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Nintendo Wii: the world's greatest console?

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Who cares about Ps3 and 360's

The article is about how well it is doing. Next gen doesn't just mean where consoles try to get the same resolutions Pc monuitors give anyway, it means the next generation of consoles. Something which can be measured in a number of ways. Sales, features, build numbers, sizes.

Ps3 and Xbox have the HD... woohoo, the ability to play games on a screen that Pc's have enjoyed for years, 1080. It doesn't mean anything if the games aren't there. So many of the games are clones of previous games. Haloo, that driving thing Ps3 has. The Wii isn't in that race, it is another race, for the family, group of mates and those quirky games you can't otherwise find a niche for (that warez thingy). That is why it is selling well, A different target audience.

Graphically it isn't an 8800 Nvidia like the PS3 and 360, but then again in a year it will still be as it is, family fun. PS3 won't be so hot as more clone games come out or when the Nvidia 9900 comes out and Pc's once again leap frog ahead.

It's a niche that previous games manufacturers didn't go for, a niche that turns out to be huge, girls, groups, kids and short time span games based on particitpation and moving round. PS3 and 360 got caught on the hop and have nothing to compete with it.

Good on 'em. I am saving up for mine (whenever stocks are in) at crimbo.

New emails address you by name, then try to hose your PC

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@malcolm hunter

Mac OS X and linux can't be a cancer. Cancers spread. :)

Vista, now there is a cancer.

Asus: 'no plans' for 10in Eee PC

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@ Adrian


Tons of places in the uk stock it.

I have one, it rocks. but there is some work to make it from the user interface (can't add your own software) ridden machine to a true linux machine where you actually have a laptop. The bundled apps more than make up for it however.

Dutch teen swipes furniture from virtual hotel

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I'm with Cameron

If this is a real report then I am worried as I have numerous counts of virtual murder, GBH and if you take my star wars "empire at war" use of the death star. then I can add genocide to the list.

And losing make believe stuff in a game happens all the time. Just ask EA at how bad they code their games that people "Buy" then after server upgrades in their many bug fix release, people have "lost." Can we expect them to press charges for that?

...this world has gone crazy.

16,000 namesakes cry foul over US terror watch list

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America - land of the Rtards

Javaid has a sticker telling people he isn't a terrorist. Ahhh the legendary 7 year genocidal maniac. Well known around the world that one.

FFS - All that money hassle and liberty lost and still security there is in the hands of a ten pound gadget shop sticker machine.

That country is a joke.

Police dismantle global child porn network

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Punishment. Castration for all of 'em. No anaesthetic

19 countries made arrests.

18 will lock them up in horrible prisons where they will regret and fear for their lives while making interesting friends who want to do interesting things to them..

1 country will slap their wrists, let them loose with a "now don't do it again" and put them on a list, only to then have to relocate and hide them at taxpayers cost because people don't want them near them. Or worse, they will be locked up and 3 square meals a day, warmth, Colour tv, satellite, gym membership, free medical care, free dental care, a wage, drugs and women on tap, phone calls when they want it and no mortgage or taxes. And the right to vote.

I love this country.

Asus prices up Eee PC sub-sub-notebook for US

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This sucks

Rip off Britain on pricing and still no 8GB release.

Odd as we are the fifth biggest economy in the world, they could make a killing here but only release the sub models.

I would love an economist to explain why the US get theres for less than half the price we do. Or why they don't ship higher spec models.

Asus to offer Eee PCs pre-loaded with Windows

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hmm... call me cynical

What's more likely.

MS bend over backwards to release a cut down verion of "bloat ware Vista" to help one manufacturer release a new small laptop.


Asus report the laptop is selling one every two seconds and it is linux based? but "can work on XP with some work." which makes MS realise they are in trouble...

You decide.

UK fast food peppered with salt

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Ahh the rocket science

The easiest and direct route for profit in these places is in soft drinks. less than 1p per litre of syrup and they sell it for £1.35, 1.85, 2.50 Same with cinemas (and salty pop corn) and pubs.

So you are there for dinner and eating salty food which makes you more thirsty.

...the French fries are laced in the stuff at McDonkey

Remember at pizza hut when the chicken pizza were vegetarian safe because it was all soya.

And why milk shakes are so thick?

Anyone shocked at a food standards test has released alarming results.

Erratic fleshies sabotage, wreck innocent flying robot

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The same people who designed this genius flying system voted Geroge W Bush into power...


...Are any of you surprised it crashed???

Asus launches tiny PC

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Black Helicopters

it's so pretttttyyyy

Given the pricing in this country is rip off britain, this is one extra thing that makes me want to risk the pathetic US imposed hurdles for a quick trip to new york shopping. (Bend over, Cough, DNA and Finger prints, your life history, mums pet cat's DNA etc etc)

Once in a life time, go over max a credit card and buy all those things I can't get here without a second mortgage.

I want one of these a I am just wanting a little laptop for the web and typing stuff while sat in a comfy chair.

Must be a conspiracy, silly prices here to get us to go over there to shop... helicoptors... anyone else hear them???

Opera and Mozilla step up mobile browser pressure

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Gates Horns


I have 1GB of RAM on my internet system and have had well over a dozen tabs in FF running as well as downloading on some tabs and things like word and video apps running at the same time. With no slow down and room to spare. Sounds like you have a dodgy install, what version you running?

Never tried Opera but I am currently using IE7 and it can't hack four tabs, the "reg", "reg hardware" and two "comments" pages. My mobile phone uses IE and I really want an alternative. Come on Mozilla, or opera etc etc.

EA aquires Bioware and Pandemic

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Dude have you actially played those games, who in the right mind believes metascores? If you all believed them every game would be 9/10 or 81% so the law of averages mean there is never any game ever released that wasn't very good and yet there are tons.

Also they don't review how EVERYBODY finds a games, KOTOR was good ish, KOTOR2 was a clone that didn't make sense (anyone understand why the guy was on a half dead ship floating around anyway?), had a massive bug that meant you couldn't get the voice module form the first HK robot, this making it unfinishable for a large % of players. Also the bug of the woman (mira) and wookie on the jabba's moon and the legendary bandit encounter that never happened, thus stopping the game. Yet your score is 85.

NWN. you play and do everything and the last item you get before fighting the lizard people and their queen in their lair is an amulet you need to be a certain level to wear. I did everything and couldn't wear it. Killed everyone, did every quest and still couldn't wear the only thing I had to survive that encounter. 91% not for me, for me it was a rip off.

EA buy nice little companies and turn them to shit. (Westwood - C&C, DICE - battlefield 1942) being the two I can name.

BF1942 was great, no bugs and ran like a dream. Ea released BF2 and BF 2142. Widely regarded as buggy and hack ridden (the fly yourself around pods, spawn with no beacon, walk through walls). 2142 has the same bugs that the BETA did. (key mapping and tank rear armour bug) Ea also famously gave us the now in use spyware that tries to sell us Lloyds bank accounts on billboards in game.

EA rush clone jobs based on good stuff and don't have a QA department.

Why don't you play these games and get online to experience the true horror that EA release instead of quoting some fanboy magazine articles that is so far out you need a telescope. Or do you believe the Supreme commander score as well, 9/10 for the buggiest (Can't install CD check errors) resource hungry (Minimum 2GB ram, Dual core) turkey since Vista.

Ea buying more games companies....


Dutch Consumer Association declares war on Vista

alistair millington

Thing for me is .

This weekend I helped out my sister with her new laptop, it came with Vista and the supplier didn't supply driver disks so I had to keep it that way. I clicked on the vista gadgets, got the CPU display (looks like car speedo's) and 41% of the 2Gb of RAM was used just to look at the desktop.

That for me is enough to worry that all those Pc's running 1GB as a good deal for Vista must be horrendous to use.


I bought my Vista from a reputable supplier on a machine they built for me. The only game I played was halo2 and both Vista and Halo2 (An MS built for vista game) crash, unplayable. Doing everything you say still doesn't have Nvidia with a good release of drivers, or games designers with a reliable and stable release. Kind of leaves your argument dead in the water.

@The other Steve

I have 10 years Experience in IT and I hate Vista for the problems and incompatibilites it evidently has. Don't include me in your definition. They are forcing an upgrade because of the minimum specs required, and my dual Nvidia 9750 GT GFX cards you would have expected to be supported as they are the largest GFX suppliers. But nope, not with Vista and not for the first six months after release.

Americans' interest rates plummet

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MS just had 2.1 billion. MS the "also ran" in another statistic.

But what is Baidu... *quickly goes and types that into google.*

You want to learn about Ubuntu?

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cool ubuntu is getting bigger and better - with some cheap books to boot.

Ian McNee,

You couldn't have been a better advertisement for what David was trying to point out. Good job that man for biting the bullet and letting the world know he was right with what he said. With your first sentence no less. Excellent...

For me you have to look at the market. Vista is after twelve years of MS dominance, multi billion pound backing and they produced ME, even more cash and they produce Vista, released too early, not supported and resource hungry monster that is being pushed above all else. XP took seven years to be stable and now works. All of that with a billion pounds and more behind it. Teams of developers and all the world of suppliers doing the hard work for them. Limited use outside the high end spec PC.

Linux is written by geeks, fanboys, professors, college students or part time programmers, a few various threads of development and you get after less years in work, nothing like the cash backing and little to no support at the outset from the mainstream developers. You end up with a more stable OS. Able to boot from anything (pen drive if you want).

An example of the two systems.

You turn on Vista and assuming it works you go looking for how to share a file because default the UAC (great invention) has disabled it. It took knowledge to find it, that knowledge is because you know sort of what XP did and where it did it. Or help files which lead you round in circles. Now find out how to access and edit the registry, needed to run some code yet? It took advanced knowledge for that. Knowledge taken for granted because you know XP. Have you turned off the UAC yet, tried to get around the annoying messages on login that tell you the UAC is turned off. You can't? You haven't got the knowledge for that, not on forums yet? MS won't tell you how to get rid of it?. Have you found out you can't have over three GB of RAM, you only find out on forums and the dreaded KB files because MS marketing skips that bit. Support for the NVIDIA SLi, not in Vista, despite their payoffs to NVIDIA it was 3 months before the Beta was released and it still doesn't work 100%. The list continues but you can see my point.

Two things are at play, one persons hard to find knowledge is one persons experiences with previous releases taken for granted.

And all of the above for Vista can be replaced with Linux. Same kind of things, in the same places trying to sort the same problems. Only one has a billion pound behind it. One doesn't.

I can't see what the fuss is. Ubuntu and Vista have the same kinds of issues just one is free and has a cute symbol, the other is written by M$ and currently costs a small fortune.

Vista Business sales soar like leaping dachshund

alistair millington

There is hope yet

Vista sales are up because of their sales tactics, nothing more.

But there are places where you can get XP home for 50 quid. I just had to buy a laptop and it came with the vista virus.

MS XP home, OEM SP2 50.82 inc.

Have hope guys, there are suppliers out there still holding out against the new ME.


Science and religion collide for galactic conference

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I like the thought of...

Someone in his eighties wearing the full ceremonial catholic robes somewhere in the Arizona desert saying.

"Disk galaxies are the hot topic."

Made me smile anyway... What is that in Latin?

I'll get me coat.

Microsoft shouts 'Long Live XP'

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Makes me smile.

"As it stands, DX10 is unnecessary for non-gamers. Occasional gamers can get by happily with just DX9c, as well."

Never mind occasional gamers, hard core gamers won't use Vista regardless of DX10. Dx9c is fine thankyou very much. Better to have a working DX9c than a broken Vista with Nvidia driver running DX10 and constant crashes.

I have OEM Vista Ultimate, Last MS product I will be buying. Such a high price, no wonder people are hacking it or turning away.

Come on the penguins...

Microsoft: New Live Search 'as good as Google'

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interestingly enough.

My company use IE7 (I am not told why) but mistyping a word into the URl brings up a google page saying "..did you mean to type...."

This is on a standard install, not sure where we are dragging that information from because no one ever went in and set it.

Live search, Pah!. I would rather they fix vista before trying to flog us another "as good as service."

The Christmas Console Wars: round one to Xbox?

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no contest

Went to a lan party, all three consoles were on offer. The Lan party were all hard core gaming fans, serious players and we were there for a number of days.

The PS3 lasted on hour on the driving game. Then we were bored.

The xbox was there on and off because there were six Xbox machines and some games were okay. Mainly driving round london or something.

The Wii came out and we played for two days, I did five hours of tennis and pulled a shoulder muscle.

It's great, crimbo for me is a Wii. We are all sad hard core gaming fans and know what we like but the wii was just fun (novel concept), only so much FPS or RTS or driving round london before you get bored. RSI inducing controllers and samey style games.

If I want serious online hard core games I use my Pc, for casual, fun or group games the Wii wins.

Nuff said.

Why Microsoft vs Mankind still matters

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Vista schmista, come on anyone else

Being an IT semi geek that works (supports) on both Vista, Xp and uses linux.

If you are a home user doing nowt but the net and letting the malware MS installs handle updates then you are fine with MS. If you take an interest and like installation of many games or software and use it beyond the day to day. Then there is so much out there that is better, but you wlil never know because it takes effort. The critical decisions to offer a choice have been made for you by the vendors through backhanders and big incentive schemes.

I don't like MS, Vista isn't what they sell it as (anyone shocked), it is overpriced by a huge amount, it doesn't run on the RAM they advertise (it can use 128MB in ultimate (but can't read over 3) ) The security settings are a joke, the help files are worse. (4 hours to share a directory) XP and Vista don't share media libraries in media player 11 (winamp anyone) it crashes playing games because of an unknown error (the reporting error tool crashed twice) all something I discovered at home after installation. Then I started using it at work. (It got far worse)

So you have to ask if MS next offering is Vista how safe is there market share.

They do give massive carrot and stick incentives and they get away with it. Everyone knows they do, legally and otherwise by stopping licences and with holding support if someone dares to go against their wishes but they know there is nothing out there to worry them.

For me windows Xp works but the fact we are facing service pack 3 says it all. There is a Microsoft tuesday for pete's sake. It is that filled with holes and that poorly written that they have to make such regular releases as to have a known time and day to do it.

Linux has too many distro's to be any good (Just pick one or two and go with them). You have the internet, open office and Email with good OSS stuff so now tackle to rest of the bulk home user market. Games, that to me is the key to the future. (Don't even mention games on Vista.)

Eye-O-Sauron™ spy towers still buggy

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Problem is all our cameas are only needed to prevent crime (the bloke watching the camera at the time) or to catch someone after a crime (badly shown on TV or local papers) The information isn't held centrally or passed freely. Police ask nicely or ask a court to ask forcefully.

In America it is held on record for ever, logged and flagged every time you do anything from travelling outside the border to applying for a job and fourteen departments (Okay, the NSA, DOD, FBI, CIA, Homeland security, ATF are just the main ones but america has one every month for something) responsible for the same thing all getting a copy. Without the person ever once being asked.

I am still astounded at how stupid it is becoming in America, just the hoops you jump to get a plane ride as a tourist. this is just another in a long line of stupid things that they do to protect themselves, when there are 350 million nutters already in their border, gun toting (it's a national right of course), law breaking, isolationist, anti-democratic (The richest man buys the white house afterall) set of muppets already. I think we should turn the cameras inward, help stop the spread of their tourists.

I still think the official publication of their tourist guide that helps explain that the world doesn't actually think Americans are all that great is the best thing ever in the world.

Consumers confused by HD

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You are in error, H is the only none vowel to have the 'an' applied in certain circumstances (you then go into rules of pronouns and all that which I can't remember) and if I remember my schooling there was a couple of words that started with another letter but only a couple of words under that letter which I can't remember.

It is correct English to say *h*aitch but how many know correct english?

HDDVD would be great if flims were worth it nowadays. Nothing worthy of upgrading my DVD collection, not to mention the price tags for the hardware.

What does Microsoft's European defeat mean?

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Yay... Ms got slapped down for a change.

@Andreww Duffin.

Apple's? Even more closed, even more expensive...

Linux? 57 varieties and unusable unless you're a major geek?

You have to ask why this is, Linux can't get a look in because windows is the only one sold with Pc's. Some big manufacturers need to come on board to help get Linux mainstream. But they don't because Ms PR boys have done such a good job and because Linux doesnt' have PR boys.

Apple has the same problem for similar reasons.

This enables with Law to allow those other smaller companies to get a chance at the playing field, so we can have different OS's and then perhaps Linux will get a main stream variant. (I am refraining from wanting Apple as mainstream.)

The supermarkets isn't a good enough analagy as there are 4 mainstream and a few also rans, the 4 main players fight eachother with only farmers being the losing side.

There is no other mainstream beyond MS. Hence the need for someone to step up and give them what for. Sad fact this is the EU and not the US when they did it. That alone speaks volumes to me.

I do think the costs should be investigated next, that is the stupid situation now. Never mind subs-tandard releases that always require fixes for supposed great new software.

Britannia triumphs over Johnny Metric

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"The US aside, what other country has such a warped, self-indignant sense of nationality to the point where it is so resistant to agreement and co-operation on an international level? The rest of the world must surely on with a mixture of pity and confusion."

France - Take your pick of world issues where they sit on a fence. Farmer strikes at changes to the Common Agricultural Policy that is bankrupting the EU. "Block Calais that will get what we want." Immigration camps at the entrance to the tunnel, aiding them on their journey here. I am only just warming up.

Spain - Gibraltor, They want to remain British, 98% democratic vote but Spain won't give up. (Remember goat island off the coast of morocco for double standards) The EU law that says you can carry wine and spirits in any amount for personal use. You try that on the gibraltor border where they confiscate over a litre.

China - Tibet and Taiwan issues, Tibet was invaded you know. The american 3rd fleet guards Taiwan from invasion andthe constant missile "tests".

Russia - Chechnya being independent.

Austrailia - Building the first concrete runway in Antarctica for tourism. Bet you didn't know that.

Israel and Palestine.

I am not even listing rogue states. Pick a country and you can find something to blow your agument out the water.


We adopted a lot from France because we owned half of it hundreds of years ago before Joan of Arc. Let's not go down the road of words in France they got from us. We wouldn't be us if it wasn't for some French invading in 1066 and France wouldn't be French if it wasn't for us in the world wars etc etc. The list goes on back and forth with various countries playing a part. Lighten up.

Who cares about pints and measurements, the EU spent 25 years in legal battles trying to stop Cadbury selling there because they didn't think it was chocolate. It is now called Family chocolate. So this is small fry in cash and time wasted.

Let's concentrate on better things that actually matter in life, like our army under equipped, the climate, the madman in the white house,

Apple slashes iPhone prices

alistair millington

I'm with Dave

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Made my day reading this, best tagline for a while. :)

Jobs fanboys paid $200 for the apple symbol as I bet the price now is comparable to the iphone clones that people like HTC are releasing. Meaning the only real difference was the stupid symbol and the 68 day head start.

Apple rings in changes with iPod Touch

alistair millington


Jobs' fanboys will buy it in enough volume because of the apply symbol and the ability to touch things is new. (my nearest ATM has done that for decades BTW, my pocket pc for at least 4 years) jobs will get more money, think he has done the right thing and selling the same thing under a different name for half the memory capacity at record prices will be seen as the right thing to do. AGAIN

And in six months it wil be cheaper but they won't complain, going on about market forces then the next one will be released with double the memory capacity and be sold as "a revolutionised design allowing more music or videos" which you will think is novel and new because you forget that the old ipod had that amount in the first place and that this version was pants.

God some people are sad.

Orange strong-arming ex-customers for imagined debts

alistair millington

O2 weren't much better

I was with vodaphone and wanted a particular model they did. Took 8 weeks and PAC codes to tell me I can't get it so I went to O2.

I wanted a new phone - they sent me a reconditioned one then lied when I said it wasn't new. Even thought the memory card provided had photo's already of some guy and his family.

The battery didn't take charge. The replacement was in a dpot 40 miles away on a "we tried twice come and get it" card drop. (which they never attempted delivery.)

When trying to get things sorted I had 5 phone calls, one they put down on me and two were to wrong departments because repairs didn't do anything within 14 days.

I cancelled within my 14 days as their customer services sucked. For the next 3 months they were collecting money from my account. Only when I cancelled my DD did they call me and ask why.

Because of the grief they credited my account with £10 (bear in mind I had cancelled 3 months previous and didn't have an account.) and then it took another two months to have the funds returned and the money for buying the phone in the first place took a few emails to get back.

I am on T mobile and their coverage sucks, but at least I got the phone I wanted on a better tarrif.

Microsoft promises less-annoying Vista OS early next year

alistair millington

For all you people that consider vista good.

\rant on

I just read this about a better version of Vista. So as everyone in the world guessed, Vista SP! will be the actual release state of Vista, the one we should have got.

Vista (I was conned to buy the Vista ultimate - 32bit as I want to install stuff but I can't run more than 3GB of RAM because MS lied about that. Ultimate can run 128GB of RAM.... NOT and the american conversion rate meant I could get OEM far cheaper than the small mortage the full price costs.) Doesn't work out of the box with the two largest graphics manufacturers, It took three months for a beta for SLI. Yet MS said it would, they said it would run as they had worked closely with leading manufacturers of hardware (except NVIDIA)

Halo2 crashed seven times for me and of them 2 were Vista's "let me report the problem" crashing that caused the issues. It was written by Microsoft. Games work fine six months later.

At work I have vista business, it doesn't work with PCanywhere, server editions for small business, network connections that require certain permissions remopved (like admin or shared hard drives and complains ever time you connect to an older OS. Or anything on win2k.

Dial up modems don't work for those older and more mature businesses out there. IAC / UAC (who cares) causes most of these issues because they ban by default the drivers for none supported kit. Once CACk is turned off you can't run certain features anyway.

and Vista ready is definitely not a sticker I believe in. My system has 768 MEG RAM and is fine with XP. 21 minutes and counting from power on to doing something work related. With a fresh brand new install with Vista upgrades installed.

My home system is a INTEL core 2 duo (2.66) 4 GB 800mhz RAM, dual SATA 2 drives, Dual SLI Nvidia 7950's and Vista is pants to work (but is pretty.).

Vista is a joke. I know I work on a helpdesk as the companies Vista and 2007 tester for all our clients in the legal profession (some have only just upgraded to 2k) and guess what, I am very busy at the moment solving this junk.

but these comments are a treat.

"In addition to updates we’ve previously released, SP1 will contain changes focused on addressing specific reliability and performance issues we’ve identified via customer feedback, supporting new types of hardware, and adding support for several emerging standards," wrote Vista product manager Nick White.

- Get existing standards working first...

"Microsoft encourages organizations not to wait for SP1 but instead [to] deploy Windows Vista today in order to benefit from improved security, management, and deployment benefits"

- WHY? Who would want to risk their business and livelihood on something that doesnt' work with existing hardware and technology. REAL LIFE means old tech and lots of people have the view if "it ain't broke don't fix it." So why have a view of "well it's pretty and MS say so so I will upgrade my 400 PC's and my 40 printers because Vista tells me." Get real.

"but as always, we're first and foremost focused on delivering a high-quality release, so we'll determine the exact release date of SP1 after we have reached that quality bar"

- What a load of..... Is this quality bar higher or lower than the Vista release. Are the same idiots involved in it's calculations as Vista release. I wonder.

I used to like Ms, I used to support it against people that criticised. Then I got a job in IT.

Roll on UBUNTU

\rant off

US teen trades hacked iPhone for Nissan 350Z

alistair millington

RE: 350z = juicy

You like your dad right? :)

iCrap & iShat, Nice. Couldn't have put it better myself.

Free software campaigners stonewalled at BBC

alistair millington

Who cares?

QUOTE - ..."I'd be a lot more sympathetic to the conspiracy theories about Microsoft pulling the strings at the beeb if iPlayer actually worked in Vista. Surely if Bill was in charge he'd have made sure that was sorted before it was released?"

Assuming Vista worked in the first place with anything I might consider that a good comment. Certainly given recent headlines of them admitting it was pants. (and in my experiences with vista business and ultimate editions it is utter pants)

Let's be honest though. The BBC hasn't produced any decent TV in a long time, unless you are a devoid of like and like cooking, Diy, Gardening, Reality and repeats. Anyone going to download anything anyway.

Someone has got a backhander from this. They certainly are not the corporation of the people anymore. Not since viewing figures dictated programming.

PC buyers: 'Vista Capable' machines weren't Vista capable

alistair millington

RE: RE: What is "Vista"?

"Oh, my Vista CAPABLE Toshiba notebook runs Vista Ultimate perfectly fine and as well as it ever run XP & no Home Premium Ready sticker in sight."

...You are indeed one of the blessed few. I also guess you work for them or don't do much with your laptop.

Vista was sold as containing all these new features, if you turn them all off you are left with a normal OS that isn't really that good. It worked for only 600 or so known things at the time of going live by their own admissions and doesn't work with a lot more. (Halo 2 being the one I have issues with)

If you have a basic OS that does some stuff it is fair to call it XP, afterall once you turn of the aero deck and get rid of all the annoying features that make it Vista, there is little different to Xp. (except stability)

The fact it was written from scratch just means they had bad project managers who let this thing be born defunct. Inheriting the same bad mistakes Xp had on go live and after all those years and all those lessons that had been learned as well. Such a shame.

I bought a new machine, and Pista ultimate, on the inflated prices for Europe and immediatly went back to XP. I bought a machine far in excess of what Vista needed. Only to find out they lied on how much RAM it can use (3GB or 128 (see small print of 64 bit only)) How little driver support there really was by all the hardware manufacturers and how little it actually works within a business environment.

Planting trees will not save the planet: official

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not conifers

Lungs of the Earth and getting CO2 to come down means deciduous trees. Fast growing conifers just make the soil acidic, limit what it can be used for because of the 3 inch layer of acicidc pine needles and do nothing for the environment.

Deciduous natural forests are much better.

but they won't help the CO2 crisis because of the quantities involved. Our need for the beef burger has meant the green house effect of so much beef (the biggest contributor or methane) and the fact horrendous amounfs of the amazon are being cut down stop anything we do from being useful. Together with fossil fuels being burned in greater amounts than carbin sinks can do.

I wish people studied Geography sometimes. I learned all this years ago in class, that and the news that putting tarmac and concrete everywhere increases the likelyhood of floods because nothing slows the rain down in the catchment area. There is no lag time for the swell of rain entering the river system. (which is actually helped the most by forested slopes of deciduous trees)

A flood plain is called the flood plain for a reason.

It's all basic GCSE Geography- assuming todays kids and schools taught that, and assuming today's politicians and journalists actually read a book now and then...

First Vista service pack beta for 07

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Vista isn't the only OS

I won't buy another windows OS after wasting cash on an OEM of vista ultimate.

...but the options for someone wanting to play games are Vista, XP or nowt.

If Linux would only stop having 40 + distributions and settle on 1 then games manufacturers could get involved and MS would actually have competition, they would actually HAVE to produce something that was good and worked or lose their strangle hold on the world.

I think MS are trying to put as much spin on their cruddy Vista as Jobs is on the Mac and we know what that means.

ICSTIS wants your views on anonymous SMS

alistair millington

Just wait

In this political correct hell hole that Britain is becoming this will continue and you wlil get them as the next wave of spam / sales / market research junk this way.

Until one day either a "racist" or a "terrorist" start to use it, then the Govt will step in and take control. Blame ICSTIS for not acting sooner, scape goat them instead of society for just being pants and voila. Problem solved.


From - Police

Message - Terrorist strike in your area, get out quickly.

Or worse...

They should ban anonymous anything, it'll only end up with stalkers and wierdo's using it to stalk lonely girls, only to have the phone providers drag their feet over the issue and it fail in court as evidence because of a bygone law that infringes on make believe human rights that state someone can commit a crime but can't be arrested or given a slap as that infringes on their right to commit the crime in the first place. Or worse, the judge is so senile he lets off the offender because he is out of touch with the real world and all the prisons are full.


I seem to have ranted... apologies.

Logitech keyboard rides the Wave

alistair millington

backlit - backlit

For those sad gamers amongst us, this wave stuff is horrendous (as was the natural MS thing). You can't get to half the keys simply by moving your hand left and right, you have to look at the keys so you go up and down or all kinds of things happen. :(

....and I can't replace my logitech backlit super linking gaming keyboard that tells me stuff on it's LED.

Flash flaw may prompt Wii to 'hang'

alistair millington

Is that it?

The only thing that crashes on the Wii is an add on for viewing certain file types on certain web pages. Which not many people would actually care about when web browsing.

People cope with Windows and all of it's myriad of problems and they still sell consoles and operating systems.

So I still can't see a reason not to buy the console. Cheap, healthy (you played the tennis?), cheerful, addictive.

Netgear Storage Central Turbo SC101T network storage box

alistair millington

I liked the SC101

When I got it, looks like a little toaster and stores all my files. Even told friends to get one.

Then I read the forums, My friends died and he lost all data. The silly file format is horrible and I am paranoid now that it is going to die so I don't use it as I can't replace the files.

Add in the fact it keeps dropping connections from windows explorer, even though it is mapped (g: and h: drives) The mapping goes and the only solution is go and pull the plug (It has no power button)

The screen shots in this review are identical and the pictures show this is a revamped product

Great idea, handled badly (Should be netgears sales line)



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