due to missing identity setting


I Prefer to call It....

Outhouse......because it's full of shit and it stinks.

Meta iOS apps accused of injecting code into third-party websites


Privacy and Security

....I've heard of it.

That's all though.

Microsoft hits milestone to replace datacenter generators with fuel cells


Carbon negative

To achieve this they will have to tell their PR department to be quiet and stop telling us how much our privacy and data security is so important to them. That would stop a lot of CO2 and hot air generation.

Computer glitches harmed 'nearly 150' patients after Oracle Cerner system go-live


Re: Dead Vets

NOPE, they should have but they rolled it out and said "lots of luck".


Dead Vets

I'm a vet and happen to live in the city in question.

This software is a bad joke, and for 4 months vets couldn't get service (care,test,surgery,or meds) untill they rolled back to the old system. Then the VA had to play catch up to begin services again.

During this catch up period, the VA had to use actual paper processes to get things done. And it worked (paper that is).

40 Billion over cost estimates is fucking ridiculous. How many trees have to be cut down and how many Vets have to die waiting for services that they are entitled to, to justify this shit.

Maybe the VA should invest 49 billion in basic services, care, pencils and paper, and dump the "New and Improved" clusterFuck.

One can only hope and pray.....

Charter told to pay $7.3b in damages after cable installer murders grandmother


Re: Alleged?

Quote "Sounds like a typical case of corporate incompetence coupled with them just not giving a rats ass about their customers. "

Typical corporate crapolla nowadays. That's why Comcast installers are all contractor's. Cuts the liability to nothing.


Re: $7.3 billion

Quote "She was 83! How many more years was she expected to live?"

What are you? 12 years old!


Re: $7.3 billion for a murder ?

Quote "I'd like to see how much administrative hassle it would create if every single company had to suspend employee access for employees taking half a day off."

Amazon does it to keep union organizers (employee's) off site when not on the clock. NLRB nailed them to the wall for doing so, but it is possible to do.

I wonder how Charters HR department feels about all of this( not really ), I bet they already have a straw man setup to take the fall for this.

Useless basterds......

UK, South Korea strike data-sharing pact


Re: Easy but naughty solution.

Can you guess which language

Koreans prefer to use.

No Asian country prefers jap language for a reason, it was called WWII.

Amazon sues 10,000 Facebook Group admins for offering fake reviews


Wonder why that is?

Because taxes were paid on the 8 million.

Judge rejects another Microsoft appeal against surplus license reseller suit


These aren't one-off shrinkwrap.

packages like you might find on eBay.

- they could be licences for many.

thousands of users.

I don't care, Microsoft sold "The Forever Key" for a profit.

Not my fault, Not my Problem.

STFU Microsoft and support your sales.


Oracle agrees to settle class action over cloud sales tactics for $17.5m


Re: Missing data point:

..nothing nèw here!

Inverse Finance stung for $1.2 million via flash loan attack


Inverse Finance

Even the name is a joke!

Samsung said to be sniffing around European chipmakers



I wouldn't trust them any farther than I can throw an elephant.

After seeing what they do with their consumer products, scraping data, flinging ads, and other such things and now they're looking at automotive SoC systems. Bullshit, I'll never buy a new car!

Ransomware grounds some flights at Indian budget airline SpiceJet


Indian budget airline

Now there is a company I would run from yelling and screaming "NO EFFING WAY".

Funky Pigeon pauses all orders after 'security incident'


Funky Pigeon

I will never type any name close to being that stupid sounding into to an address bar.

Atlassian outage lingers, sparking data loss fears



......because it's no longer your data.

Web3 'contains the seeds of a dystopian nightmare' says analyst firm


But, I love the.....

Web 1.0, and the

Web 2.0 shit also.

And I know that I'll love all the Web 3.0 shit too.

Happy April Fools Day.

China thrilled it captured already-leaked NSA cyber-weapon


Re: Beijing Mischief?


Who let the chickens out?

The end of free Google storage for education


Re: Until when?

When 3.5K for 700 licenses 'isn't bad', what - in your opinion - constitutes 'good'. Or 'excellent' ?

Thanks for helping out,


Journalist won't be prosecuted for pressing 'view source'


Re: There’s more than what meets the eye

Those that can't teach, get a college degree in Liberal Arts and take 5 years to do it.

And, I wish Misery's(Missouri) Gov would come after me. When I was finished with him, the only thing he would be running for would be the broom closet.

What an ignorant fuck he is.

Grab some tissues: Meta's share price tanks after Facebook emits latest figures


Host File

I block almost a thousand IP addresses that belong to FarceFace. So I don't get to see there shit on the web. Also block Google, Twitter, Linkedin, MicroShitSoft, and about 5000 ad servers.

Damn, the web is really fast without all that shit in the pipe.

US Navy in mad dash to salvage F-35C that fell off a carrier into South China Sea


Go Ahead

Fish it up, it's a piece of shit anyways.

It takes more clicks to reject their cookies than accept them, so France fines Facebook and Google over €200m


Re: And why are some cookies so big?

Weatherbug was considered a virus 20 years ago.

A time when cabling was not so much 'structured' than 'survival of the fittest'


Re: They had it coming.


This is the kind of shit I get to work on.

Microsoft rang in the new year with a cutesy tweet in C#. Just one problem: The code sucked


Re: Not all Yanks are wrong.

I just use the Julian calendar.

Because I like to mess with everone's head. Be it empty or not!

You've stolen the antiglare shield on that monitor you've fixed – they say the screen is completely unreadable now


You Ain't Seen Anything.........

Bowling centers in the late 60's, 70's, and 80's. 30 percent of my time was spent cleaning scoring equipment every month.

But, I have to say that it was well built. We ran one version of the equipment for 16 years until the Y2K BUG made it obsolete in 99'.

Better CEO is 'taking time off' after firing 900 staff on Zoom


Re: Well he deservers it!

Well he deservers it!

The unspeakable and unbearable burden of being rich and powerful would weigh heavy on anyone! (so, so heavy) He deserves the time off to recharge his spirit animal!

A snake, I think it was.

More like a parasite!

Microsoft accidentally bricks Insider HoloLens 2 devices


If you have to ask, you don't need to know!

Hibernating instrument on Hubble roused as engineers ponder message problem


Just Shoot It

And put it out of it's misery.

It's like giving a 97 year old a heart transplant. The new heart saves them, but the operation kills them in the long run.


Re: Hardware Outsourcing

I just happen to own a 7000 dollar hammer. I stole it from the Air Force in the 90's.

I see a service contract in my future.

Slapped wrists at Broadcom as FTC approves order against 'anticompetitive' conduct



.....are corporations going to stop the bean counters and ambulance chasers getting them into hot water over shit like this so they can further their billing amounts.

And, it seems FTC didn't restrict them from continuing to make the same old deals with cell phone makers.

Oregon city courting Google data centers fights to keep their water usage secret



Data centers are cooled using ammonia gas. The gas is cooled using water instead of air. Direct cooling of air with water is called a swamp cooler, and you do not want to that.

Once water is used in any process it is considered non-potable and can not be dumped back into the water table. That's why there are cooling towers (actually evaporators) to get rid of the water.

Missouri governor demands prosecution of reporter for 'decoding HTML source code' and reporting a data breach


Da Gov da Nor

I bet the dumb ass has Tik-Toc installed on his phone.

Android OS vendor variants transmit data with no opt-out


Re: Can't I block the destination IPs?

Sure you can, but you need to jailbreak it first because as the owner you don't have a right to access the host file.