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Gamers voice NXE woes

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a big thumbs up from me

I sat and waited patiently for the update. As soon as I got word that the launch had begun, I turned on my box and it downloaded very quickly. The new front end looks so much better than the old. I love it.

It is a real shame that we have not got word on the Jaspers yet, I'm waiting for an Elite Jasper to hit our shores and then I will be a very happy gamer. I have heard that the Falcons are running well and I think that the RROD issues will be on older machines.


Freesat signs fourth hardware maker


Gonna need a hard drive before I bother.

Looked at the freesat website so many times, still no boxes with the hard drive in. Until they manage that I won't be jumping in. Also,the TV's are too big. A 32inch option with hard drive and a DVD player is what I want for the bedroom, and a 40inch TV is about the biggest I can get away with for my living room.

I'm assuming too that standard def looks better on freesat, some of my freeview channels are appallingly blocky.

Anatomy of a malware scam

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Awesome article

Yesterday while hovering around the web, I managed to pick this little fella up myself. I was up until 2am last night, worried to death that the computer that I had just purchased was ruined. I have not got a clue how to use those restore points mentioned, but I am going to have a look in windows help. I cannot understand how this is allowed to happen. Excuse my ignorance, but surely these hosts could be blocked?

I have just run AVG (downloaded based on the first couple of comments) and it found 4 issues, I hope that has cured it.

Reminds me of the days of dial up when I managed to get my (then) girlfriends machine to dial up loads of premium rate hardcore porn sites. Can you imagine the the grilling I got when i got home on the day the BT phone bill arrived. Worse still, IE would open about 30 times and connect to all manor of foul sites showing every illegal sexual activity known to man, and animal for that matter.

Ramble over, so I will just say thanks, again, for a superb article.

Slimmer Xbox 360 en-route?


wher is the Jsper

Still waiting.

So lets have news as soon as it hits the UK

Microsoft orders 65nm Xbox 360 graphics chip


So they hit our shores?

When are these things gonna drop? Everyone mentions August, but is that when they start production or when they hit the stores?

Can we hope for another price cut too?

MS to cut Xbox 360 prices this week

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This is surely down to the Jasper that is scheduled to appear

This is long overdue. I hope they will soon have the Jasper internals and then I will fly straight into town and purchase a nice reliable Elite. Anyone know when the Jasper will hit our shores?


Sony updates PS3 protein-probe program


Did I miss a meeting?

Where on God's green earth did this come from? not a bad idea I suppose, but this was a complete curve ball for me.

Well intentioned I'm sure

Virgin Media network collapses nationwide


reply to Reg Sim

try this site:




I have heard that BE are pretty reliable internet providers. I use wor's computers so I wouldn't have a clue (we use BT here, I think)

Watchdogs probe Sky dominance on pay-TV


You can keep Prem, but England matches should be for all

I think the title says it all

I could not give a fig for the Prem football league, but games involving the national team should be available to all.

Still can't believe more people don't complain about this.

Sega denies Dreamcast revival


Anyone remember RE-Volt

Re-Volt was by far the most played game on my dreamcast. Awesome fun.

And the controllers were a million times better than Playstaion. Very similar to original Xbox. Triggers too.

Sony PS3 narrows gap with Nintendo Wii


It's al a big fix

Went into my local games shop and they said that I had next to no chance of getting a Wii before christmas. Pathetic in my opinion. This has to have been planned as I fail to believe that Nintendo could not meet demand with all the resources that they have.

Lets face it, the Wii is graphically pants. The chap in the game store even tried to convince me that the graphics were on a par with the 360 and PS3. Once I had picked myself off the floor I thought it better to steer him away from that line of questioning as he clearly had no idea what he was talking about. I felt embarrassed for him.

Anyway, I am drifting off from my point. The current crop of console makers are pants, lets have Sega back. the Wii is fun, but graphicaly flawed and IMO over-priced considering the extras can run to a higher cost than the machine. I totted up that my daughter would need at least one extra controller and a covers for the nunchucks etc, very expensive. The Xbox is great in principle, but M$ seem to always have reliability issues RROD, overheating, sounds like a jet engine etc. Sony want to push Blue-ray on us and are taking a big hit for doing it. I am sure though that they are running the marathon rather than the sprint.

There is no scarcity, it is a big trick to milk us at christmas. They (console makers) should all be lined up against a wall and asked to justify the current state of affairs.

Microsoft cuts Xbox 360 prices in Japan


Get another one for the UK

Crack on then and lets have a decent cut for the UK for all the nonsense.

Only Sky can save digital TV


I thank the lord for the license fee, it's worth it

Complete rubbish that article.

I am more than happy to pay the fee charged by the BBC, worth every penny. And judging by what you get for your money with Sky, phenomenal value for money.

Hail to the license fee

Down with Sky and it's over priced drivel. The only thing that is worth watching is the American fox news which lives up to every stereotype you ever thought about American rightwing tat. "fair and balanced" news, pure comedy. I used to get up just to laugh at it. Worst of all, it is completely true, this really is the muck that is viewed over the pond.

Xbox 360 Elite to raid Europe next month


Skirting around the important bits

So have they sorted the stupid failure rate??? I cannot believe they have or else they would surely be shouting from the rooftops about how great the new version is.... Seems like this one will be hit by the same failure rate to me. Previously I had read that the new 65nm chips would be delayed until late in the year. I wonder if that is why the Japanese are getting theirs later, beause M$ don't need any issues in that part of the world. Come M$ tell us if the issues have been resolved. I had read one interview that hinted at an improvement in that dept, but I need more.


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