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BT admits misleading customers over Phorm experiments

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I like the bit about data classes are "financial"

How can you class with the government, legally telling them what you are up to and that you are using "financial data" from END USERS then say you aren't using financial data from end users.

Anyone explain that in any other way other than it's all lies? Either to the government or the END USERS.

Any ISP that doesn't sign up to it gets my vote. Just waiting for the final say from BT before I jump ship and look for others

Free software lawyers warn over Microsoft patent pledge

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I think part of it is what M$ will do. They don't want you using their stuff.

You pay a premium of a few cents and you can have a DVD and use it's name. USB is the same. They are plug in and play devices and work. Out of the box, no installation because as a standard everyone can use the drivers and it works.

M$ wouldn't be like that with their standards, they would most likely use there normal bullying business practices and simply say no, sorry. It would kill off development to M$ developers and Vista and their new Home server are prime examples of that level of expertise. Would you want them being the only ones to control a standard. Like how IE mangled the internet. how Vista with the world already using graphiocs and file sharing and networks and copying and pasting etc. Yet they can't even work within existing standards without messing that up.

It's not that it is free, it is that other people outside M$ had a hand in making it standard. 50 companies that run the world meeting to discuss something or one bunch of Rtards that think Vista works. Do the math.

Top security firm: Phorm is adware

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Excellent smithers

Excellent, now the home office is involved. (Queue image of trembling boots and a scary home secretary... Who is it now anyway?)

Not that I expect any action, as it is a government agency, but at least people somewhere in the hallowed halls of antiquity are beginning to take notice.

**Dons tin foil hat.**

Why is that, helping the general populace out at a time of company underhanded ness.


The petition and ruccus caused by this and other sites?

Asus CEO: Eee PC to get HDD options, Intel Atom CPU

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Asus need to sort themselves out before shipping

I have an eee Pc and it's main selling point is size and lack of moving hard drives, so you can carry it without worrying, and as it is so small you forget half the time it is there. So you end up sitting on it half the time. It rocks.

But it annoys me that by may you can buy one of the new versions, but the month after you might get a different colour and you could at a later date get a hard drive and then you might also get 3g.

how many variants, models and versions are they planning. The whole point of the asus was it had two models, big and small, everything else was the same. Granted in some countries, big and small were far from equal. :) Us had the 8g and 2g, we got the 4g and 2g.

That is the most annoying thing. Just get it all sorted then ship it with all included in a range of colours.

And where were the pastel shades for the eee 701. My eee pc box has them on but they are not for sale.

Windows better off closed, says Microsoft

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The other factor is, to release it they would have to clean it up first.

Removing the bad syntax, the swear words, the appalling grammar. the pages of stuff that no longer has a purpose.

Wasn't there an article on the reg from one developer that detailed what the MS 2000 source code contained.

I doubt they want the hassle of actually going through all that code to clean up for public scrutiny.

gotta love M$

Phorm launches data pimping fight back

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Interesting read, good of them to do it. HOWEVER

Makes me think if we as a bunch of readers of this hadn't stepped up and done the petition, the complaints to the Information commissioner etc and raised the level of awareness to public media, would they have come forward for an interview.

Although good on us [the reg readers] for doing the run around and making this at least reach main stream media. Perhaps there is something in shouting and ranting and kicking up a fuss.

My tuppence and my cynical view.

Still don't like it though, having read the BT link. PR and spin.

Helicoptor icon because I don't think they would have come forward without the argument.

UK government data protection is a shambles

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They brought us the HSE

...and can't follow simple logical rules themselves.

Sack the lot of 'em. Oh wait, Europe now officially runs the country anyway, so why not sack 'em all.

New York's Freedom Tower to depend on RFID

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@Tom Willis

I heard about the height and date link but thought not even the americans are that stupid, to rub it in to the only (stupid enough) ally in the world they have left.

I would have called it "target" tower, every nut job and zealor the world over will be after it.

I bet some bookie somewhere is doing the odds.

Old Bill break up Bournemouth Bebo bash

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Cheered up my lunch time.

Students really don't learn anything nowadays.



Data pimping: surveillance expert raises illegal wiretap worries

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more fuel to the PYRE please

@Jason Tan,

I think sys admins working on a system for a business don't fall under RIPA because of the contract with work, working as part of their job to process lawfully as the company wants. They are in effect colleagues and staff working on data for the company or by contract for that company, legally covered and permitted under law by that contract.

BT being an ISP is a service, not a sys admin. They provide your internet connection so your data isn't something that they can consider theirs to work with as they see fit. Which includes tracking and selling it on. BT are third party and not colleague or staff. As a service provide you don't expect them to record your phone calls without first telling you or tap your calls in secret without some legal entitiy giving them an order. You can omit from them recording calls by not calling them, you can't omit from being bugged as the police are doing it, but you know they had to ask a judge etc etc.

Imagine a bus driver as part of driving you back and forth on his route also wanting access to your shopping bags and to see what you are carrying. It just isn't done.

This nonsense has to stop.

BT think that it's customers wants this to happen... Rubbish, and the bit about the profile is built up on my PC????

So MY CPU power and my electricity is being used to work out their logic for selling their products, earning them more money, and I don't get a cheaper bill at the end...

JOKE!!! must be a joke... There is a punch line somewhere.

BT are very soon to lose a customer as everything I hear makes me more nervous.

Dungeons and Dragons co-creator Gary Gygax dies

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Them were the days

I think a random number generator was the first thing any coder tries to do for just one reason.

To work out character stats, I know my entire A level group did back in the day.

I spent many a saturday night in my teens off the streets in a darkened dungeon or cellar or temple or old castle being hunted by something rather unpleasant because of this man. Kept me sane and off gangs, alcohol, drugs and doing bad things in a hoodie. Or all of the above.

Bolluxed router configuration? Click here for help

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Can you imagine if M$ used that? or Apple.

Get the new upgrade for Vista, "Because our coders dropped a clanger, someone smarter than our guys are could remotely bollux your machine"


"because Vista has bolluxed up and died, we are having to reboot, sorry for making an arse of your system, if you want to see what the benaal report contains and listen to us talk cr*p at you because we don't know which bit of the sh*te software is to blame, then click here."

That would be nice and refreshing.

I do like that email though...

The Phorm files

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I've just complained, going to phone BT tonight.

I don't mind having targeted ads as I ignore all online ads anyway, just a fact of life, like the ad breaks on TV, just ignore them. It is the fact it is happening without me being asked and stored and that ALL my inline activiity is being logged, not just then but for later use.

A cookie is one thing, taking that and storing it is another. And storing it overseas is even worse.

And this might happen using MY BANDWIDTH for the privileage is even worse than that, me paying for them to get more money. Then sending me emails to warn me of a limit I might be exceeding...

This must be a breach of contract.

How Phorm plans to tap your internet connection

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When does it start.

...and how certain is it that those three companies are definitely taking it up????

If so who is there to move to that is any good?

Microsoft dropped Vista hardware spec to raise Intel profits

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I like this report

Not the one about Intel profits, the one about a board member telling ballmer he won't upgrade.

That is genius...

I have filled too many forums with how pants Vista is, but I wanted to say thankyou to whoever released that information about the email... I am happy someone in redmond towers actually realises what a piece of junk their own product is and why.

I salute you that board member. (assuming it's true)

Microsoft cuts Vista price

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Hands up

Who thinks that Vista only products are being worked on? Seriously. Anyone think that? Developers will be thinking "Vienna, one year to wait... So why not just patch the software for Vista and wait for Vienna..."

Even M$ brought out "halo 2" as vista only but "gears of war" was Xp as well. So they are back tracking on their own games. M$ back pedal or the developer get hard line for the XP compatilbilty?

@Kirstian K

You answered your own question I think. Your spec is fairly high end and Vista runs fine (barring all the issues) Your system is what, 2000 quids worth new and you are the IT professional who knows what he is doing. Kind of puts you above the issues most people have.

I have Vista ulitmate and I like it to look at, I can't use it as it falls over all the time. I had to get a 1600 machine to run it. I am an IT professional and I use it at work supporting end users. That have a 512 - 768 meg ram, 60 Gb harddrive, no GFX card (on board) and 2.0.ghz chips. printers using serial ports and software from windows 98. It's not pretty.

Vote now for your fave sci-fi movie quote

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Like someone said, I saw the title and thought

Of bladerunner and Roy batty.

Though I thought it was "sea beams" as that made more sense than C beams. It added the whole concept of an earth empire in space, most people fleeing the world to better places while the replicants waged the wars on the frontier.

Added credibility to the chinese bint in her blimp advertising off world colonies and the film gets another huge step in explaining the plot and the background.

And to know he made it up is even better.

B5 film quote though has to be

"... Do not wake the sleeping dragon, if you do not bother them, they will not bother you..." Londo on explaining about how bad an idea is at going to investigate Minbari space.

...am I the only one that doesn't like douglas adams???

Elonex £99 Eee PC rival to arrive in June

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my phone has better specs.

I have the asus 4GB and I can't see this being a good deal compared. Added to that my Tytn 2 phone is more powerful than that at a lower cost.

@scientology is a cult.

I agree with you.

Not about women just your name.

US gov now says Eye-o-Sauron™ border masts are crap

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Wait a second....

The US gov't and army spending money on something that is not going to work but needs to be done for "the US people". Next you will tell me on their shopping list is a boeing 747 with "Fricking laser beam" on their noses or anti missile shields that cover the planet, or stealth planes that work in rain, sun, sand... or robot helicoptors or flying unmanned gun platforms... Oh wait... They already paid for them.


I always see the "Obelisk of nod" as something the scientologists would bring out, too cult like and minority for the US government. They are more the orbital ion cannon.

But I like your thinking.

Tom cruise is Kane, except for the looks and the charm and the height.

Terminator Salvation is go for May 2009 release

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At the end of T3 it does have tirade about no matter what they do the war was coming, I think trying to blame the US army for doing the skynet thing regardless of problems or threats that could come from it. So despite the connor's best effort the generals and a meddling president f*cked up. (anyone see similarities)

Christian bale in equilibrium rocked, batman was okay but the next one could be his last if he is contracted for 3 terminator films.

Hollywood should be stopped, I don't think blowing them up is good but the amount of stinkers they produce is getting just daft.

Isn't looking good for the memory of T1 and T2. A v T v P v B would be pants as A v P has to be in space to make any credible plot. And they simply try and put it on earth as if we care.

Don't get me started on that.

Asus Eee PC gives Sony the willies

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If true then Sony (kings of hype, over pricing and over specced goods) have finally cottoned onto the fact that people don't actually want bling and a brand, they want something that works, without DRM, without the extra price tag and out the box without upgrades.

Quake rocks Britain

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Endland gets tons every day

I did geology at keele uni and they have (or had) a PC in the foyer of the earth sciences department that shows real time readings on the seismology detection systems.

You could phone anyone of their students and ask them on the phone to read it out.

We get forty quakes a day at times but they are all too small to feel.

We are in the middle of a plate but the way earth quakes are genereated isn't just about being on the edge of a moving slab of rock, you can get them from faults which can be anything from the result of a coal mine collapse or cave in and natural formation 1000's of years ago. (wales is riddled with them, as is the pennines) If memory serves the midlands has a large one running through it.

Or they can be waves passed through the earth from a quake somewhere else in the world that coelesce under us.

There is a lot more to it but it is far too early to get really scientific.

Hotmail dies on both sides of the Atlantic

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oh well

Gmail - Sell your secrets to everyone and read all your files.

Yahoo - About to be hotmail which won't be good.

Hotmail - Run by people that brought you vista

Better the devil you know.

eBay boycott results in mixed feedback

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Brandons, gates, jobs and trumps don't require positive feedback to help bosster their rep at being a good seller. They require fan boys, economy of scale and the fact they control the market.

In a market of thousands selling the same kind of stuff, the feedback is your only clue as to how good someone is and this proposal says as Karen R pointed out, scumbag scammers can leave you negative feedback for anything from a dodgy photo to a mispelling to being in a bad mood and it can't be removed and can't be altered or defended against.

ebay has the economy bigger than some countries so it won't change much on a small boycott and they know that. So unless others start taking the sellers away then it won't.

Come on Amazon, play etc.

Vista SP1 kills and maims security apps, utilities

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.NET 3.5

Someone said that the software broke because of .NET 3.5. So this SP1 includes it by default?

So they took bloatware vista and filled it with bloatware .NET upgrades. That addon alone increase boot up time for anything that uses it.

Apart from that I expected an SP to break some software, I just would have thought M$ wanting to make sure Vista worked because everyone knows its a turkey would have made 100% sure it worked, not withdrawing a KB and then breaking so much.

I'll stick to dual booting and hope Vienna comes out soon.

Jedi to open Surrey academy

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We need the academy

...Afterall the dark lord of the sith is here in the white house, Bush and his apprentice Blair. (Now spreading the word...)

Robot carrier planes start work early with Navy SEALs

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I remember that,

On a spectrum PC I could easily control six tanks and six planes to invade an island.

That only had the one building to capture and four turrets imagine the power of todays computers and what you can do.

BitMicro gives 1.6TB SSDs some SCSI lovin'

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Acceleration also has a link to the relative density of the thing it is in when dropping. Terminal Velocity of a less dense 'thing' is reached very quickly and damage won't be as great, where as the more dense things will be accelerating when it hits the floor. (My physics tutor explained the flea, cat, man and elephant chucked from blackpool tower. Flea lives, cat has broken leg, man dies, elephant becomes pizza) So a server rack of these things falling seven feet will do a lot more damage than an asus eee with one of the things.

...but either way I want a 1 TB SSD for my asus please. And without a euromillions win first. :)

Boffin shortage will blight Blighty's prosperity

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bear in mind

To get from gcse science to phd is a tough road and one most won't take when sports science btec is 4 gcse's and has a question - name three thing in a gym that can be dangerous. Sooo easy and you get more qualifications without the questions on maths or formula's.

It we have schools competing they give easy questions to get good grades and so as it's been reported before the class of people reaching univsity isn't upto speed and have to do foundation courses just to reach basic university level.

Not shocked at all by this report, shame the govt won't act or listen or care.

Should be a requirement in government. Chancellor has an economics degree, trade and industry a business degree. Health has at least been trained as a proper nurse or doctor (not the new piddling half-ass temporary nurses they spew out now) defence was a ranked soldier, The science bloke is a scientist, not a piddling "wooly" science like sports tech or food science.

At least then the cabinet has merit.

Will Microsoft parachute Windows 7 in early?

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Who cares about numbering. It's a turkey

Windows can't get Excel to count properly, you expect them to get their OS numbering properly? :)

Though I do like one comment about Vista being the Beta for windows 7. Seems about right.

Vista is the next ME and if the new minwin kernal is to be believed it seems they are taking a leaf out of linux's books for the next one. So some hope there.

.....But then you add in M$ management and what the developers think the end user wants and then you end up with a bloatware feast that people have at Christma.s

Second-hand cars still top customer complaints list

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I guess

As no one has Vista as a sizeable demographic yet, they haven't realised they need to complain. :)

I think we are just more aware we can complain. This is just one website / avenue of complaint, I bet that number could be ten times higher for the number of people that grumble to themselves and "don't want to make a fuss" :)

Latest Vista SP1 tweak open to everyone with a week to spare

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I have to ask

The article says things like it needs to reboot

"Multiple times"


"Two to three updates are also required before RC Refresh can be installed — with a restart required after each one. Users then move on to Windows Update readying the prerequisites for the pack "over the next several days."

Are we talking about Vista or SP1. You need to download something to then update on Vista and that requires multiple reboots half the time.

But I think

"Microsoft instructs users to wait one hour after uninstalling so Windows can "clean up and complete the uninstall" prior to installing RC Refresh. "

Says it all. They can't even run an uninstall properly. Even a beta can have a reg edit tool written to remove correctly.

Think I will skip it.

Toshiba quietly shows fuel-cell fitted UMPC

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Paris Hilton

did you ask

What was the point of the stand?

A UMPC you can't view, touch or use.

A fuel cell they won't explain about.

Their marketing techniques are astounding.

...did they have Paris or other blonde waving her arms near by like a car show?

Why there will never be another GSM

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@Andy Worth

The miltary do indeed have more guns,

For now.

This government (underfunding, completely not knowing what they are on about.) and EU legislation (Tanks have to submit to the EU guidelines on gases) will mean we won't for long. so Ofcom in a few years might win that fight.

Ofcom like all other quango's are pointless wastes of tax payers money. But so is parliament, I am with jeremy clarkson on this.

Microsoft readies Hal 9000

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But remember

It will also detect the unhappiness of all users when they use M$ products and pleasure when they finish. Would that be reported?

But as it is an M$ product it won't work, will complain if the user uses a different operating system, wlil be bloated, take up too much CPU to run constantly etc etc. and probably report it all back to redmond via the WGA tool.

RealPlayer users warned over unpatched vuln

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@Jon Double Nice.

I was hoping to get in first with that one as well.

Office update disables MS files

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but someone is missing the point.

90% of the world is M$ windows (or some silly high %), therefore 90% of the worlds IT software flaws can be tracked to M$ products. Linux doesn't have a need for anti virus, or mac for that matter. They exist but there isn't that much out there.

Apple doesn't have a day a week / month set aside for updates it knows it has to make because they were so pants in the first place as to write dodgy code for a dodgy OS. A decent code on a decent platform means you don't need to then have steps like this.

So anyone surprised by this, couple it with the need to have people upgrade (fat chance) and the fact the list of 47 extensions banned for outlook 2003 came out in SP1 and you can see the way M$ are thinking. (including Access files)

Everyone knows about the annoying messages in outlook because they want you, the end user to decide if something is using the email instead of figuring it out.

Pass off the problem to the end user, let them take the fall. We already have their money so "Ha ha ha ha" all the way to the bank,

Why are people shocked with this controlling of a monopoly. The fact they are trying noce again to cover their ass and control the way the world of IT works by setting the IT standards. (.docx it's the way forwards because soon .doc won't be working)

Use thunderbird, firefox, and OO it does the same thing. I am not a linux fanboy as I can't play the games I want but those products just work.

I wonder if M$ people read these comments. (Apart from stephen hewitt who sounds like staff) Wonder if it enters into them that people don't actually like them as much as they believe.

Microsoft warns on Home Server bug

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Gates Horns

I am not a fan of MS or linux

I use both, after vista I decided I won't buy from MS again. Xp will be my last outing but I was hoping when I heard about it, that the home server would be good and run my home network.

This is just an appalling but completely expected news report and I can't help but feel that my decision to not buy MS was the right choice. Especially as it would have cost me the over inflated (Bill Gates maths) exchange rated price.

For a company earning billions to get this wrong shows that the company either is hiring morons who can't program or run by morons who can't test / project manage. (probably both)

If a server can't handle heavy loads then it is like saying that new high speed train can't go very fast. Or the underground train can't carry lots of people during rush hour.

...but as others have said, MS need to buy some passports, get out of the states and realise that there are a great many users that don't like them, and want them to up their game and actually stop the backhanders, bribing or otherwise f**king the IT world off. Their last three offerings (Silverlight, Vista and home server) have flaws that stop their basic functions.

**Can we have ballmer is an idiot icons to go with jobs' and gates'**

Ofcom urged to clamp down on broadband speed deceit

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I would rather

They provided you real usage instead of an email that says :-

"We will monitor your usage for you and let you know when you approach the limit, or if you overstep the limit."

Here's hoping ofcom steps in and sorts it out. Shame it is always the Quango that needs to do it though. The ISP's should take the lead, then at least we wouldn't think they are just being forced like naughty school childen.

Peter Jackson to lord over 'Rings' prequels

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Two films

There and back again was the sub name for the book, but the book itself covers his journey back in short order. His journey back was uneventful so can't be one of the films.

With LOTR jackson cut out tons and he rewrote the first half to suit the audience (the move to crickhollow, old man willow, tom bambadil) added and removed characters (glorfindel, erkenbrand, 300 elves at helms deep, explosives, how many were at helms deep again?, liv tyler did what?) and trashed some encounters (legloas and the nazgul on the river, eomer was in helms deep, the scouring of the shire, sarumen as sharky in hobbiton) So who knows the outcome of a 2 film hobbit. We can only guess

Bear in mind the hobbit was a kids book written after telling a story to the kids so is a different writing style, LOTR was written over 15 years because he had a story to tell. (half the initial cash was his afterall so it wasn't exactly because he was pressured into it)

As such in the hobbit, huge areas are covered in a few pages. (The detail isn't needed for a five year old) The battle of the five armies was as big as the minas tirith siege or the battle of the black gate, lasting hours and involving waves of enemies. So could be half a flim, just like the return of the king. Then there is the sacking by smaug, the battle of dale which is about two pages of the book.

But you have to bear in mind whoever writes it is american and won't care, understand or be thinking like a story teller, it will be written for the sceen on some old way of thinking. Such as the obvious. "How a female lead can be shoe horned in" to please hollywood. 14 dwarves, one wizard and a hobbit. **No women.**

And the silmarillion is technically 7 books (not all interlinked) over two ages so given hollywood it could be anything from a Tv show to an epic.

As well as the average american not understanding it, so hollywood won't care and would dumb it down so much as to be laughable. Imagine Lucien and Beren's love affair with angelina jolie and brad pitt, or worse, who would play Tulkas teaching the elves to fight? Laughing as he defeated morgoth. Or about how life was created from harmony and notes so that the symphony could be played. Only discord was played by morgoth creating evil.

Hope they make the film as at least it is then a film that isn't a comic book and I can enjoy the cinema, but as LOTR wasn't that close to the story I won't count on the hobbit being that close either and will enjoy it as a stand alone tale. (Hopefully they will at least use the same set for the trolls as the extended first film has)

I'll get my coat.

'Death Star' galaxy blasts neighbour

alistair millington


If they are closing in and merging, what happens when the two black holes meet??

To quote 'Hicks' in Aliens.

"....Game over man, Game over...

Nvidia 'nveils nForce 7 chipsets

alistair millington

Forget Vista for gaming

I have SLI and vista didn't recognise it for 6 months. By the time this is mainstream vista might catch up. It chews up your RAM leaving the game wanting for more.

But seriously that power and that rating you will need liquid cooling and serious fans for cooling the thing down. Never mind your electricity bill.

There isn't a game out there that needs that kind of graphics (crysis can run at those specs you don't use vista, have 4 GB RAM and normal SLI like me) but dual screens are not common in games yet either. I can think of 1 (supreme commander) which is a bag of sh*te anyway.

....Give it a few years for tri-SLI to be warranted.

Either way I am a sad gaming technie nerd and will most likely get it when I upgrade in a few years.

Drink-drive chain gang obliged to bury dead alcoholics

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I read about this guy when he was re-elected.

He also banned their cable TV till that was overturned in court as it is a human right now. (americans) so he gave them national geographic and the weather channel ) or something equally dull. Because having cable doesn't have to mean all channels. And so they "can see how nice it is outside."

Also banned the gym and weights so they can't be stronger and more fit to commit crime when they get into the oustide world.

The tents and pink clothing was part of a long and excellent list.

Shame we can't have some of that here.

Terry Pratchett has Alzheimer's

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Nuff said

Gates' spontaneity highlights IE data gap

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MS IE 7 is pants, IE8 has to be an improvement.

For me IE7 is slow and buggy, I can't run more than three or four tabs of El Reg articles without lag and problems with the tabbed browsing so anything that fixes that at work is a good deal. (I can't install FF)

I use FF at home as it is far superior.


That's nice for you, Ms created two software packages out of frontpage 2003, one for muppets and one for developers, both of which do two extremes as a way of screwing more cash from you.

$299 a year, problem is for the rest of the planet, MS are rip off merchants. So it would be £299 a year for us (That is being nice), that is $600 a year for the same thing. Thinking about it I think the MSDN cheapest I saw was around £900? (someone can correct me as I don't have one) which puts that nearer $2000.

Eee PC: better with Windows?

alistair millington


I have an eee. It's black and very sweet. So here goes.

"Well why would I go to all the trouble to install windows when the OS that came with the computer is fine in the first place?" :)

But being serious, the eee has shortcomings, but very few that I have found. Most have a fix on the eee user forums and are because I find them annoying, it's not the Pc's fault.

I'm not a linux fanboy as I am a dabbler at best. I just don't think putting windows on and removing all of the options are a benefit. Though the user manual is very good in details on "how to" and that is a plus for asus.

Relating to the article.

Why put on windows to get 22s reboot from hibernation (With better memory usage than linux) and 45s on boot up.

Linux is 15s bootup. (Don't use an SD and it's quicker) And power off uses less power than sleep. So what is gained?

The user forums also include how to make the linux front end look more "windows like" with the super user, having the desktop and start menu.

Mother launches attack on epilepsy inducing video games

alistair millington

Given that pc games are

If any of you actuall played games...

Graphical output is ENTIRELY dependent on indvidual hardware restrictions and that means it won't work as expected once out the developers lab.

This is a silly and pointless law. I play games a lot on lots of different machines, most have warnings (EA tends to have the warnings as already mentioned.)

HOWEVER. Example. Crysis, Cod 4 all very fast and brand new, and therefore most people need to update drivers (169.09 BETA which resolves skinning errors) . If they don't flickering occurs and metallic ghosting or shadow issues. You can't design against it, you can' allow for it and you can't code round it. It is because another company (NVIDIA) hasn't released a driver to the mass market that was then forced upon the public. (you have to search for the driver as it is a BETA) It is down to the user to update. ALSO because other companies make the GFX cards to run the NVIDIA software so who is responsible for enforcing driver updates.

ALSO not everyone needs the update for the drivers, so what, launch malware to scan to see if they should update and then update in the background, but laws go against that already.

I got the flickering and read a forum two days later to get the resolution. If the PC had done it for me I would have complained of spyware and removed it.

Now take that to a portable games console where you can't upgrade at will or like the XBOX where you can't touch hardware and drivers are limited (granted it is easier to test)

It is pointless and unworkable as you can't expect at a small cost a company to take in EVERY combinatiuon of GFX card, Driver and hardware setup together with every monitor and expect it to be thoroughly tested. And because the annoying americans and increasingly the brits are in the compensatiin culture, the first to say it is tested and that testing fail will be sued.

It's a stupid idea to have this as a law and completely unworkable. It will only lead to people being sued. Which MP's should be more worried about.

It's just a shame that stupid MP's who are too busy signing expense checks to themselves for 150,000 above their wages (because they think they are more important than police, firemen, nurses, binmen etc) and passing laws to make themselves above the law (in case we figure out they are signing checks to themselves) are not IT literate and just work on what some poor unfortunate kid has had to go through.

Can we have an icon for making a stand against the nanny state. Or perhaps a darwin award for those that should have been removed from the gene pool for stupid ideas that just need common sense rules applied to overcome instead of legal jargin and more need for the lawyers.

To play games you need. Good overall lighting, good diet, plenty of time spent doing things like sleep, exercise and breaks in playing.

I have hayfever, I found out when aged seven and living in the country side surrounded by hay fields. What should I do, ask them to pass a law that means every farmer should put a warning on a field because it may contain hay and then cover it in a bubble?


The icon doesn't do justice to me swearing at this stupid notion.

Transformers director blames MS for HD DVD/Blu-ray format war

alistair millington

the guy's an idiot

The film was pants and some of his others were bordeline okay, but nothing to make me think he is a spielberg or coppola. So his voice is just becomes another Sony fanboy.

He trashed transformers for me by having bad guys no one heard of (I had to wiki some of them) and all the good guys weren't the car they were meant to be and the plot was rubbish "all spark"

I digress, if films were worth the expense to get the new formats and not just shite remakes and comic book clones then I would consider one. Otherwise why bother.

And until BT sorts out the network and everyone of the internet providers gets rid of the stupid prices and downloads limits, download TV won't take off. DVD's are here for a long time regardless of what the "redmond mafia" think.

Vista vs XP performance: Some informal tests

alistair millington


I / we use vista at work (I don't risk it at home so dual boot) I haven't noticed any improvement in the use, merely a lack of support for our third party drivers that happen to be old and therefore disabled. (pc anywhere) meaning we can' supply certain clients who can't afford or don't want to upgrade everything.

An increase in calls from people who say "where is the..." Basic level stuff for staff who used to ask, "How do I create a shortcut." (Yes not all people are IT literate)

Slower turn arounds for calls because of the time taken to load up basic app's, like our call logging software. (15 minutes from power on to be able to answer a call.)

Not to mention delays in connecting through RDP to sites that use windows server 2000 / 2003. Where it seems to complain because they aren't using Vista. Anyone else get that really anoying message that says "The computer you are trying to connect to is not running Vista." Durrrhhh. Makes yo uwant to shout at MS. It's a f*cking server dumb ass. Why would they have vista running their servers?

Using the little doodad on the gadget bar in Vista that shows mem usage, 80% of a 2GB RAM in use when doing nothing but looking at the desktop. Most of our machines have 768 MB RAM.

We support large financial institutions that still run win 2000. Vista doesn't like it.

Nice report though Mr journo', kind of clearly stated what we all knew.

Counterfeit Vista rate half that of XP

alistair millington

@john fielder

You are correct, people did gripe at Xp, but XP worked out the box.

Back then Xp did have higher Pc needs but older pc's could run it, It didn't need a dedicated graphics card, or 1 GB ram to run and most of the older Pc's just needed more RAM. Xp when it came out wasn't triple the price for the top version.

Old software would work if you told it to run in a compatible mode which actually meant something back then as well.

And Pc's didn't need silly stickers to say "XP ready" because it had such a finite list of compatible requirements in hardware.

No one wants to spend time to hack into vista as pirating sh1t is a waste of anyones time. There are pirated versions out there and they work fine, however people very quickly remove them for Xp again as they realise what a turkey it is. That would account for the lack of piracy, people by word of mouth know it is a pile of bloatware.



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