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Go hyperconverged. Or cloud. Or whatever. You won't save on hardware


He is right ...

With HyperConerged Appliances you always overspent in the nodes because you can't scale resources (compute/storage) independently. You pay for resources that you are not using and that rises with every appliance you add.

I'm also wondering why nearly nobody is talking about security concerns, because you can't realize a defense-in-depth concept with control and data plane sharing everything. But HC looks that easy on powerpoint and youtube ... maybe because there are also some redundancies missing that are best practice in traditional IT environments.

The only way is down for NetApp, HPE and IBM storage – study



And I thought in future there is only Nutanix (no SAN Storage anymore and no VMware anymore) ...

HPE to open private London drinking club


What if ....

Apple or a startup would do something like that. Would it be uncool as well? HPE is a new company ... it's a startup ...

IDC says server-based storage sales are soaring – and Dell's pwning the market


Should be 3.6PB per day ...

Gartner square-slicers name Cisco and Nutanix integrated boxen bosses


Gartner, Revenue, IPO, Pure ....

Recall of this Analysis after some Vendors are IPO filing? And VCE numbers maybe looked fine some months ago, but .... Research? out of date?

Nutanix: We're not a storage company, but, er, watch out, NetApp


Let's celebrate ...

A HyperConverged Box without running Guest-VMs is a Storage-Appliance. What an invention! Let's celebrate ...

VMware and Nutanix in vSphere support spat


Re: The truth is (always) out there ...

I know the Nutanix Bible. It shows a lot about the technology and what can be done i.e.mixed clusters of different nodes and how to deal with that, but not much what can not be done. Do a search for terms like "restrictions" (how it is used in the Release Notes), it will lead to no findings. Even if you look for "mix" it will only show that term in parts of the Nutanix Bible where there is a description how to mix nodes that can be mixed (3050 and 60X0 - please don't comment that this is not the only possibility to mix, I know that). No word that this is not possible for all combinations. So if vendors praise Nutanix for that documentation, fine. I don't do that.


The truth is (always) out there ...

... and with that said, I agree with smash. From my personal perspective Nutanix is a vendor that is selling "easy" button approach on its best. It's hard to find manuals or Release Notes if you are not already a Nutanix customer. These documents that often show the truth about what is possible and what is not. So build your own opinion about what is possible with Nutanix (scaling, mixing different nodes as you want, supporting different hypervisor solutions i.e.) and take a look at the Release Notes of NOS 4.0.1 postet on a French website: http://www.virtu-desk.fr/medias/files/nutanix-release-notes-nos-v4-0-1.pdf

NetApp and Microsoft: We're 'close' to virtual ONTAP on Azure


"ONTAP as a VSA" is not really a new approach in comparison to other vendors, is it? LeftHand Networks (today HP StoreVirtual) started delivering their LeftHand OS as a VM long time ago.... to me it seems that they are a little bit late in the game ...


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