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Yes! It's the handgun camcorder!


This is nothing new...

These devices have been around for some time, often used in assasinations as proof of kill. Maybe a pistol mount is new, mind, but rifle attachments have around for years!

Mozilla reaches stage 4 of Firefox 3 beta endurance test



"Well, the exciting news here Mark is now, the rest of the world can use these long overdue features in a large-scale cross-platform, mainstream browser. It is recognized that the 6 people who use Opera have had these for sometime."

I believe Opera resides on more *popular* platforms than Firefox, with its Mini incarnation as well as for certain commodity devices such as the Wii and newer Archos PMPs. That said, user base is probably not far off that figure; there's no accounting for taste, is there...

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Nine Inch Nails cracks net distribution (maybe)

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Its the shareware model...

Once, they used to make games that gave a few initial levels for free (or apps with the basic functions), and then one had to pay a smidge of cash for the rest. Fact is though, it was quite a popular method for working out what one wished to pay for.

Shame the old model is a shadow of it former glory, with the twin forces of FOSS and Big Business capitalism polarising the market, but it may ... just ... work in this new incarnation!

S60 users go Wiiiiiii


Better yet,

... they should have made a phone that would double as a wiimote. I mean, most already have a speaker, vibrator, bluetooth and a crapload of buttons. Have a charger that doubles as a nunchuck and you're in business.

Mum given young nympho's phone number


And this was reported by ...

... none other than Murdoch's favourite windpipe, the Sun. Which of course, being a News International publication, is bound to find fault with Sky's current target for annihilation.

Just an observation.


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