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Apple Watch: Wait a minute! This puny wrist-puter costs 17 GRAND?!

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Re: Ah

Actually, I own a MBP and an iphone, albeit they were both company gifts. I like my MBP, I would even consider buying one myself if only for the fact that is has lasted me longer (I tend to be tough on laptops, not Toughbook levels of tough but nonetheless) than most other laptops. The phone however is a different story. I also enjoy the free OS version upgrades.

What you are saying (with my limited understanding... Thanks for the personal attack, stay classy.) is because it has been hyped for 5 months as the "best smart watch" without being released of course, because who cares about empirical evidence when you have marketing? Has good "looks" which is totally subjective and after all it is another thin rectangle with rounded corners. Quality: a battery that at best guess real-world use lasts 18 hours and at worst as little as 3 hours although the glass quality seems decent. Last but far from least: Functionality... What does it do that a phone doesn't besides add a sensor package? $349 to save an insignificant amount of arm movement to pull the phone out of my pocket and use apps that have less functionality than their phone counterparts, check my pulse and how many steps I've taken... That isn't the intrinsic value I would be looking for and I would guess most of those features will go unused by owners once the wow factor wears off. Hats off to the engineers for board design but it is more a gadget than a tool then again most smart watches are.

Also nice job inferring that all of Apple's competitors (the ones who have actually released smart watch products to market) are low quality poseurs, That is certainly the way to convince people of product superiority and remind them of that humility Apple and it's userbase is known for. Odd that Apple users don't quite like it when someone uses their tactics to criticize them.


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Apple... King of veblen goods, masters of market psychology, purveyors of pretty pop trinkets. You do have to hand it to them for their ablity to whip the lemmings into such a fervor they empty their wallets on command.

"It is unethical to let a sucker keep his money" -Canada bill jones, card cheat

'Why Digital?' Seriously? You plainly don't Get It enough. Or at all

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This article made me question my tacit assumption that I was "digital enough". It is clear I am not... My life has been a lie.

I'll be in the woods foraging for berries and making jerky out of strips of venison dried over a dead, rotting ana-log if anyone needs me, which you won't because I am not digital enough.

ICANN CEO criticizes domain 'hoggers'

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A while back some "domain investors" (mmm smell that buzzwordy legitimacy) tried to sell me variants of my domain that they had registered (mine is a .net, purchase price $7.00) for insane prices up to $5000usd, luckily my domain is a personal use domain and i swiftly told them where to shove their offer. Now someone is calling them useless scumbags and they are crying about it, if only someone could bottle those tears... Two pints please bartender!


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Big Brother

Cave Johnson here

Uh, yeah that was us, it says Paul is dead. The researchers during our extra-earth outsourcing initiative thought it would be funny to bounce it off a distant pulsar, too bad they are all too dead to hear it. Damn hippies, When life gives you lemons...

Cave Johnson, We're done here.

SO. Which IS more important to humanity: Facebook, or Portugal?

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Where is the like button?!?

Telcos try to head off net neutrality rules with legislation

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Re: Everything you need to know about failing democracy

Technically bribery is illegal it just that the legal definition doesn't include inferences to campaign contributions and wink and nods to a fat cushy jobs after your term is up. A proper law would forbid government employees from being employed by any entity they have passed laws, accepted bids on services/goods from or joining any industry lobby for the same reasons.

This law will of course be passed concurrent with me being on a crashing plane that has been struck by lighting while going to collect my lottery winnings while making out with a starlet after having won the nobel prize for breaking the speed of light.

CIA super-spy so sorry spies spied on Senate's torture scrutiny PCs

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Paging Jack Ryan...

Haven't those congressional staffers seen A Clear and Present Danger?!?! They probably telnet'd in while the CIA was logged on at the same time... I bet their printer's paper drawer was empty too! Art/life, life/art, ah the cliché lives on!

Russia to SAP, Apple: Hand over source code to prove you're not spies

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Well now you are just talking crazy. Who would make software that is free to use, audit and modify by anyone?!? Sounds like communism!!!

eBay faces multiple probes into mega-breach

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O rly?

It strikes me as odd (although it probably shouldn't at this point) that a single employee credential would give complete access to their systems, doubly so for the for a server containing the most sensitive data... I wonder if there is an HVAC technician they can blame like Target did!

Builder could lose golden ticket to Google's King Cross chocolate factory

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I know!

I've been told on the DL by GCHQ via NSA that a VIP at the IAEA would swap for EMEA ASAP but would need to be RSVP'd on the QT...

Look out, FCC: R.E.M., Aerosmith, Jello Biafra, 57 others join net neutrality crusade

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Re: Michelle Bachmann

Whoa, no need to insult cows!

Boffin dreams up smart battery gizmo for Raspberry Pi fiddlers

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Re: Charging

The UPiS looks good for servers but I see one weakness compared to this project and that is lack of access to the GPIO.

A charging circuit would have been a nice but irrelevant for the mission of the board; installation/usage away from a constant power source (and using GPIO-based sensors for some purpose) and making the batteries hot-swappable somewhat negates the charging circuit since you can pull the dead pack, take it back and charge the batteries while the second pack keeps running.