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Crack team of boffins hash out how e-scooters should sound – but they need your help*


Yakety Sax!


Shock: Brit capital strips Uber of its taxi licence


Yakety Sax!



Lyft is North American only and even there it is limited as without a local credit card you cannot use the service (which is a fecking nuisance when you are a business traveller from afar). There is MyTaxi, but that is for hailing licensed taxis.

Huawei who? We probe the sleeping storage dragon's brains


"We must stay focused. We are a company with limited capabilities and resources. We can only catch up with or surpass US companies within limited areas. A force applied over a smaller surface area can get us larger pressure, and then breakthroughs would be possible"

Which is why we do network infrastructure. And consumer handsets. And enterprise IT. We are very focused....

Don’t want a footie-field-size data centre? No problem (or is there?)


"the conventional standard for data centre racks, which date all the way back to telephone switching equipment."

It actually goes back even further. Originally the requirement was for control units used with torpedoes (which still come come in 19" and 21" sizes today). The same electronics were later used for switching systems.

Ericsson adds Dot to the office mobe coverage map


The problem is in building coverage. Higher frequencies used for 3 and 4G do not propagate well through walls and you can have large numbers of punters gathered in indoor environments. So you need to supplement the network with these sort of solutions.

Apple iPad Mini 8in tablet review

Thumb Down

Reviews vs other iPads and not Android tablets?

A poor review, one that only compares the iPad mini against it's full size stable mate. I got the impression the reviewer hasn't owned an Android tablet from the lack of discussion about them and how they compare in actual usability.

Considering the iPad mini is a response to the small form Android devices this is a huge omission. And as other reviewers have said means this is just a fan-boy review for other fan-boys to feel good about the fact they have ordered one.

Boffins bone up on rover skills as Curiosity speeds to Mars


Consistent units please!

I know you guys might be ambivalent about settling on imperial/metric for stories, but can you at least be consisted. One line leads with kilometres, the next with miles. Pick one (show the conversion) and then stick with it!

Irish website promises you'll never miss a funeral again


No the first

This isn't the only or the first site offering death notices in Ireland. www.rip.ie has been doing for a while.

George Lucas defeated by Stormtrooper helmet man


Lucas' people turn against him,,,

One of the Justices was "Lord Walker"


US Secret Service tabletop training toytown goes virtual



The Reg should have tendered for a playmobil update to their Toy Town setup.

Reg reader applauds World's Crappiest phish


As it says on the tin

Well they did say it was "stupidiously"

Ofcom consultation brings out the tinfoil hatters

Black Helicopters

How will it impact me?

If they crank up the power can someone tell me how many extra layers of tin foil I will need for my hat in the future?

Could you give up your desk phone?


Ditching the mobile

My Swedish employer got rid of all desk phones in their Swedish offices. Everyone just uses mobile phones now. They have a flat rate call agreement with their local operator so that all calls are routed back to the corporate network for IP transmission to wherever they are destined.

They wanted to roll this out across Europe but they are getting a huge push back from the mobile operators. They are worried that flat rate calling like this will cannibalise revenues, and ultimately lead to lower ARPU. Even though they would be picking up a considerably large chunk of revenue.

Apple takes flak as AT&T drops iPhone bomb


Scaling up?

"scaling up from just two days of sales it is still likely that Apple will make its first year sales targets."

And if you scale up the opening day's sales of harry Potter (11m in 2 days in the US and UK alone) then by then end of the year they will have sold over 2 billion copies!!!!!

Lazy lazy journalism.

Mobile roaming. Do you care?


MNC Roaming costs

I am involved in doing assessments of voice TCO for multinationals. We have foudn that it is about 20% of all voice communication TCO, despite the fact that only around 15-30% of employees have mobiles. On average when you give an employee an mobile the cost per extension is 6 times that for a fixed employee.

Must companies I talk to feel they are being screwed by mobile operators.